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  1. CplMOFO

    This is what the PSU runs: Power Specifications Rail 3.3V 5V 12V 5VSB -12V Max. Power Amps 25 25 70.8 3 0.8 Watts 150 850 15 9.6 Total Max. Power (W) 850 So 71a on the 12v rail. And yes my old computers were running COD fine...I'm just an enthusiast I guess.
  2. CplMOFO

    Take care M8! Wish you the best and yes, do what makes you feel good about yourself.
  3. CplMOFO

    Yes, can't wait. BF4 is 71 GB total with the expansions...if I download that on the WIFI, I'll get caught...they make us sign a disclaimer....I'm assuming that all I do is checked....but its free wifi and fairly good at 30 Up and 15 down...
  4. CplMOFO

    Nice! So the white knight is your rig, but that ROG is for a customer, or a secondary rig? I see you got a 3080, it is what I wanted to get...i didn't jump on the bandwagon in time when they came out, I thought that all this shit (delays, scarcity, scalping) was not possible... I was curious about the Ryzen 5000's but they are in very short supply...I'm more of an Intel guy in all cases.
  5. CplMOFO

    that 690 is a dual-GPU card, aka SLI on a stick...glad you found a cure. I would have said download an old driver from that era, it could have been helping. Very nice old performance card, those are complex, i would try to read on specifics, its not a very common card.
  6. CplMOFO

    Lol, Idiots have no boundaries. I'm usually cheap too, but I got a one-time fun money opportunity that I took before wifey started to convince me I don't need a new rig lol. I have spent 7 months of 2020 in the high arctic with no internet gaming capability whatsoever, and that hit me with revenge. It was timely. This new tower doesn't help my scores, but my love for gaming made me appreciate hardware, and I game to use the computer, so full circle. To be honest now, I believe that my newer 1440P 32 inch monitor helped me a little with my scores, must be that my eyes need a check!
  7. CplMOFO

    Hey there, I was itching to replace my old faithful Intel i7 4770K OC'd t0 4.0GHz (mild), 16GB of DDR3 1600mhz and GTX1070. It has not been passed on to my wife. I finally managed to find an Asus RTX 3070 Tuf OC in a local shop on the West coast. If you follow the hardware scene, you know that its been super hard to find the Nvidia RTX 3000-series cards since launch. Scalpers have jumped on them, re-selling on E-bay for twice the card's worth. And/or miners cut deals with manufacturers to buy bulk and availability for the gamers have been very problematic. Because shops dont want to say no and want to keep customers happy, they dont want to sell all their cards to crypto miners, they want to sell to peeps that order other parts from them, aka a pre-built. I like to build my own, but this time, its was a little bit different. This is what i got, had good prices for what it is. I splurged too much on the motherboard, but its both a beauty and a beast. Beautiful beast lol. I probably won't push it to its limits right now, but its got room for overclocking in the future. 10700K, closed-loop 240mm Lian Li water cooler, 32 GB of Kingston Fury 3200mhz CL16, RTX 3070, MSI Z490 ACE motherboard, coolermaster H500 case with a good Corsair RM850x power supply. SSD is a 1TB Samsung 970 EVO PLUS NVME drive. Can't complain! There is always something new around the corner (aka z590 and Intel 11th gen, or ryzen 5000 (unavailable)), so yes I could have waited for something new, but with covid, its hard to find parts at launch without being price-gouged or suffer from early adopter fallouts. The picture doesn't look too nice, and the protective film on the case window is still on. I will remove it once I move into my new home. Your thoughts?
  8. CplMOFO

    Lol, I could complain and say that the room is darn shitty lol. Glass half-full theory. Wifey was not amused when she seen the CC charge for the new computer tho..that was the trouble part!
  9. CplMOFO

    Hi all, I'm in the process of moving all my stuff from Eastern Canada to the West Coast, for work purposes. Beautiful British Columbia (Canada), here I am! Playing off my old laptop right now and living in a small yet comfy room (all my furniture and my spouse will come my way once I secure a permanent residence). I managed to find an ASUS RTX 3070 to complete my new build and I should be back in the game in a few months, once I'm in my own things again. Wishes all the best! CplMOFO
  10. CplMOFO

    Can you guys add me please? CPLMOFO #1639 Super awesome game, great follow up to the original MW...HC mode, nice FFA...great game Cheers!
  11. Hi all, Just got back from a 6 months deployment up in the Arctic and here I am back online. I'll be in the BF4 server tonight, as per regular Saturday night BF4 schedule on TSW8.5 server. See ya all!
  12. CplMOFO

    HI Dirk you noobtuber! How is the covid situation in winterpeg?
  13. CplMOFO

    Hi all, I'm usually active on TSW8.5 BF4 server. I'm currently away from home and I'm at the half-way mark. Three months to go. The internet access is poor and good for chat only. I can play games locally in offline mode only. I'm missing my family, my home computer and access to fast internet to game online. With work, we can play on a 8 x computer LAN setup, so enjoying Counterstrike and old -school UT 2004 and Quake 4 MP. Like the Terminator used to say, I'll be back...close to X-mas.....I'm eyeing the new RTX 3000-series cards that were announced at the beggining of this month, and maybe I'll be lucky and convince the old lady that I NEED an RTX 3080....wish me luck! Back to the world in December timeframe... Thank you idiots for reading! CplMOFO >XI<
  14. CplMOFO

    Welcome to the clan m8!
  15. Is this a Steam or Origin thing,or will we have to install another shyte game managing interface/DL app? OK BATTLE.com. Do we have a survey (or we may want to canvas clan member) to see if a lot of XI members are planning to get this? I personally really like what I see, but if servers aren't dedicated, then no official clan server for this thing... Also, if its a multiplatform game, well is it good or terribad from a cheaters perspective? I can see that a lot of dudes (or salty teens) will comment of my mom's sexual prowesses, but it doesn't take a crystal ball to foresee that one....
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