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  1. Having fun tracking players through smoke and walls? That's enough evidence for me.
  2. I really hope you didn't bring that AT4 in here haha
  3. From the rainbow reference, I know who you are. And yes I was spectating you and you were tracking and one-shot killling people through smoke. I don't see "luck" in that kind of shots.
  4. Because community servers like ours are always empty due to official servers getting all the traffic.
  5. DOI server was not killed, it was murdered by some game updates that minimized the use of a server browser. Such a shame since it is a great game but you can only play in official NWI servers.
  6. I really hope we get a server cause I'm definetely buying it.
  7. So last night this video was in my youtube homepage and then you posted it here. Creepy
  8. VPN

    Does it kill your speed/ping?
  9. Yes, ban has been lifted.
  10. You were banned for impersonating XI member. You can't wear our tags without being a member.
  11. Was watching this recently, funniest shit around.
  12. Welcome!