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  1. fbi_open_up

    If you are using a dedicated graphics card there is no reason to buy the chip with video on it like the AMD G series chips.
  2. fbi_open_up

    you need Windows 10 guys and girls
  3. fbi_open_up

    Quake 2 which is a very old game now has ray tracing.
  4. fbi_open_up

    If you are going to add more its a good idea to get the same ram you already have, if you pull out one of the sticks you should see number on the side match that up and you should be fine, rule of thumb never mix ram modules.
  5. fbi_open_up

    Once more and more games use Ray Tracing then it might worth upgrading to a RTX card.
  6. fbi_open_up

    The code came from a RTX 2060 card I bought for a customer,had a couple of friends try the code with non RTX cards and code wont work.
  7. fbi_open_up

    I have a Code for the new Modern Warfare if any wants it , but you need to have a RTX Video Card to use the code first come first get.
  8. Happy late Birthday!!!

    1. fbi_open_up


      Thanks Boobie

  9. fbi_open_up

  10. fbi_open_up

    dont matter how old i get my wife is still older than me heheheheheehe, which i dont say to her face.
  11. fbi_open_up

    I have another Gaming Pc for sale asking $700, I will go half on shipping in Lower 48. Intel i7-4790k Cosair AIO CPU Cooler z97 Gigabyte Board 16 Gigs Ram RX 590 8 Gig Video Card M.2 500 Gig SSD 650 Watt Power Supply Blue Ray Player
  12. fbi_open_up

    Gaming System has been sold as of today.
  13. fbi_open_up

    sorry to hear that Toes , good luck and keep fighting my friend.
  14. fbi_open_up

    yes and Johnny sorry
  15. fbi_open_up

    crossing fingers for you Toesy.
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