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  1. NyxNyxNyx

    Welcome ! bievenido !
  2. NyxNyxNyx

    Thanks and happy birthday to @LilAcorn and @Dessy too
  3. Eso es lo que tienes ronin, te pones gay de una :V I love you too
  4. NyxNyxNyx

    welcome x2 xD
  5. NyxNyxNyx

    welcome SerDuncan
  6. NyxNyxNyx

    ql ocioso
  7. NyxNyxNyx


    >noclip on
  8. NyxNyxNyx

    Welcome !
  9. You know, i'm not an admin, i was bluffing because a i can't kick nobody, but salty butthurt people who can't accept there are people better than them put my balls on fire, luckyly that motherfucker left the server. Saludos y gracias
  10. NyxNyxNyx

    His name is Odin ❤️
  11. Congratulations ! 😄
  12. NyxNyxNyx

    Hello ! 😄
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