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  1. Hunter1948

    Nice job bud.
  2. Hunter1948

    Welcome to the >XI< forums.
  3. Hunter1948

    Happy Birthday folks.
  4. That sure looks good and I love thin crust.
  5. Hunter1948

    Best of luck to you and congratulation.
  6. Hunter1948

    Happy Birthday guys.
  7. Hunter1948

    Happy Birthday to all the youngsters.
  8. Hunter1948

    Happy Birthday fellows.
  9. I'll bet you he will say in the water on the east coast. LOL
  10. Hunter1948

    They are doing pretty good and coming back from behind a few times. I have been following them this year and enjoying it.
  11. I think I would have trouble seeing the target at my age. LOL
  12. Hunter1948

    Wishing her all the best in the future ahead of her.
  13. Hunter1948

    Happy Birthday guys!
  14. Hunter1948

    Welcome to >XI< _Bruzr_
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