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  1. ballroom could work i got 25 out of it
  2. @dadda2 something still off around mp_4t4dawnville2 it crashed again dunno why and mp_toybox4 music was working earlier but not now
  3. let me test the latest version local first
  4. LOCO

  5. added mp_citi_farm 31 objects with images
  6. those citi maps are on our redirect already and the bo2 maps are there too
  7. bo2 plaza only has 2 objects with images all other objects are custom they would still be able to use but they would have random images
  8. added new map mp_salaambad 41 Objects last object is random image
  9. server crash on mp_kk_arena2 @ 10:50am pst did someone reboot it??????? or was it a actual crash
  10. LOCO

    I dedicate this to all my ex's lol
  11. the toybox map only has 5 objects 2 with image 3 with no image we need something with at least 10 objects
  12. These are the maps that work with the Mod if you can think of any map that you would like to see on the server let me know it has to have plenty of stock objects on the map so the images work in game smaller maps would be better Stock Maps that work with Hide and seek mp_crash mp_creek mp_crossfire mp_backlot mp_bog mp_farm mp_citystreets mp_killhouse mp_overgrown mp_shipment mp_crash_snow mp_pipeline mp_showdown mp_strike mp_vacant mp_bloc mp_broadcast mp_carentan mp_cargoship mp_convoy mp_countdown Custom Maps That work with Hide And Seek mp_tehaleh mp_highrise mp_lab mp_modern_rust mp_4nuketown mp_cellblocks mp_offices_v3 mp_vac_2 mp_wasted mp_kh1 mp_4t4scrap mp_fav mp_backyard mp_cluster
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