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    So I have always liked the battlefield games but am still unsure if I should get 2042. I made the mistake with 4 and getting it right when it came out and it was hot garbage. Now I know that 4 is really good but how long did that take. I have been hearing a lot of negative things and none of my friends that have been enjoying it. So the my question again, should I get it and just bare with it or wait?
  3. wetNreckless

    Thanks guys. I look forward to having a good time
  4. wetNreckless

    Welcome to the forums
  5. wetNreckless

  6. wetNreckless

    Anyone interested in playing some ArmA 3 Exile? I have a server ready to go if anyone is interested. We all can have fun killing each other...lol
  7. wetNreckless

    Cool thanks for the feedback. My buddy and I are about to start this game. I have played all the other fallout games but did do this one when it came out due to all the issues.
  8. wetNreckless

    Anyone on here play Fallout 76? And if they do, what is your opinion of it?
  9. wetNreckless

    Happy Birthday!
  10. wetNreckless

    Happy Birthday!
  11. wetNreckless

    Happy Birthday!
  12. wetNreckless

    Happy Birthday!
  13. wetNreckless

    Happy Birthday!
  14. wetNreckless

    Happy Birthday!
  15. wetNreckless

    Happy Birthday!
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