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  1. Hunter1948

    Happy Birthday young man!
  2. Big thank you for stepping up to the plate.
  3. Hunter1948

    It looks great except I do not like feta cheese and I have tried it so many times.
  4. Hunter1948

    Happy Birthday !
  5. Hunter1948

    must still have internet problems.
  6. Look at the white coats any clue there.
  7. Hunter1948

    $104.00 dollars in Ontario Canada for a carton of 200 cigarettes I think.
  8. Hunter1948

    Maybe you wanted to say out.
  9. Hunter1948

    May I add, I may have to play a little more and now that you are up the latter I have a longer knife. LOL
  10. Hunter1948

    Congratulation guys I think you will do a great job.
  11. Hunter1948

    Great choice and congratulation GG
  12. Hunter1948

    Peameal bacon https://www.foodnetwork.ca/shows/great-canadian-cookbook/blog/the-history-of-canadian-peameal-bacon/
  13. Hunter1948

    Send a PM to Rugger and ask for permission to go in the political forums.
  14. Hunter1948

    I think it was a joke about Trump could be wrong.
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