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  1. WW3 and Insurgency: Sandstorm are free to play on Steam until Sunday. Any of you idiots (with decent PCs) here gonna try them?
  2. Daemon

    Welcome to the forums buddy!
  3. Daemon

    There wouldn't be "bad blood" between the two of us if you didn't choose to ignore my multiple warnings about ghosting, chat spamming, endless complaining about everything etc. As chips mentioned, headglitching is part of the game, scopeglitching isn't. It's a bug and counts as an exploit. You going around telling people how to use is a huge mistake. Combine that with your other activities in the servers and you have the reason for your ban. There's no need for any other comments, case closed.
  4. Daemon

    This is what you had to say earlier. Then your own teammates accused you of this kind of scope glitching. Appeal denied.
  5. Welcome to the forums!
  6. Daemon

    You could have messaged @ROCKAPE to change your profile name if that's what you wanted.
  7. Daemon

    Welcome to the forums mate!
  8. Things like this even happened to me before, people can be really stupid. Thanks for the screenshots, I'll take care of those people.
  9. Daemon

    Is the dark theme gone? This white one hurts my eyes
  10. Daemon

    Welcome to the forums mate!
  11. Daemon

    Bring hammer in here to tell you it's flat or fake
  12. Daemon

    Servers are back up, try these IPs and tell me if they work
  13. Daemon

    Steam servers are down at this moment so that's why you can't connect. As for the name change, go to your steam profile and click edit profile as shown in the picture. Then edit your name and add the tag
  14. Daemon

    makes sense
  15. Daemon

    Why don't you people just stop arguing for a minute and listen to reason? When there's no evidence of someone cheating, there's no reason to ban him at all. Just because he can dominate you or an entire server doesn't give you the right to be a bitch about it. Yes, I'm having my ass handed to me every night on Insurgency which can be infuriating, but I'm not dropping the ban hammer left and right just because someone is better than me. You people need to stop acting like children, accept the fact that in life there's always gonna be someone better than you at something, either it's video games, playing the guitar or anything else and move on. Video games are meant to be fun, win or lose. Period.
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