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  1. Krackennutz

    Also if your headset came with software open that up and make sure mic box is checked,if your using discord or teamspeak,you will have to re do the settings in speak and listen...... if your using a not well known brand your Mic will show in recording properties [white speaker in menu bar] as Usb Audio Device,if you had another one before it may show as 2 Audio Device,same for TS/Discord
  2. Krackennutz

    for a start try starting game on loading screen disconnect your mouse if that stops it then there either mouse fault or software fault ,and just in case go into control panel-mouse and see in Buttons tab you have not somehow activated click lock[ make sure box is unchecked]....only thing i can think of Papi
  3. Krackennutz

    will post link but some Countries will restrict BBC links so will put bit of the text with link so you can see..... Grand Theft Auto V. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-45891126 he publisher of video game Grand Theft Auto V has been granted the right to search the homes of five people accused of making cheat software. The court order allowed Rockstar Games and its parent company, Take-Two Interactive, to search two properties in Melbourne, Australia, for evidence related to a cheat known as Infamous. The Australian federal court has also frozen the assets of the five, who have not yet filed a defence. The cheat went offline six months ago. It allowed players who paid about $40 (£30) to manipulate the gaming environment, generate virtual currency and use a "god mode" feature that makes players invincible. Under the court order, the five people, named as Christopher Anderson, Cyrus Lesser, Sfinktah, Koroush Anderson and Koroush Jeddian, are prevented from creating or using game cheats And they are allowed to withdraw only money for modest living expenses from their frozen accounts. Fortnite...https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-45876864 A YouTube gamer who posted videos of himself cheating at Fortnite is being sued by its developer Epic Games. Brandon Lucas has attracted 1.7 million subscribers to his Golden Modz channel, where he plays modified or hacked versions of Fortnite and other games. He also runs a website where he sells cheats, such as automatic aiming, for more than $200 (£150). "Defendants are cheaters. Nobody likes a cheater," Epic Games said in its legal filing. "Defendant Lucas not only cheats, he also promotes, advertises, and sells software that enables those who use it to cheat," the document states. One of the hacks available on Mr Lucas's website is aimbot, which lets players automatically target and kill enemies without having to aim their weapon. It is only available for the PC version of the game, but offers a significant competitive advantage to any player using the cheat. In Mr Lucas's latest YouTube video he "trolls default skins" - players who may be new and have yet to change their character's appearance. Several other videos in which he used the aimbot cheat have been removed from YouTube following a copyright complaint from Epic Games. Another YouTube gamer, Colton Conter, is also named in the legal filing. In the documents, Epic Games said the cheaters were "creating unauthorised derivative works of Fortnite by unlawfully modifying the game's code".
  4. Krackennutz

    Yes as per normal trailers look great...BUT...so did BFH, BF1, Battlefront 1/2,and look what happened with them,have fear its just going to be same old problems,i actually would dare them to say if you think this game is not for you after 28 days full refund no quibbles
  5. Krackennutz

    Mine xj900s yes me on it freezing butt off mid winter...then again always cold and raining in the UK...Except this yr!
  6. As you cannot get into Windows only options you have is A complete reinstall or B download a copy[unless you have one already] of Win 10, either put it on to a dvd disc or usb disc[ you will have to unpack it to these], insert into dvd drive or usb port, on power up hit F1 or delete,go into bios and select boot 1st from dvd or usb, exit and save,[ you can go pack later and put 1 st boot to HD back]it will then boot from which you selected first and take you into installing windows. select repair option and hopefully it may repair your windows copy,if i remember correctly in the advanced repair it gives option for system restore date which is easier, restore from image never worked when i tried. just looked on google yes there is System restore option click that and select a date[ hopefully you never disabled the restore points option]
  7. Krackennutz

    Just make sure any other HDs are disconnected to ,disc grinder works well to!
  8. Krackennutz

    Hope everyone stays safe have gaming friends in Cayce,but on bright note!! least you got warnings,we didnt ok very rare for UK to get one,but in 87 no warning ,muppet here on Sussex coast Pier 1.30am coming out of a nightclub on end of it,bit windy,yup like american films can say yes those train barriers do go up and down in that wind, after 2hrs trying to get home 14 miles away ended up staying in a retirement home lol ... our uhmm warning ....and what happened
  9. Krackennutz

    cough try switch cleaner, even though old or even new and are gold plated they tarnish bad contact,had trouble with my hdmi on card turned out wrong hdmi lead needed a 2b,yup there are different ones lol load this will give you infor on whats in your PC its free...use latest..https://www.cpuid.com/softwares/cpu-z.html#version-history or this does same but gives you what heat your components are running use free and make sure if it offers avast free before download you uncheck it Speccy.......https://www.ccleaner.com/speccy to check sound in run type.... dxdiag will give you info on whats conflicting or broken if any for other shutdowns dunno if win 7 has it but win 8/8.1/10 does ..Control panel-System- bottom left Action Center-scroll down to Maintenance,click upside down arrow, look for " View Reliability History",gives you a graph over time period of shutdowns ,failures and errors ,click on em gives you the info.....some are as helpful as a brick ,but can help
  10. Ok not a member of Xi but still play with a few of you on other servers,would Xi consider moving the BF4 server back to the Europe side,where it still is very popular?
  11. Krackennutz

    Ok if not all the above,guess you tried headset on another pc/laptop? if works there then your port more likely dead....... worse comes to it just buy a cheap sound card and bung it in,prob solved...if you live this side of the pond have an old but good sound card you could have my Creative Xi infinty,with driver cd for Win 7 lol and also do you connect via pc case or direct rear mother board? if your using phono plugs try cleaning the connection port with switch cleaner.... https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?LH_CAds=&_fpos=&_fspt=1&_mPrRngCbx=1&_sacat=&_sadis=&_udhi=&_udlo=&_fosrp=1&_nkw=Sound+Cards&_sop=15 you will have to set it to where you live i cant shows international lol Bestbuy /Walmart most pc shops sell em
  12. Krackennutz

    Well for me i am going to wait,no not even played the beta alpha ceeta delta or what ever, BFH fell badly thought oh cool played beta BF1 looked great killed people moved great ,release came couldnt kill jack sh**t,game got sluggish,eventually gave up playing it, do hope they make up for there past two failures but doubt it,so i will wait even up to 6 months see how it pans out, till then will stick with BF4 lol
  13. Krackennutz

    Guessing you tried obvious even though many overlook and think plug play, white speaker icon bottom menu bar,right click select recording and change to new mic,if usb, prob show as usb 2, in TS you will have to change it to,if new headset came with software ie like my cheapo Sades,you have to enable it
  14. Krackennutz

  15. Krackennutz

    Unless of Course one of those new chips is knackered, try the new ones on there own then use speccy to read the info on pc see if chips putting out the rated ram, had one chip in mine 8gb reading 2 gb, also test your old 2 as well