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  1. and bit of this lol
  2. Having a Sabbath day as its chucking it down in the UK!!!![ yeah i know normal weather lol]
  3. Yes they guys who did BF4 Friends do Pubg for the first time.......think we can all relate to the chat lol
  4. Bash wins me being spotter lol Duo chicken dinner
  5. used cold cathode tubes,same as they use to pimp cars with or fish tanks....
  6. Chicken dinner for sqd Elm Krack Rooney +1
  7. Add another $100+ for postage lol to be honest not a laptop or tablet fan,will stick with pc[ yet to finish want to upgrade to acrylic tubing]
  8. and this how much we get ripped off for same Laptop in UK £1499 convert at £1 to $ $1828
  9. try a cheapo ebay power supply, had two laptops power supplies went, both still showed led on power supply as working,basic they were on, but no juice was flowing from it,besides also laptops have only a 5yr life span before heat kills em,yes i know some have had theres longer lol
  10. Well will say got it back after last update,mind you have removed it completely and re installed but didnt install the server version as well.....may have wiped the launch part i put in with update though so may have to re add ,after every update
  11. Wish they would actually promote the game on real play not some,real to life make up of it.....or think there afraid of many saying Hell No!.....mind you nothing would beat a free real test of the finished product!
  12. Found this seemed to have done the trick game runs bit smoother to ........
  13. may help understand some points