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  1. fbi_open_up

    beers has a intravenous need in is arm attached to a keg who we kidding.
  2. fbi_open_up

    it is a great system because I built it.
  3. fbi_open_up

    2 more days
  4. Id like too thank Richard for building this PC for me. Been waiting for some time now....

    It was a honor for a fellow member to do this for me....

    Thank You Richard.....

    Beers..... ill always ask ya...... Can i cut loose...!!!!!!!!

  5. fbi_open_up

    Black Dog 1 reached out to me to build him a new Gaming Computer and here is the results.WWW.PLAISTOWCUSTOMPC.COM Intel i7 9700k, Asus Tuf z390 Board,16GB Gskill Ram 3600mhz,1 TB M.2 NVME, RTX 2070 Super,1075 PWS,Blue Ray Player,Corsair AIO CPU Cooler,Fractal Design Case
  6. fbi_open_up

    sorry to hear about the loss of your dad, I lost mine last year it sucks take care.
  7. fbi_open_up

    I build gaming pc for a living if you want I can build you one and ship it to you. https://plaistowcustompc.com
  8. fbi_open_up

    When it comes to power supply's get more than you think you need for future upgrades, if you are like me and tie wrap all the cables its a pain in that butt to cut them all of again just to upgrade the power supply. When looking at M.2 NVME drives AMD has pci-e 4.0 which is faster for storage drives than 3.0. Intel is suppose to launch pci-e 4.0 next year to compete with AMD. AMD has made great strides to improve gaming on a single core which Intel had bragging rights up till now. Make sure the chip and board you get can work without a bios update, or you will need to updat
  9. fbi_open_up

    I just upgraded my Gaming Pc to the 10th Gen i7 10700k with a MSI Z490 Gaming Plus Motherboard with a Inland Platinum 2 TB M.2 NVME Drive, plus a new Bykski cpu water block with temp lcd.
  10. fbi_open_up

    I enjoyed playing and talking with him he will be missed by all RIP my friend.
  11. Thanks for letting me know.

  12. I will miss derxos , he was great to play with and will be missed.

    1. EastCoast50


      Truly a good player and fun to chat with.

  13. fbi_open_up

  14. fbi_open_up

    2017 13 inch MacBook Pro Fresh Copy of Catalina OS i5 cpu @ 2.33 8 Ram 128 gb Drive comes with charger and 90 day warranty its is in great shape and screen has no scratches at all. I replaced the touch pad because there was a little spill that affected it but once replaced works great. Asking $550 Free Shipping Lower 48.
  15. fbi_open_up

    why would you complain about something you didnt buy.



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