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  1. CplMOFO

    Welcome to the clan m8!
  2. Is this a Steam or Origin thing,or will we have to install another shyte game managing interface/DL app? OK BATTLE.com. Do we have a survey (or we may want to canvas clan member) to see if a lot of XI members are planning to get this? I personally really like what I see, but if servers aren't dedicated, then no official clan server for this thing... Also, if its a multiplatform game, well is it good or terribad from a cheaters perspective? I can see that a lot of dudes (or salty teens) will comment of my mom's sexual prowesses, but it doesn't take a crystal ball to foresee that one....
  3. CplMOFO

    Hi, As I was living under a rock, I bought Dying light when it was on sale for cheap on Steam. Best zombie game I ever played. The second is coming out in 2020. I will buy. If you are interested in watching the trailer, here it is! https://youtu.be/N1_7wjuzqwI Can somebody tell me how to post this link as a clickable youtube link in this post?
  4. CplMOFO

    Again, wow. In Canada, we are getting seriously price-gouged for internet services. I'm moving in a month, so I will change ISP. I'll be getting 100mbps down, 30 up, no DL cap. I could get more for not much more, like 400 down, but hey it won't increase my scores in games...that would be good for watching P, but I'm trying to quit lol. With a mid-range cellphone, and HDTV, I'll be paying $180 a month.
  5. CplMOFO

    Nice doggy. I'm allergic to dogs, so can't have them. Nevertheless, they seem to make great companions to whom has them.
  6. CplMOFO

    Wow, Can you guys list the cost per month for the internet service at those speeds?
  7. CplMOFO

    Happy birthday folks!
  8. Hi, Its Saturday night, June 1st, the server is dead according to Gametracker. I figured it out when I couldn't find it in the BF4 server browser....anybody knows what is going on? UPDATE: its fixed
  9. CplMOFO

    I have to say that the old Rambo movies have a special place in my heart...ok its not realistic but it was good entertainment. It was before we get flooded with those Marvel comic-type movies. But milking it is milking it. The Star wars universe now focuses much on stuff like love stories and funny robots/critters to catter to the young crowd.... Like the Alien movies franchise...1,2,3 were good, 4 was so so, then you have Aliens Vs Predator stuff, Prometheus is also revolving around the alien universe. Nowadays, there isn't a hole lot of great coming out of Hollywood. TV shows are pretty good nowadays.
  10. Hunter, You need to invest in a blunderbuss...
  11. wow! At the other end of the spectrum, I bought a 1954 Polish-made Tokarev TT-33 (7.62x25mm). Tried it with 1945 Russian surplus ammo. Talk about the worse ever case of spray and pray...might as well run a 90 degree barrel...hopefully its the ammo that has uneven charge-per-round.... Any pics of the crossbow?
  12. CplMOFO

    Wow Angelz, this is nice! I agree the mofo piece might be a little troublesome or not PC. Thanks again! BTW, I like the words you chose in your own Signature, its awesome!
  13. CplMOFO

    Woody, I played with these a little bit....Front and rear differential locks, plus transfer case lock...this turns into a tractor basically! The issues we have is that the snorkel is meant for "dust control" for the engine, its not a vehicle meant to ford rivers...owners manual calls for fording height up to center of wheel hubs ?...ask me how we figured it out!
  14. CplMOFO

    Nice! Ford TOUGH. My Ford is more of a highway queen with the occasional towing of my oldie travel trailer and canoe for fishing...
  15. CplMOFO

    Your PSU will last forever. We know that PSU start tanking as they age, but you got more than enough room to keep this PSU for a long time and it should survive to your next upgrades too...a good foundation makes for a solid build! What are you running for GFX?
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