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  1. This is gonna be sick. Can't wait!
  2. Exploiting imo is using map glitches to your advantage (like In revolt when you can run behind sec spawn and shoot directly in it) and I've never done that. Yes I used to run into restricted areas to plant c4 or IEDs but that's not an exploit as i said. Lately, my 90% of playing has been on defence, so yeah I'm interested to see how I "spawncamped 2 weeks ago".
  3. Lol I indeed used to spawncamp a long time ago but I never exploited on any map. Things have changed since last time we played together, and I as well as the other admins also keep the other "professionals" (I never claimed to be one, I suck at the game ) under control. Sorry for being the cunt I was back then.
  4. No offence but you're the guy I recently caught twice exploiting in Tell and Revolt maps killing people right when they spawned.
  5. Ya all idiots need some death metal.
  6. I was told you got warned for spawkilling, didn't behave and then got temp banned by @GMO . Weird thing is you managed to bypass that ban and rejoined after 20 minutes. And when asked, you answered "contacted some ppl". I'd like to know how that happened before we discuss further.
  7. Welcome!
  8. I was the one who banned him for walling. His play was suspicious so I took a look. He was spoting people behind walls. Appeal denied.
  9. Recieved my copy today, gonna install it later Thanks again!
  10. We should really revive the DOI server.
  11. We do, but it's always empty. Fucking TWI servers getting all traffic.
  12. I bet my money on the bassist. Btw nice breakdown outro.
  13. Cool! Thank you so much man! You're already in my friends list