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  1. Happy Birthday Buddy...
  2. Tráeme una cerveza y un sándwich, entonces haremos el amor This is all the Spanish you need to know..
  3. Nice. Break out the keg it's BBQ time...
  4. Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Let it be know to all; That though hard work and adherence to the rigors of study at University, PainKiller (formerly known as NoddyJR. and Deathwave) Has represented Himself and all Xtreme Idiots everywhere with distinction. It is with great pride I extend to him Congratulations and best wishes in all his future endeavors.
  5. So in order to stop fraudulent claims against your company you want us to make fraudulent claims against their company...No thanks, I'll pass...
  6. FU all....
  7. Happy Birthday Buddy...
  8. Happy Birthday Buddy...I hope they let you out of the Old Folks Home to celebrate...
  9. Happy Birthday Boss. I hope you have a great one...