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  1. Blackbart was my grandfather and it means so much that you all have said such kind words. thank you it means alot...
  2. Thanks PK for the work you are doing to make this server fun for all.
  3. I will be using it for web surfing, movie watching, games i.e. cards, and checking the home page.
  4. Looks like it would be fun at >XI< get together.... https://www.facebook.com/abcsport.au/videos/3272645599631859
  5. If you would have given us a six pack and a pizza like we requested it would have ended better for you....
  6. Pick it, blanch it, and freeze it for pies later in the year. I love rhubarb pie...
  7. I've looked through all my old screen shots and came up with nothing. I may have some more screen shots on some old hard drives I have packed away if I can find them. That ass hat that had COD Utilities Caused the loss of a lot of COD Maps...
  8. Been playing here since 2007, was tagged in January,2008, became an Adm. in 2009...Think I may stay around awhile...
  9. Dan Duryea's best role was as Black Bart...
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