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  1. LOCO

    let me guess duralast replacement ? i changed 2 sensors on our truck which 1 of the new ones was defected returned it got another and it worked try checking the error codes on the vehicle
  2. LOCO

    cool but i cant tell the twins apart lol
  3. server restarted at 3.34am pst thanks dadda
  4. LOCO

  5. LOCO

    they are probaly updating something hopefully tomorrow it will be normal again
  6. LOCO

    click top right theres image of 3 people trying syncing there rub screen down to refresh and if youu go in settings you will see your account email and ts name if you click it theres sync settings
  7. LOCO

    i have it on my android works good i believe on the new one you can add your identity you know the login that saves all your favorties
  8. Pssst !fu Loco  just saying :hrhr:

  9. LOCO

    i added the ladders after i made the video
  10. LOCO

    the tunnels in spawn are for spawn area only doesnt go outside middle wall except the tower to vent exit
  11. LOCO

    Update @J3st3r the vents will be a tunnel exit just trying to decide where it goes to
  12. LOCO

    Happy Birthday
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