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  1. I am confused ,we are making these changes to help discourage "WORLD CLASS,HIGHLY SKILLED PLAYERS" instead of just out right banning them.I see that Everette is back and still out scoring our best players by 40 to 60 deaths,we should not let these type of players determine what changes we make to our servers.Leave the servers alone and just ban the "WORLD CLASS,HIGHLY SKILLED PLAYERS" how much easier could it be.
  2. fbi_open_up

    welcome and enjoy your stay.
  3. fbi_open_up

    I found out my dad stopped eating 4 days before he died, that douchebag brother of mine never bothered to call me so I could get down to Florida to atleast be there with him, when I asked my douchbag brother why he didnt call me he told me he was to busy to call,he had 4 days not 1 call how does someone do that to a family member.
  4. fbi_open_up

    I know I am a pain in the ass with some of my post, but thanks everyone for the kind words.
  5. My Dad just passed away Saturday night he lived in Florida and will be missed, my ahole brother who lives there close to him didnt call me until 1:00pm Sunday and never even called my younger I had to make that call. Plus my Dad fell and broke his hip which I was never even told until my brother mentioned it yesterday, I asked why he didnt tell me about the broke hip he said he didnt have time to tell me everything little thing that happens to my Dad.
  6. did i use the words old bitch or fuck off in my message to Angelz no,but its okay for her to lash out at me thats messed up.
  7. This a reply from Angelz to me. I am going to answer your whiny old bitch man private message you just sent me here. Read every word I type as you obviously did not read any posts regarding this YOUNG mans BAN!!! He was NOT banned for cheats!!! His DEMO proves that!! He was banned because of OLD whiny men with failing eye sight and slower than dirt reflexes (LIKE YOU) who could not handle playing in the same server as him. So you bitched and whined and bitched and whined till you frustrated an admin so much he wrongfully banned him to shut you the fuck up!!! Your lucky I am not a leader here because I would of kicked you out of the clan as soon as I read your post where you openly accused a player (without proof) of hacking in public chat. This is why people like you will never be admins. If you were an admin the servers would be empty because you would ban everyone that killed you!! My closing note is yes I did defend him and I always will defend good CLEAN players. So, FUCK YOU!! Do not communicate with me again!! Better yet YOU are going to be the 4th person I block on this website.
  8. I am not making any drama here its coming from all the whiner haters. The Admins obviously had good reason and I really doubt it was for people complaining and besides I havent said or posted anything in several months about real estaufa.
  9. I sent you a simple message then I get back a personal attack message you eat with that mouth.
  10. I only posted to make people aware he was banned.
  11. That's pretty nice Anglez you send me a message and tell me to fuck off then you block me so I cant respond chicken shit/
  12. We should have a new badge made and called the Glitcher Badge and I would like to nominate our very own XTekk.
  13. fbi_open_up

    congrats Queeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeny
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