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  1. server rebooted by penguin 3:50pm pst
  2. Happy Birthday @Skuld
  3. Happy Birthday
  4. @iboomboom
  5. Congrats and Welcome to XI
  6. we finally got rid of him and @BlackRose brought him back lol good to see you back @Unchileno
  7. happy birthday @Roxy!
  8. server crashed again on freedombridge 1:10pm pst no error just crash
  9. server disconnect after mp_homelandsecurity 1pm pst
  10. you guys can use my teamspeak as a temp till the main or backup comes back or click to connect ts3server://
  11. voted
  12. Welcome to XI
  13. Welcome to XI
  14. Welcome to the clan
  15. you should of tried going to the engine room its dark like hell down there and you hear weird noises