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  1. Blackbart

    Do what the doctor recommends and you will be alright... Give the wrist a few days to heal and when you feel up to it come kick some ass...
  2. Blackbart

    Happy belated Birthday my friend, I hope you had a great one...
  3. Blackbart

    Congrats Buddy, welcome to the family...
  4. Blackbart

    Congrats, welcome to the family...
  5. Blackbart

    Of course she said yes...
  6. Blackbart

  7. Blackbart

    Prayers that he passes as peacefully as possible...
  8. Blackbart

  9. Blackbart

    Welcome to the forums my friend. Under the members tab at the top of the page please read the requirements for membership. Our code of conduct is on the main page of our website. Once the you have met the requirements for membership submit an application and the Admins will vote yea or nay on your request. You are way over due and I believe you will be sporting some shiny new XI tags before you know it...
  10. Blackbart

    So sorry for your loss.
  11. Blackbart

    What Harry said, "Keep the faith". Your Idiot family is pulling for you buddy...
  12. Blackbart

    Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers. The wife and I are feeling much better now. I hope you all stay safe and healthy.
  13. Blackbart

    Hell Brother you just wanted a "I kicked Covid 19's ass" medal...Lol...Take it easy and you will come through this alright...Thoughts and prayers for you my Friend...
  14. Blackbart

    As long as her friends server doesn't support the same games we do she can keep her >XI< tags...
  15. Blackbart

    "Love the new name and hope his Family knows how much he is loved by us and missed daily" I let His wife Peggy know. I don't know if anyone told you but we have named our server the "MacDaddy >XI< Camp Ground" in honor to Mac... Her reply... Oh my how sweet I I bet he is smiling g down at you guys Thanks for sharing that



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