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  1. Blackbart

    Happy Birthday Buddy...
  2. Blackbart

    From what I've read, isn't the "Mint" edition of Linux supposed to be for gamers?
  3. Blackbart

    I had to explain to @TBB what this is...He thought it was a knit cap for Siamese Twins joined at the head...
  4. Blackbart

    Happy Birthday Buddy...
  5. Blackbart

    Here ya go Laz. this is the bash only map that you opened the can of whoop ass on...
  6. Blackbart

    Happy Birthday Buddy...
  7. Blackbart

    P-Man didn't say he was personally attacked that was my mistake, he felt that because you two are not friends or on friendly terms that you calling out his name is provocative...I asked as a personal favor for you not to mention him, I never told you not to talk in game...
  8. Blackbart

    Happy Birthday Buddy...
  9. Blackbart

    Happy Birthday Buddy...
  10. Blackbart

    Listen to what TBB said, 'cause he is "OLD" and an Idiot...
  11. Blackbart

    Happy belated Birthday Buddy...
  12. Blackbart

    I will be gone for the rest of the week. I want to wish all my >XI< friends a happy Thanksgiving...
  13. Blackbart

    Happy Birthday Buddy...
  14. Blackbart

  15. Blackbart

    Nice, have you had a chance to shoot them yet?