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  1. Alphanoob

    Nightfighting is fun. I used to be very annoyed by it. I just love to blind the enemy team with a flare gun 😛 Does siege night and contact night exsist btw? I never saw those two.
  2. Alphanoob

    Oh holy lord, I am super late with replying but it is from the brand Piranha https://www.homeinonline.com/unicorn-large-corner-desk-graphite-black/p71 ^link to that desk I did order that desk somewhere else, but my store only ships in the Netherlands
  3. Alphanoob

    I almost make that mistake aswell, Then I started to look closely and choose the right one. XD
  4. Alphanoob

    Damn, now you mention it and now I wanna have such a fridge too XD Thanks hahaha 🙂
  5. Alphanoob

    Thanks 🙂
  6. Alphanoob

    Hahaha. I was too tired to remove that screwdriver after 12 hours of tidy up, cleaning and assembling this desk XD XD XD And LOL about Mixer. Atleast Ninja got richer in the end, so good for him 😛 Thanks a lot for the comment 🙂
  7. Alphanoob

    I has been offline from streaming for quite some time. This was because the whole place in my house was a complete mess and me and my girlfriend decided that stuff needs to change. So we both got cracking and tidy up the whole house and replace the chairs, tables and couches that were old and breaking apart with newer and better ones. Replaced all the big and burlky office tables and I replaced it with a more compact and better looking computer table. Now I can finally start streaming again. 🙂 Enjoy!
  8. Alphanoob

    Alphanoob was driving on Xtremeidiot road. Sees this topic written down some wall. Also sees all the people had written "FU to Unchileno" beneath that topic. Alphanoob has got no clue what this whole stuff is about. But he stops his car, grabs his popcorn and watch the whole show from afar. XD
  9. He often get those salty messages. He pretty much laughs about it XD The most hillarious salty player was somebody who was accusing a enemy player for hacking without realizing that you can fire a FAL on full auto. XD
  10. Alphanoob

    Ooohh, that explains a lot. Thanks 🙂
  11. Alphanoob

    Ah okay. Well, tbh, the moment the shennigas happen between me and KoG I was very moody and angry. There were two guys who were taunting me after losing some matches and I started to scream at them. And the Admin, who already got tired of the constant discussion with me about not being able to get to a objection without getting sniped down and the complains I had about his wrong sniper setup decided to put me on mute. And that was above the other situations about me getting taunted and baited into getting angry. So after the mute I took my lessons, licked my wounds and moved on. I heard later from a friend of mine that he had gotten banned from KoG because he uses his Twitch channel as his username. So I decided that going back to KoG wasn't the best of ideas. Thankfully, I am not so easy to anger anymore. I had to change my approach to gaming and I am starting to enjoy it again. 🙂
  12. Alphanoob

    Thank a lot for your comment. It would be hilarious if I manage to knife Sally 🙂
  13. Alphanoob

    My loadout I did use last time was: Gold coloured Uzi with siliencer Perks: 3x frags, stopping power and dead sillence My other options I choose are: hard-wired and EMP grenades
  14. Alphanoob

    Oooh, I never knew about this freature. Thanks a lot.
  15. Alphanoob

    Thanks guys 😄 And indeed, play it for fun 🙂
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