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  1. Finaltouch1968

    I showed up a little late I guess it was around 9 pm here and the server was empty. Sucks to I really wanted to play with some real humans on there : )
  2. Finaltouch1968

    I will be there every time I check the server no one is there. I enjoy low gravity dodging. Brings back the ole days
  3. Finaltouch1968

    You talking about Insurgency: Sandstorm ? Just went and watched a few clips on it. Doesn't look to bad do you guys have servers for that to?
  4. Finaltouch1968

    Yeah The White Knight is my gaming RIG I have a Alienware R11 I9 10900K with dual 2080Ti's for my editing RIG for videos and such. But the ROG build will be a secondary RIG for the Shop. It will be used for Streaming/Recording for YouTube and just about anything else I want to do up there. It will handle gaming when I get bored to
  5. Finaltouch1968

    Should be a nice RIG and keep you happy for a few years. I build PC's and starting a PC business right now. But its really hard due to the supply and demand right now, oh and dont get me started on the miners and scalpers either lol. I am working on ASUS ROG build right now my self. Already have a Corsair 5000D case a Corsair H150I and a 2080TI. Just waiting on a few more parts to take off on it.
  6. Finaltouch1968

    Thank you I will post if I need it. I already was playing around in there. Just like the game it will take a minute to get use to it. In UnrealED movements are a lot different but I will get it, I am a persistent kinda guy.
  7. Finaltouch1968

    -EDIT- Never mind I found the download link in the downloads section. I look forward to checking it out. Can I get some help on where to get the map making program? I use to make maps for UT99 and would like to take a look at the program and maybe start making maps for Call of Duty 4
  8. Hey just dropping a post here to introduce my self to the community. I am brothers with Zappy he has told me about you all many times. He told me you started a UT server and I figured it might be time to hang out. I run around in COD servers mostly but always willing to try new games. I had a Clan back in the day called )BoM( in UT99 and made a ton of maps for it. (Still Have em) Thinking about re-making them in 2004 we will see how it goes. I will pop in the server a few times a week and run around maybe I will see some of you on the line (Get it?)
  9. I pop in there a lot and never see anyone playing. I forgot how fun low gravity and dbl jump was. I started making some maps again as well, should have my first one done soon. I will post a few shots to see if there interested in adding it to the server By the way I am Zappy's brother if anyone knows him.
  10. Ok you didn't read my full post or even read all the posts on that site. That's where I found that mod. But if you read it all you will find this Please note: it's been brought to my attention that AntiTCC-protected servers may kick or ban clients using this mod. (depending on how the server is configured) Also that's the mod I can not find the edits. the lines simply do not exists
  11. Yep I have edited all the files and this is still what I get. I was awesome at UT99 and editing the ini files was easy and making maps I just can not for the life of me figure out 2004. I have installed UT99 and played with those files and everything works great. Well I had to add a patch though. So I have been searching like crazy online and can not find a patch for 2004 other then some foxWSFix-v2.0.0 and the edits are not correct on that as well. The lines it tells you to edit aren't even there. Pictures shows something in the FOV isn't correcting when I edit it. I have tried many FOV settings with no luck. I am stumped..... As you can see in my MSI Overlay my card can handle this game with no problems.
  12. Finaltouch1968

    in the us right now that cpu is running 344 on amazon he wasn't making anything on it like the scalper out there
  13. yeah it doesn't work for me. I run 3440x1440 on my rig and for the life of me I can not get it to work on 2004 when I edit FullscreenViewportX=3440 FullscreenViewportY=1440 it changes it but really messes up the first menu screen and it seems FOV is way off. Then I edit FOV in user ini and still no fix. I have been searching the net for hours on how to make this work on my 34in monitor. If I can not get it to work full screen and I guess I just un install it. I wish you guys would have went UT99 I can edit the ini files on that game and make it work perfectly.
  14. Hello I am new here on site. My Brother Zappy invited me to the site because you are now going to play UT. I have UT99 and 2004 installed now. I have managed to get ut99 working great @ 3440x1440 but UT2004 I am having huge issues. Has anyone here figure it out yet? Also I had a clan way back called )BoM( in UT99 I have a ton of maps I made for the clan. I will be starting to convert them all over to 2004 if you are interested mods.
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