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  1. Daemon

    Just seen this topic haha. Thanks everyone ( a few months late tho ) 🍻
  2. Daemon

    Nice to see you here too, welcome mate!
  3. Daemon

    Welcome to the forums!
  4. Daemon

    Welcome to the forums man.
  5. Daemon

    After reviewing what went down we decided to reduce your ban to 3 days since it's your first offense and it appears you can't shoot through the wall Derxos spotted you glitching. However, your ban was not entirely lifted because with that glitch you could spot and track enemies through a wall with them not being able to see you and that's not allowed. Any future offenses of this kind will result in a permanent ban. If you have any questions feel free to join us on Discord and we can talk about it.
  6. Some maps are terrible for attacking, some are terrible for defending. I love attacking on Market for example but I hate defending on it. Same with District.
  7. Daemon

    Nice to see you here man. ? Welcome!
  8. Daemon

    Pretty sure I've seen him in the insurgency servers. Welcome to the forums buddy!
  9. WW3 and Insurgency: Sandstorm are free to play on Steam until Sunday. Any of you idiots (with decent PCs) here gonna try them?
  10. Daemon

    Welcome to the forums buddy!
  11. Daemon

    There wouldn't be "bad blood" between the two of us if you didn't choose to ignore my multiple warnings about ghosting, chat spamming, endless complaining about everything etc. As chips mentioned, headglitching is part of the game, scopeglitching isn't. It's a bug and counts as an exploit. You going around telling people how to use is a huge mistake. Combine that with your other activities in the servers and you have the reason for your ban. There's no need for any other comments, case closed.
  12. Daemon

    This is what you had to say earlier. Then your own teammates accused you of this kind of scope glitching. Appeal denied.
  13. Welcome to the forums!
  14. Daemon

    You could have messaged @ROCKAPE to change your profile name if that's what you wanted.
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