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  1. Happy Birthday Buddy...
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  4. Happy Birthday Buddy..
  5. A word of advice, forget the bean bag rounds. If you feel you need to use a gun it should be a lethal situation. Nobody wants to shoot someone, but no one wants to be beaten or killed by an intruder. Anyone that breaks into your home has already shown a disregard for you and your family's life.
  6. Post it so they can see the official >XI< Theme song...
  7. Doe's anyone still have a copy of Killa's song? @Ruggerxi
  8. What a shitty thing to do to the cat...
  9. I think it probably was supposed to read universal not unisex but in today's world who the hell knows...
  10. Here's the history of it's invention. It's a funny movie...
  11. Prayers sent Buddy...
  12. Happy Birthday Buddy...
  13. Why, are you going to contest paternity? LMAO...
  14. I'll take a dz. eggs...