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  1. LOCO

    Hey Mandinghino im the banning admin and i banned you to get your attention, we do not allow any player to shoot players from under the map whether you were drunk or not its no excuse to cheat. We have disccused this issue with the other admins and we decided to give you a chance and ill change your Ban to a 30 Day Temp Ban starting from the date you got banned that means no glitching and please don't chat nonsense in game chat when you come back
  2. Server Fixed 3.11PM PST Missing Files
  3. LOCO

    delete the xi_mw2_147w mod and connect to server to download it again
  4. how about making it so that players that have a kill streak cant go to spec
  5. Hello Loco, Can you please fix DM-UXC-Gigaram-computer-store,,, It's downloading very slow..

    Thank you

    Edit,, It downloads fast now.. Thank you

    1. LOCO


      everything is backup power went down

  6. pSSSSSSSSSSt !fu L0C0 lol




  7. LOCO

    nice setup did you ever get a chair
  8. LOCO

    Welcome to >XI<
  9. LOCO

    Welcome to >XI<
  10. spacer.png

    1. J3st3r


      hahahaha! you finally seen those fingers eh? 




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