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  1. fbi_open_up

    Gaming System has been sold as of today.
  2. fbi_open_up

    sorry to hear that Toes , good luck and keep fighting my friend.
  3. fbi_open_up

    yes and Johnny sorry
  4. fbi_open_up

    crossing fingers for you Toesy.
  5. fbi_open_up

    Those stock AMD heat sinks are junk get a better one or a AIO.
  6. fbi_open_up

    I am anal about cable management and try to keep my builds nice and clean.
  7. fbi_open_up

    its a very nice card will playing any game out there.
  8. fbi_open_up

    GTX 1060 6 GB CARD
  9. fbi_open_up

    Ram ,power supply,case, video card are all brand new
  10. fbi_open_up

    Its not a matter of the video card being compatible with Windows 10 , its the version of Windows 10 that is giving you a hard time. What you need to do is update Windows 10 to at least version 1703 then your video card will be seen and you can install the driver.
  11. fbi_open_up

    spec's for my own pc is in the signature.
  12. i did have a good day off as every day is the same 4th july . did you

    1. fbi_open_up


      nice and quiet the way I like it.

    2. Hogan


      lol me to .

  13. fbi_open_up

    I am selling this Pc I just built 2 days ago, I am asking $800 shipping would be extra or if not that far away I would consider splitting the cost. Intel i7 3820k LGA 2011 Socket 16 Gigs Gskill Quad Channel Memory Intel DX79SR Motherbaord which was Brand New never used 500 GB SSD GTX 1060 GB Video Card 1075 Watt Power Supply Corsair AIO Cpu Cooler CD/DVD Drive Fractal Mid Tower Case
  14. fbi_open_up

    Thanks everyone.
  15. fbi_open_up

    These are the pictures of my wifes car after some scumbag rammed her from behind doing 100 mph the car spun then flipped over at least twice,thank god she was okay just some minor bruising. The women has no insurance and was useing bad plates plus she was pregnant and running threw the woods before they finally found her.
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