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  1. Blackbart

    Just don't get used to it you old bastage...
  2. Blackbart

    I have never heard anyone say a negative word about JD. If you gamed with him or met him in real life you liked him, something that can be said about very few people. Your humor and contagious personality will be missed. Thanks Johnny for helping make >XI< what it is today. Until we all meet again, Rest in Peace...
  3. Blackbart

    Thanks for the kind words Grumpy. I'll have to start being nicer to you, NOT...Truthfully we like having you around as well as our members and all our non-member players...We have strived over the years to make this a place that you enjoy and want keep coming back to.
  4. He was a good guy in my book. Always liked gaming with him. RIP Buddy...
  5. Blackbart

    Welcome to the Clan...
  6. Blackbart

    Welcome back...
  7. Blackbart

    Happy Birthday JD, hope you have a good one...
  8. Blackbart

    Happy Birthday Buddy, I hope you have a great one...
  9. Blackbart

    The Code of Conduct is supposed to be universal on all our supported games, not an option.
  10. Blackbart

    Happy Birthday buddy...
  11. Blackbart

    Congrats to all...
  12. Blackbart

    Happy Birthday to all...
  13. Blackbart

    If any of the COD2 gang would like to call him and leave a voice message, PM me and I will give you his number. His Daughter is monitoring his phone and passing messages on to him...
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