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  1. Well guys this is an actualization Next week they will put the stuff for moving character to another servers, so if you are trully interested in make a guild I think we should brainstorming in wich way
  2. I'm doing this cause the game is fun and I would like ask the clan people if want to play this as a clan... and then dominate Aethernum as a most powerful idiot guild. I am waiting the game allows to go to another servers with the same character
  3. We have decided unban you as a trust and good faith act. Also if you see another players glitching or cheating this not validate their behavior and you can report them to an adm. Remember when you join on XI there is a phrase "any glitch can be banned"
  4. Medicine, specialist in internal medicine and intensive care
  5. Considering you are a veteran and this is your first fault you will be banned for 1 week from your 1st day ban what it was yesterday. This is the last warn, do not glitch again.
  6. NyxNyxNyx


    If you are going to play Q3 please someone send me a msg
  7. I have 3 clips and a video that another player sent me of you shooting people through smokes and other stuff wich is serious evidence of wallhack I will talk about this with the other adms.
  8. Mira querido, si tienes dudas ya se te explicó todo, esto es para apelar a los bans, no para reportar situaciones menores, para eso esta el discord del clan XI en el cual existe una pestaña llamada #reports. Ahora por favor intenta ser menos tonto y leer antes de hacer cosas, si te cuesta el inglés y no entiendes pues puedes preguntarme a mi antes de hacer estas cosas Saludines y recuerda que la estupidez es un camino totalmente opcional, asi que evita elegirlo de nuevo para no tener que lidiar contigo de nuevo
  9. Bienvenido a los foros engendro infernal
  10. Welcome to the forums
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