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  1. According to the World Population clock there is 7.6Billion people on this planet.....sooo every morning 7.6billion people take a shit avg weight probably about 1.5 pounds so thats 11.4 billion pounds of shit if you think life is shit you know why lol
  2. Just bought my Christmas Tree from the market and the man said if i gave it plenty of light and water he would even and come and take it away for me come February! What a great deal and nice young man he was
  3. AS IF ! not heard it all before lol so want the reason,, Missus used to work for the telecoms company doing 999, used to panic if she heard of a bike crash, so after few yrs asked me not to have any more 2 wheels ,but fine with 3 as at time not many about,thart was 20 yrs ago, i have shit loads of fun on mine,so does other mates who have them, my last bike was a suzi GS1100g custom, mates was a gpz1100, prefer the 3 ,my last one i built was yama 1100,heres a few i had! xs1100,GS650,Vw Phoneix,Yama xs750,2nd also yam 750....2 cars??? yup triked them to
  4. My 900divi and mates 1200 vmax
  5. Samoan Pub bit purfect Cockney slang lol
  6. Least our American buds and Canadian and other nationalties will be able to under stand Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrles now lol
  7. Paddy's wife is mad on boxing ... So she decides to get tattoos of her two favourite boxers ... She has mike Tyson on her left inner thigh .... And sugar Ray on her right inner thigh ... She rushes home and tells paddy look at these tats ive had inked ... And with that she takes off her knickers and spreads her legs ... Well do you recognize them ... ...paddy says only the one in the middle .... Its Don King ...
  8. well thats a 32" tv monitor sitting on top,mind you its pretty light
  9. Could always mount other speakers on wall! have a cinema surround system ,monitor sit on top of the sound system, surround speakers 2 on wall.sub on floor,2 front ones were under monitor yes do get moaned at sometimes thundering through floor lol hers pic of mine ok desk is massive but gives you an idea,what can be done....and bought off flea bay in uk for roughly $60.....used to use the Logitechs like above but seem to burn the amp out after few yrs,this has been more reliable and better sound,and is optical connection for better sound[if your sound card has it]
  10. Well that pic was nearest could find to mine so taken one, mine has more scroll work inside,as for $400/500 uhmmm no in UK was around £120 rough conversion to $158 lol
  11. oh just for you heres mine, missus bought it for me last Christmas
  12. They did turn off the the auto install after a yr,But if you previously had it installed it will keep trying to install it through updates
  13. If you went for the free Win 10 you will get the update again on Win 8 or if your purchased it, if you dont want it when you update Win 8 just uncheck the Win 10 option.....or try this i havent , always blocked the win 10 originaly used the GWX control panel app....