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  2. Alphanoob

    Everytime someone in the chat mentions Pineapple on Pizza and others go crazy XD
  3. Alphanoob

    This post, damn this post. I remenber posting this once. Triggered a girl I used to like a lot. I remneber the disucssion that sprak from it, almost got canceled as well. Thank god that I had left FB and those fake friends behind. Note to everyone: Not every girl you see that looks pretty, is mature enough to handle black humor jokes. Secound note to everyone: never date a vegan that feels he/she has to enforce his/her lifestyle on others. I am still very mad about the whole shit storm that came over me. third note: Let's all drink our tea and keep laughing !! ?
  4. Alphanoob

    I am having interest in playing this game.
  5. Alphanoob

    OKay this video has been posted eight hours ago. And it concerns the code leak of CS:GO and TF2. If I heard it correctly, it can be a problem for people who have those two games installed on their account. Although I am not sure if that only happens when you have those two games installed or that it can also affect accounts without those two games. What are your thoughts guys?
  6. Alphanoob

    Nightfighting is fun. I used to be very annoyed by it. I just love to blind the enemy team with a flare gun ? Does siege night and contact night exsist btw? I never saw those two.
  7. Alphanoob

    Oh holy lord, I am super late with replying but it is from the brand Piranha https://www.homeinonline.com/unicorn-large-corner-desk-graphite-black/p71 ^link to that desk I did order that desk somewhere else, but my store only ships in the Netherlands
  8. Alphanoob

    I almost make that mistake aswell, Then I started to look closely and choose the right one. XD
  9. Alphanoob

    Damn, now you mention it and now I wanna have such a fridge too XD Thanks hahaha ?
  10. Alphanoob

    Thanks ?
  11. Alphanoob

    Hahaha. I was too tired to remove that screwdriver after 12 hours of tidy up, cleaning and assembling this desk XD XD XD And LOL about Mixer. Atleast Ninja got richer in the end, so good for him ? Thanks a lot for the comment ?
  12. Alphanoob

    I has been offline from streaming for quite some time. This was because the whole place in my house was a complete mess and me and my girlfriend decided that stuff needs to change. So we both got cracking and tidy up the whole house and replace the chairs, tables and couches that were old and breaking apart with newer and better ones. Replaced all the big and burlky office tables and I replaced it with a more compact and better looking computer table. Now I can finally start streaming again. ? Enjoy!



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