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  1. yes it is try and report back
  2. R.I.P. USMale
  3. nice dont forget the special mic booster lol
  4. we have two maps that are the same with different names plus 1 with sound issues that we had to push mp_xi_jordan4 sound issues can we replace this one with a old version of it mp_stalingrad2 mp_construction2
  5. does your old harddrive still turn on if it does you can buy a usb adapter to run that harddrive thru usb to copy your old files over i had to do this when my hd messed up
  6. happy birthday Randall
  7. Happy Birthday @bobbarker
  8. Friday the 13th Just Passed You ever notice that July August September October November spell out Jason
  9. i done the browser.tabs.remote.autostart.2 so far it looks like firefox got a bit faster on loading netflix but i will keep an eye on it
  10. congrats