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  1. Krackennutz

    $29.99 on here....https://www.dlcompare.com/games/100006165/buy-battlefield-v-key
  2. Sorry do not play the game but with these comments just had to!
  3. Krackennutz

    Think its BF4, i got a joystick[ thought give it a go] bought a Thrustmaster Hotas, and found it horrendous,even after removed every binding and tried few settings even ones i used for flying with mouse and keyboard were better, i am using Win10pro 64bit and disabled xbox crap, but works fine on a flight Sim i bought the other day for a whole $6.25c
  4. Been waiting for input on what you lot think,read a few reviews on Gamer etc[none looked good],price starting to bomb to[good thing lol] followed the BFV forum discusion on it and note as per norm when gets interesting EA forum admins locks ,unless its praise for it[same for most BF discussions]....so be totaly honest,remember many sold the praise for BF1, within a yr nearly everyone had ditched it!!! which was a shame as it killed the BF Xi Community right off,along with switching just to US side server[highest player amount this month 2!] yet EU was constantly populated...so input ta cheers never, know may buy it with Christmas donations lol
  5. Hxtr if you like Guiness you probably like this,Star turns blue when chilled right[ does here any way lol ]
  6. ok reciepe from a Brit... Joint or what ever you lot call it of beef, place in slow cooker,add 2 bottles or cans of Draught Guiness, 2 bay leaves, one onion, slow cook for 5 hrs[ depending on size of beef joint this ones about 4lbs], serve with roast spuds etc, IF you have some left over[we do lol ] chop meat into chunks add dice carrots and onions, thicken the sauce , place in puff pastry cases[ basic your making a pie!] make a top, bake. for 30mins 180c........or!! tada or get some beef suet[ shredded beef] we use stuff called atora,! flour good shake of mixed herbs, roughly rub mix together. add water to make like bread dough, roll out and then grease a bowl[ your size ] with butter,roll it out to about 1/4 inchthick,you need enough to line bowl and make a top. place round bowl with bit of overlap,now roll any spare you have for lid, place beef etc inside,about 1 1/2inch from top of bowl ,put top on ,then lightly wet edge and fold edge on top. place grease proof paper over top and then tie round with string,place the lot into pan of boiling water. only has to come half way up bowl and pan big enough to hold it,cover simmer for an hour...turn off heat remove bowl,remove,paper, place plate on top and then flip over, if done right it will fall out in a moulded bowl shape....brit steam pudding basic this but with out kidney[why peeps eat part that filters crap out body is beyond me! lol ]...you dont need bi carb if using self raising flour! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gdh1N9JzENM i
  7. For good! yes you can and very easy,looked in task manager even though disabled in Apps,the beearch was still sucking 45mb of memory[every bit saved helps! lol ]....heres the trick. Open Task manager then open C drive[ run C:] go to Windows folder-System apps locate Cortana....Microsoft.Windows.Cortana_cw5n1h2txyewy.....mines now : Microsoft.Windows.Dipstick_cw5n1h2txyewy Right click and rename the Cortana name only,and stop there......now tricky bit have task manager and this folder opened side by side, right click in task manager end task on Cortana,as fast as you can hit enter on the Cortana folder to accept it[you got to do this before Cortana re enables it self in task manager or it wont rename says open in other device folder] Bingo Beearch gone,no longer eaves dropping even though you disabled it in apps,you can open task magaer again and check,wether this stays like it on updates i dunno,but pretty easy way to stop her
  8. Krackennutz

    They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years contemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them. Faces of soldiers being etched in to sand y beaches around the UK.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4xWIFHAgz0&fbclid=IwAR3EM_1cw_jIk8S2iWXo9bfrU5S68fib1KGgske3Hqo3UfP6KvD8UzsAJS8
  9. Krackennutz

    yeah turn most of what i could off ,yup know updates reset it, bummer they stopped you getting rid of Edge,On plus note got it for free, apparently if you upgrade with OEM version of W8.1 or W7 the activation key works,just download with media creation bingo all done...well did on mine lol only paid $4 for it[key] got W10 pro had 8.1 Pro
  10. Krackennutz

    Well the gasps of horror,i use nothing....say whatttt!! no anti virus no firewall all off. now and again may just download and scan with avg,then remove it.....virus of the past 10yrs ...2!....A. i am careful B.FB links etc never open them C. emails i do not recognise sender deleted D.Passwords rarely ever saved on PC..D if do something dodgy i VPN it... Why you ask like above they seem to target antivirus software as put,it takes a few thousand complaints before oh look new one, by then to late. If you do get one...hope you have back ups of your system,cos best way is scrub the drive and reload,anti virus may lock it away but how safe is it, using comp for payments bank details etc etc...not worth risk..scrub the drive And if our that worried get rid of your google and apple gadgets there listening
  11. Krackennutz

    are you using Tor or any other blocking browser, i use DuckDuckgo and get the same emails
  12. Krackennutz

    well suppose answer is plug joystick back in and see,if it messes up then thats the problem