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  1. Hunter1948

    Welcome to the forums and the introduction.
  2. Hunter1948

    Happy Birthday folks enjoy your day....
  3. Hunter1948

    Happy Birthday fellas !!
  4. Hunter1948

    Happy Birthday Chears
  5. Hunter1948

    Well your only about 12 to 13 hours away so deliver.
  6. Hunter1948

    Wow now I'm really hungry.
  7. Hunter1948

    The wife was in Cosco the other day and she said the toilet paper was all gone. I don't know how people can eat so much of that stuff.
  8. Hunter1948

    Looks really good @WeednFeed and lots of work as well.
  9. Hunter1948

    Welcome to >XI<NG4
  10. Hunter1948

    Happy Birthday young fella, hope you have a good day.
  11. Hunter1948

    Here is your manager please knock first.
  12. Hunter1948

    That is so true, There were 7 kids all together my sister got her bath first then we had to share the same bath water as it took to long to heat the water again.
  13. Hunter1948

    Looks good and we did the same thing when I was a kid. We had a wood stove for cooking back then.
  14. Hope I can get back playing some day.
  15. Hunter1948

    Welcome to the forums and the introduction..



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