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  1. Krackennutz

    to see what you have, you can use this[all freeware] https://www.cpuid.com/softwares/cpu-z.html or similar but will show temps[ hates windows 10 gives false temp readings,unless they fixed it] https://www.ccleaner.com/speccy only thing you prob will have to buy is a new power supply as the 1060 has a 6 pin power conector[ your old one runs off pcie lane power] as someone already mentioned
  2. Krackennutz

    What gets me is how there banging on about getting people back into the offices,as the micro shops are suffering[ sandwich bars etc],trains buses, my missus works from home[ heart and kidney probs] has been asked if she would like to be perm home based[ she said yes she loves it, occasional into office].But on a Tv prog they started banging on home workers should take a wage cut ,as they no longer have have travel expenses or visit micro shops!!!! wtf!. But this is what gets me,they never complained or were that bothered when Supermarkets/Shopping centers[malls to you lot lol] killed of the local bakery butchers veg shops,thriving towns centers, internet shopping[heres another for brits iff not known,Currys,but go online to AO find it prob 25% cheaper,Ao is Currys sister company].....As for these bubbles yeah fat lot of good they are, lockdown, persons aged 0 /30 rare effected very low death rate, and realtive low symptoms[ us wiser monkeys yeah but you can still transmit it] answer lets go party, send kids to school, little snot rocket transmits it to half the class[class isolates for 2 weeks], that then transmits to parents etc, teenage sister lets go party /Bar transmits to another 50[ could not give a monkey as they have been told they will suffer less severe symtoms]...so whats the answer,lockdown world over 6 months no interncontinental travel?,no we have got to live with it mask and wash hands is best we can do till an effective vacine is found,the way we do things have got to change or as i call it about time humanity had a reset on way we do things........on bright note where i live the most infection rate we have have had is 18,but holds mainly at 5[ 3 towns included in this],as was put on FB Jeremy Kyle would not even come to Hastings East Sussex[its a shithole now] seems covid tries to avoid it to lol Ps wether China made this or not they knew about it and i think we should all write a letter[ yes paper and pen enevelope and psotage stamp shock horror!!!] address it to the chinese leader demanding a $2000/£2000 payment for compensation lol] over this,imagine 20million letters arriving in the mail box for same demand lol
  3. Krackennutz

    did you try system restore to an earlier date ,be lot easier
  4. Its really good !....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49f5l48hg1c&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR2W83o3DOnOQTzO1PhSfPn4vRj0LD8EKYEWQJnjQ4luu16njducIJ7P6M4
  5. Krackennutz

    Now for Amazon lol only the free Prime ones! Justified,Hunters,Outlander,The Man in the High Castle,Crnival Row,Good Omens,Ripper Street,Vikings,The Expanse,Tom Clancy s-Jack Ryan,Aeronauts[Film],Hunger Games Catching fire-Mocking Jay 1&2, Hotel Transylvania[film cough cartoon],Star Trek Picard, list is endless as download a lot to lol also have UK Now TV[ satelite tv]
  6. Krackennutz

    Now lets see do not really watch a lot of Netflix Cough ! 6 Underground[Film], Vampire Diaries followed on with The Originals[ vampire werewolfs witches etc],Wu Assassins,October Faction,Colony ,Peaky Blinders,Designated Survivor,Law Abiding Citizen[Film],Z Nation[ Zombies] Salvation,Lost in Space,The Ranch,Hemlock Grove,The Order,Letter to The king,Shannarh,The Witcher,Acts of Vengenance[Film],Hitman47 [Film].Jupiter Ascending[Film],Marco Polo,Black Lightening,Immortals[film],Spectral [Film],Inglorious Bastards [Film].Sex Education[funny as heck],The Umbrella Company,Clash of the Titans[film],Shutter Island[film],Frontier,Stranger Things...... .just a few lol rest not marked films are tv series,but think some may be not available on USA Netflix as they differ from UK availability
  7. Krackennutz

    Yes its a kids book!!!!!..
  8. Krackennutz

    PC vs Consul lol......sounds familiar on MW2019 https://archive.org/details/Battlefield_Friends/BFFs+Season+3/BFFs+-+PC+ELITIST+(Season+3E9).mp4
  9. Krackennutz

  10. Krackennutz

  11. Krackennutz

    Blues screen usually means software failure,before your ordered new un ,should have tried clean install, aka uninstall ,go to C drive remover folder for card, Users Appdata[ yes in there to] shut down restart run CCleaner registry twice remove all traces,then reinstall new driver
  12. Krackennutz

    Try using Battlenet to go into game,instead of activision,as for Trekvinger issue had that months ago ended up reinstalling,wiped everything to do with game from hard drive inc regedit,but get him to try a clean install of graphic drivers, go into all of C drive and remove all traces drivers and progs,then reinstall fresh drive for it, if finally you do get in lower all the settings and gradually increase each one till it crashes... also it does not like dual monitors for some people also one other problem is the Nat needs to show open,qiute crafty Activision installs open port on your router,if you access your router go to Forwarding in the UPnp you should find : DemonwarePortMapping External port xxxx Protocol udp Internal port xxx Ip address 192 xxx x xxx status enabled[ yes left the numbers out incase there related to me] if not your Nat will be restricted.. As for Downloads in UK last update few of us were getting a whole 1.1kbs!!!!!...solution we found pause update switch to Asia or if you have a vpn log out, and i used New York downloaded at normal speed hope any of the above helps helps
  13. Krackennutz

    Be warned the game is a 171GB download so you may want to leave PC on and do the yard lol
  14. Krackennutz




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