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  1. CplMOFO

    Indeed. Awesome that no one got killed. I spent some time in Saint-John, spent a summer building houses for Habitat for Humanity, even bought a car there when I was stationed in Gagtown...i sympathize with you guys!
  2. CplMOFO

    Alright, I managed to play a few maps. Graphics are good, although not as good as BF4...its close, but its not equal. Right now, its easy to get spawn killed or having enemies managing to flank you. Run & gun is not what you want to do. And I'm an idiotic runner...so I die a lot and pop a blood vessel... FPS is not too bad, but with my 1070 I get around 60 FPS . Its hard to see the enemy, as some of the gameplay happens in darker areas. I don't know if there is some NVG/INRV/thermal vision or scopes in this, I sure hope so.
  3. CplMOFO

    I would say, buy a mouse, keep the box and the receipt, register the darn thing with the manufacturer, and get those RMA'd. Usually Logitech is good with this, if you got all your ducks in a row. I own a Corsair M65 Sniper mouse and I start to get double-click on the thumb button I use for "jump" in FPS games....And guess what...I'm an idiot, cause I didnt keep the box and the receipt.....?
  4. CplMOFO

    Barron 3000, Ok, I'll try it again. Hopefully it works, cause Steam is bullying meeee.....so i hope i wont need to refund this shyz. I feel idiotic.
  5. CplMOFO

    Irving plant in St-John?
  6. Its not the caliber that counts, its the "placement" and how you employ the "weapon" lol
  7. CplMOFO

    The RCMP made the BX-25s prohibited devices overnight in Canada. Happened sometimes last year, due to a technicality, as the Ruger "charger" pistol can take the BX-25. As all pistols mags in Canada have to hold a max of 10 rounds (like California I believe), then booom PROHIB.... As for 10/22 stocks, what do you think of this: https://www.magpul.com/products/hunter-x-22-stock-ruger-10-22
  8. CplMOFO

    TSW, Ill get in TS and try to get some BF4 going in the weekend. When I look, I see the server empty.
  9. CplMOFO

    The weapons customization screens seem very interesting and the armor plates/helmets bring a new dimension for sure. I got my Steam refund, but will buy again once issues are cleared out. MOFO
  10. CplMOFO

    Nice! Especially the .45 piece! I'm not too familiar with required calibers for hunting Hogs. I thought you had a .300 Blackout or something. What is that .45 of yours? 1911? The wife bought me a 9mm for my birthday and now a .22LF Browning Buckmark for x-mas....!? I got myself an AR "stripped lower" receiver a few months back and will work on an AR project in .223/5.56. Those are restricted in Canada, so I won't be able to hunt with it...just a range gun I guess...sad.
  11. CplMOFO

    As I'm still an idiot and had 60 minutes of combined load times waits and crashes, I asked for a refund via Steam. I will wait a few days to see how they address the issues. Big Bad Steam team is telling me that I asked for too many refunds lately (all crashes)...lol https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2018/10/22/devs-apologise-for-kicking-world-war-3-off-to-a-disastrous-start/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+rockpapershotgun%2Fsteam+(Rock%2C+Paper%2C+Shotgun%3A+Steam+RSS) They should at least being aware. This game looks very promising and I'm just waiting a couple more days.....
  12. CplMOFO

    I'm in definite need for a new go-to game. I will grab some popcorn and wait it out a little.
  13. CplMOFO

    Which caliber is that AR?
  14. CplMOFO

    Cool TS. Didnt managed to get in game yet. Its based off Unreal4 game engine, so you are right gfx cant be as cool as the latest BF. Its also possible that level of details increase in the long run....
  15. CplMOFO

    So what is your verdict after 3 hours?As you are from the Netherlands, you played on EU servers. Maybe other regions are not as good? Being a game from an European studio, I wonder if North American servers will be good and plenty....