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  1. I've been playing fps since quake, half life, and unreal if that gives a perspective. People cant just log 1 or 2 hundred hours and expect themselves to be the beez knees. But they do
  2. I'm really not aware how people can vote ban unless the individual was an admin without the >IX< but apparently all one needs to confirm a hacker is an opinion and a weak sense of critical thinking. Nyx took care of the issue thankfully because we've played against one another on many occasions exchanging high scores for awhile. I'm not trying to boast or brag but I just wanted the community to know that there are people...apparently with ban powers "again don't know anything about server running" who will ban if you preform to well. Thanks again to Nyx for overturning the votes and kicking the salty one. Just for reference as to what both funny and sad altercations look like for future reference.
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