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  1. Hunter1948

    Happy Birthday folks!!
  2. Hunter1948

    Happy Birthday folks!!
  3. Hunter1948

    Well another Canadian welcome to the forums and the introduction.
  4. Hunter1948

    Happy Birthday youngsters.
  5. Hunter1948

    Sorry can't read it.
  6. Hunter1948

    Now that was funny!!
  7. Hunter1948

    Ya Daytona is real soon!!
  8. Hunter1948

    Happy Birthday guys hope you enjoy your day!!
  9. Hunter1948

    Happy Birthday folks!!
  10. Hunter1948

    I`m not sure if she had to pee LMAO @BlackRose
  11. Hunter1948

    I have Far Cry 5 and I like that game.
  12. Hunter1948

    What servers do play on? Where are you from ? It would be nice for a little more info thanks Hunter1948.
  13. Hunter1948

    He is to Johnny from XI Fest
  14. Hunter1948

    Sent him a message on steam.
  15. Hunter1948

    It used to be slower when Johnny played many years ago. He told me they sped it up so he stopped playing there because of it. When I logged on the other day it is quite fast a lot faster than it was years ago. Just a thought ...
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