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  1. Blackbart

    Happy Birthday Buddy...
  2. Blackbart

    Hope it all goes well for you...
  3. Blackbart

    Me and my old tired eyes thank you Brother...
  4. Blackbart

    Happy Birthday Sparty...
  5. Blackbart

    IMHO it has potential...
  6. Glad you are back...
  7. Blackbart

    Is the stock heatsink able to handle cooling the cpu or should I go with an AIO water cooler...Not going to overclock now but may in the future...
  8. Blackbart

    Happy Birthday Buddy...
  9. Blackbart

    I guess that explains why I have been getting error trying to log in to the website the last couple of days...
  10. Blackbart

    I hope they get it all. It's amazing how far they have come in the treatment and cure for it. Prayers for you buddy...
  11. Blackbart

    Happy Birthday Arty, wherever you are...
  12. Blackbart

    Thanks Labob for all that you have done for the Clan over the years...Your contributions are appreciated and have help make >XI< what it is today...
  13. https://www.howtogeek.com/410183/microsoft-abandons-windows-10s-forced-updates/
  14. Blackbart

    Spawn killing will get you banned if you continue to do it after several warnings. Domination on its own will not get you banned. We have several players that are hard to beat and win most games they play. I'm talking about someone that comes in and wins every time, even beating our best players by a considerable margin. When that happens and our regular players leave the server because of it then something has to be done. To those that say our members and regulars have to get over it, I ask "what are they to get over?" It's their server!!! In my opinion the offending player is going against our code of conduct. "we play with honor, and we strive to treat each other with respect and consideration". What honor is there in repeatedly taking the fun out of the game by overwhelmingly winning against lesser skilled players, "where is the respect and consideration". There are servers that cater to that level of player.
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