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  1. Congrats Harry...You have moved up from herding cats to jousting with windmills...
  2. Blackbart

    Happy Birthday to all... Special shout out to my old friend Joe Canadian...
  3. Blackbart

    There is so much that could be said about what Mac has brought to our gaming community, but none of it means more to me than to say he is my friend and brother. Rest easy Mac. I will always remember you and the joy you have added to my life...
  4. Blackbart

    Goodbye Buddy, I'll see you on the other side...
  5. Blackbart

    Mac has been in my thoughts and prayers every since this began. I/we all miss him and have held out hope that he would someday be able to grace us again with his presence.
  6. Blackbart

    Happy Birthday kleine...
  7. Blackbart

    Happy Birthday Maz.
  8. Capt.Fuzz >XI< is 82. I believe he is our oldest player...
  9. Blackbart

    Happy Birthday...
  10. Blackbart

    Happy Birthday Buddy...
  11. Blackbart

    Happy Birthday to all... And a special shout out to TBB...His cake has so many candles that he just finished blowing out last years...
  12. I started playing here in early 2007. Ezpickins was my sponsor and I got my tags January, 2008. BC was already established by then...
  13. Back then I only had COD2 and I did play the BC a few times. It was to early in the day for me to become a regular there...
  14. Blackbart

    Happy Birthday Fuzzy... Please tell us all about the time you helped Noah get out of the Ark when stuck on Mt. Ararat...