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  1. We should have a new badge made and called the Glitcher Badge and I would like to nominate our very own XTekk.
  2. fbi_open_up

    congrats Queeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeny
  3. fbi_open_up

    I have been build computers for several years and keeping the wire management neat is kind anal with me, easy on the jokes. The picture below is the one I use at work and gaming its currently on craigslist for $3000. The specs are in my signature.
  4. fbi_open_up

    I am selling 2 gaming computers that I recently built to sell in my shop, I will help with any warranty issue's that my come up with any new parts. I have a heatware account which will show you feedback on previous sales https://www.heatware.com/u/66896/to. Red Case ASKING $1200 + $75.00 FOR SHIPPING TO LOWER 48. GREY CASE WITH GREEN LED'S ASKING $1400 + $75.00 SHIPPING LOWER 48 AMD 2600 6 CORE CHIP INTEL i7 8700K CHIP MSI B350 TOMAHAWK MOTHERBOARD ASUS Z390 TUF GAMING MOTHERBOARD 16 GIGS RAM 16 GIGS DDR4 RAM AMD RX570 8 GIG VIDEO CARD EVGA GTX 1060 6 GIG VIDEO CARD EVGA 600 WATT POWER SUPPLY SEASONIC 850 WATT POWER SUPPLY SAMSUNG 860 EVO 1 TERABYTE SSD SAMSUNG 870 500 GIG M.2 NVME HARD DRIVE 5 120MM CASE FANS 5 120MM CASE FANS COOLER MASTER G100M RGB CPU HEATSINK COOLER MASTER G100M RGB CPU HEATSINK
  5. never trust a guy who eats a spinich and white cream sauce pizza.
  6. so its okay for you to tell a XI member to shut the fuck up really.

  7. okay so Estufa, just said he has been banned from 99% of cod 5 servers , but yet people just dont get it whywhywhywhywhywhwy/
  8. Harry, I respect you as a admin ,but other admins have told me to just shut up and keep my opinions to myself which is also not a way an XI member should treated.

  9. proof is in the scores Harry, when everette score 73 kills and the 2nd place guy only has 32 kills you really don't think there is a problem, guess its just me. Markoffxi hit the nail on the head keep XI members happy which are the ones that donate to keeping the server running not the "HIGHLY SKILLED PLAYERS" I dont understand how you can watch these "HIGHLY SKILLED PLAYERS" and their ridiculous scores and not even give it a second thought, but then again it must just be me.
  10. fbi_open_up

    are you my daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaady
  11. Funky and Angelz you two have a lot to say for people that don't even play on that server if you notice most of the guys that are complaining about these "HIGHLY SKILLED PLAYERS" actually play on the server and see first hand the so called skill level. If you want make comments maybe you should play in the server and see what people are talking about instead of defending these "HIGHLY SKILLED PLAYERS",the admins in that server are a joke they just turn a blind eye and tell you to shut up if you complain.
  12. I was looking to enable RTX in Battlefield 5 ,but noticed a setting was missing form the video options turns out you need to have Windows 10 1809 version then the enable RTX shows up. The 1809 update can be downloaded from Microsoft.