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  1. CplMOFO

    Nice video. Intel has created a captive market.....until the arrival of Ryzen 7/Threadripper. My i7 4770K is still going strong and along the GTX1070. At least for my applications. My last AMD CPU was the great A64 3400+ Clawhammer. I did look the other way since. But its nice tha AMD is getting back in the business of being a threat to Intel. As for computational capability of GFX cards nowadays, I don't use any of it....my GTX1070 hasnt dropped in retail price since launch....at least in Canada...I'm concerned.
  2. CplMOFO

    I remember playing with the router settings and forcing a disconnect at 10h00PM, to ensure the daughter (13-14 at the time) would grab some sleep instead of using her tablet to get in conversations with adults and being blackmailed into sending picks...lol. The daughter would freak out (rage and screams, froth to her lips) and do the bacon dance EVERY night at 10PM lol. I would really like her to do the bacon dance, although I was doing it for the right reasons...safety...still the kid got blackmailed and did send pics regardless to someone overseas.... Right now, cellphones+energy drinks are somewhat ruining the sleep of many kids that then don't want to wake up in the morning to go to school and are dropping out. My kid is now 19 and she is flipping burger during the graveyard shift...she did go back to adult school to complete and get her high school diploma...but she was getting high marks back in the day...darn energy drinks and social media.... I always refused to pay for those drinks...she would do the bacon dance at the grocery store too, but the cashiers would display a little smile...everybody knows those drinks are a health hazard if taken regularly. My 2 cents.
  3. CplMOFO

    Thanks again all! There is no better place for a gamer on the long haul than a clan like XI. You realize it even more when you have left....
  4. CplMOFO

    Yes, the sig was made for me, some time ago! I joined in October 2010 originally. I back tracked my post until the beginning and no its gone...
  5. Hi, I was re-integrated in the clan today and I'm really glad. I'm wondering if my old sig still exists somewhere?
  6. CplMOFO

    Many Thanks! Nice to be back in the family and special thanks for all that voted. Now I have to figure out how to re-flip my Origin profile to CplMOFO, due to my Origin account that was hacked into somewhere in 2009...
  7. CplMOFO

    This is a great attempt and reviving the interest in this sweet game!
  8. CplMOFO

    Yes, She is doing pretty good! Got the Diamond Jubilee medal (Canuck version) and I wish the lady can keep going healthy for a while..platinum medal next?
  9. CplMOFO

    Its the first time in my PC ownership history, where I do not feel the need for an upgrade from my 4770K/GTX1070 combo.....of course I don't play in higher rez than 1920 x 1200 which helps....but thee is something sexy about SLI setups...
  10. CplMOFO

    I also collect knives, although not a seriously as others. As a kid I had many "gas station specials", nothing worth keeping besides a Buck folder that as the only decent one. But recently, I started getting interested in blade steel and stuff. Of course I stumbled on some Cold Steel videos and reviews. I love the large folders. Here are the three knives I recently bought: Top: Cold Steel Voyage XL with 5.5 inches Tanto blade in AUS 10a Japanese steel ($79 CDN) Mid: Cold Steel Voyager 'Large" with 4 inches Clip point blade in AUS 10a. ($65 CDN) Bottom: Ontario Knife Company (OKC) Rat II in D2 Tool steel. ($60 CDN) Not very expensive knives when bough on sale, but not cheap either. The OKC is an EDC blade. The big Tanto is a bragging right-type knife...I wonder if those may increase in value over a long period. The CS Voyager Large is very comfortable and grippy. I recommend that size. For people that can go beyond the Cold Steel crazy videos and appreciate the stuff for what it is, the TRI-AD lock is definitively a winner... the XL can stand over 450 pounds of weight on the handle without coming undone...so its fairly strong!
  11. CplMOFO

    Damn. A bitcoin mining operation lol.
  12. CplMOFO

    I have yet to find the need to replace my I7-4770K @4.0GHz, but I agree that those Ryzens are looking very good!
  13. CplMOFO

    I totally missed HALO, as I was a Playstation dude, basically all for Gran Turismo. Seems like I missed a lot.
  14. CplMOFO

    Unchileno, aka my XI grand daddy back in the day! Chili, even under a rock, the darn black hole was evident a long time ago you fux... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Black_Hole Seriously, it was a good movie at the time!
  15. CplMOFO

    I'm NOT the FRENCHI, but a French-Canadian man . Enough with the bread-only affair..where is my Terrine of duck foie that I fancy?