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  1. Blackbart

    Glad to hear you are getting your hemorrhoids under control...
  2. Blackbart

    Congrats and welcome to the clan....
  3. You're good bud, don't worry about it...
  4. Blackbart

    Name including tags in COD2 can only be 16 characters long...Yes you will have to start over on gametracker...It's no biggie, I have 5 different listings under my name... (Blackbart, Blackbart Adm, Blackbart H-Adm, Blackbart, and Blackbart Adm) Every time there is a change a new listing is made...
  5. Blackbart

    Ummm who are you again?
  6. Blackbart

    Y'all got it all wrong. This is his favorite bed and breakfast....
  7. Blackbart

    We knew who you are. This ban and the previous ban that sparked this one will not be lifted...
  8. Blackbart

    Happy Birthday Buddy...
  9. Blackbart

    Yes that is what my wife calls my toy box...
  10. Blackbart

    You are in the snow belt so not unusual for you... In Arkansas we average 2-4 inches total for the year and it usually is melted off the next day, currently there is 6" on the ground with a couple more forecasted..We have had freezing temps ranging from 29 to -10 degrees f. for the last five days and it won't get above freezing for two more days.
  11. Blackbart

    Stay safe buddy, glad you get to be close to your daughter...
  12. Blackbart

    Happy Birthday Maz...
  13. Blackbart

    What name were you playing under when you was banned, also your IP address would be helpful.
  14. Blackbart

    Happy Birthday Buddy, I hope you have a great one...
  15. Blackbart

    It is my sincerest wish that everyone has a happy and safe New Year Celebration and may the coming year bring you prosperity and good health...



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