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  1. UK E10[Regular ]fuel $8.93 a gal E5 [octane E 95] they now call premium lol $9.62 Diesel $9.62 but our gallon of fuel is 4.5 litres US is 3.7 litres ,so not far off you lot if we used 3.7 litres per gallon, Premium Gas and Diesel $7.97....Reg Gas $7.58 above using Xe curreency converter
  2. Alot of W11 updates seem to have problems in them[no surprise] they just do not install correctly,So after having to reload PC once again months ago found best way to check and repair it just in case depending on speed of your PC 1 to 3 mins wow! but worth it click on the windows icon on task bar then ALL APPS look for Windows Tools[ great they upgraded that lol] look for command prompt,left click on that and hold mouse button and drag it to desktop ,saves keep looking for it, Now Right mouse click on it select Run as Administrator, when box pops up type in it sfc/scannow , it will look for any violations and will nearly fix all of them for you most of the time reason putting this up,for many not computer literate is because out of the last 2 major updates have gotten the wonderfull security lockdown,on 2nd reboot and got windows back up, have run the above and its fixed them
  3. we used to make hand held bazzokas yrs ago very easy and cheap!! you need to tall empty beer cans, on one can pierce small hole opposite the ring pull[ remove the ring pull to] 2 can cut the top and bottom off above where the can bevels, now slide the tube on top of the other can,use a bit of packing tape gaffer tape to create a seal. Next scrunch some news paper into a ball till you have a circunference of the tube of top can make it slightly loose, then wrap it with tape[ try to get it as round as possible and keep testing in tube, till it gets a nice light fit] on bazzoka made Now some will work great some will just flop, best doing this on a warm day or in colder parts lightly warm bottom can, pop bapaer ball in top tube about half way in, now you need petrol lighter fluid, put a few drops [about 4/5] into little hole in base of can, give it a swirl, now light it[ prefable hole away from face hold no responsibilty if you burn your self or break anything!!!!!] now if you get a good one be carefull, one we tried punched hole through a ply woood honeycombe inner door[missus was not happy] mind you missus wasnt to happy when used to let mini rockets off up the chimney either
  4. IF you you literally end up hitting brick wall on this, problem could also be if its getting hot and shutting down[ daughters 580 Msi armor did it] black screens and mean only IF all hope lost try repasting the the GPU chip, know its annoying when it happens to anyone with any parts even not pc related but even out of a 1000 made 10 will have a fault,even though factory tested there probably just plugged it oh look work done, not stress tested as it takes to long
  5. Krackennutz

    Win 11

    Been using W11 since they released it as a preview had few problems with it seemed major but in end it was just an annoyance lol if your using firefox i think chrome has it i add Ublock to it,its helped a lot on the junk mail i get and annoying videos that are on site ads, you still see them but it blocks info they try to get,So far on this site its blocked 4 today,total being used 94000
  6. Used to get this on a Samsung Tv i used as a monitor,, did my head in like you new hdmi etc ,but did you know that theres different grade hdmi cable,turned out it worked with hdmi c, other thing are your monitors 4k and you had your new 3070 running at 4k with a hdmi basic cable that runs only at 1080[ hence you see 4k and 8 k hdmi cables] but you run the 1080ti at 1080p.... jsut trying to run few more problems before you RMA[ in the UK all electronics have 1 yr but 2 yr manufacturing warranty. may apply where you are]
  7. been using these for yrs cheap does the job music sounds great [ you can tweak it all in the software] $25! light on the head to as well as adjustable..https://www.ebay.com/itm/253922845290?epid=11014879216&_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item3b1efb226a:g:tpkAAOSwGsJbuuXQ&amdata=enc%3AAQAGAAACkPYe5NmHp%2B2JMhMi7yxGiTJkPrKr5t53CooMSQt2orsSg3Ye8yTWgOW7pmE1t838dmbC8oqJZHcRoPYvM8%2FvUAuEiaG3eNrfJi9VEFj7tYdNCE2MRialcOdk9saZnSac4sKObR9Yf3%2FPj1ihphTtHkElFfJX1JH933wB1ymbRbHTOc3%2Fsurd9huXPg2H1LG3FTs32nHd1J4m1t4ZHNJbygpXq%2BhJfv5YTZest%2BpT1zbtZY25nkoxl%2FKFwh2WdHFQen53G2M%2B8gNnWm%2FWUmbzJrUzN28UE%2FJX9YrkDgVm5xSKKRrzXiW0VX5dlD06AG5sotWYwfTfQpK5x%2By24kwJAQJhT0Ihq9rONWPyjVx8SE9gzQeR2re4JHtGblU5HSNR227ZORHbF1fLnHiJNnLnZOppcYPPJZ2rKlFb%2FKHUtcJd3e1c5BXVx7QL1LwiblK1nnihOhohyX%2FTiRNwN6iYu7wax49MP3akN%2F%2BGaz9ADyQgdApXevqTto40W%2FtxihjjqNaZlGhVeibJEAsEP4ohZki6411agUfw7HZsNaJrP1SI8KnS%2F2gIxrqRSv6Opqm90YbDcziyv16x4kdkwkQt119%2FNKPVELBTEqYw9Y4pQXxLCQ%2BefjE54WegsekpP1Z8%2BXw3BTChHpJdnCJHiwaDhAz9jpIHgjWkm4agE%2FfOHPk2DQfWgLdAo2u3BjZeXk3%2Fms0YaUM5h9PyvhN6wUXJ%2BKZ2D%2BSgUubpMF8WLsg37RKFmwSbBM6YEan9jBeWysH2WXmd3w5giAfifpqmT8L%2FhTA5BaIrDISvyXNlHLeQ35pNvH3zjDWt3HbKSmomyeXOJPVFXWop62AJP4V2kUBTXLO0OAswwz421irR%2B7CerMBo|clp%3A2334524|tkp%3ABFBMjLzim-tf
  8. Well me thinks Puttin is after the old USSR,Ukraine is very rich in minerals etc,plus gas line runs through it and also he will control the black sea, mind you China is having re think re the sanctions, if that happened to them they would be bankrupt within a week.Hence distanced themselves from him whicjh has peeved him off a tad As for Puttins nukes he may have a lot launches one Nato counties around him have more than Russia combined...boom no Russia Puttin loses,not really its the innocents that lose from one who thinks he walks on water.Mind you apparently he is of afraid of one thing---- Being Assainated
  9. Guessing when you did do your install and it booted from old disc, you went into Disk Management and assigned new drive letter to neew drive,if it was not assigned a drive letter then all it will do is boot off old drives
  10. And when all Countries leaders are bunked down in there Bunkers ALL countries then pour concrete at least 5 ft thick over the doors and we call the whole thing off and we leave them there
  11. Lets get to Chatham docks two warships and a sub there ....dont think he is that stupid maybe a prick but that will def lead to WW3
  12. just remember when you look ,to look what your video card supports to Amd uses G- sync [and what ever Nvidia uses lol [ as rare they support both ] Had the Aoc 32 144hz for a whole 6 months and accidently knocked it over putting cable in and broke the screen replaced it with a Msi 165hz one,but depends on your budget and also card you have if you want 4k, the msi i have only displays 1080p but have played it with my Rx580 at 2k.if you get curved after few weeks it will look flat anyway but will give you bit off eye strain.Would i swap it for a flat uhmmm nope. Will say had it now for 2yrs and starting to look like a small screen and for us oldies the old 15 inch crts back then looked big!
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