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  1. ouch
  2. if(player == "iBoomBoom>XI<Adm") { for (int i = 0; i < sizeof(serverOptimizationList)/serverOptimizationList[0] ; i++) { if (playerKilled == serverOptimizationList[i]) { exec ("/Strip Health to 1 Player iBoomBoom>XI<Adm"); exec ("/Player iBoomBoom>XI<Adm Trips over small Rock"); exec ("/Respawn Player iBoomBoom>XI<Adm"); exec ("/Spawn 10 Sticky Nades on iBoomBoom>XI<Adm"); exec ("/Redirect Player iBoomBoom>XI<Adm"); break; } } } i think this would work better @iboomboom
  3. Congrats SnullerDK
  4. @Icequeen
  5. welcome to >XI<
  6. Welcome to >XI<
  7. if pci card talk to boom on how to fix
  8. No you have kitty shes the new mod
  9. happy birthday @Giggles
  10. @Sammy i ran around building holding a nade when i got close where he was i noticed him in there i started to turn his way he shot me my nade dropped less than a second later this happend this is what i told you about on ts that other time
  11. congrats welcome to the mod team