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  1. GhostfaceJim

    Thanks! Those look great! Did you get the 4k or dual camera? Does the 256 card work fully? By the way the dash cam I have is a Rexing. I do not recommend.
  2. GhostfaceJim

    Presidential Quiz

    • One Right Answer
    • 5 minutes
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    In the short history of the United States of America we have had many Presidents and some have made history and historical quotes during unforgettable speeches and interviews. Please match the quote to the President.
  3. GhostfaceJim

    Bought a dash cam a couple of years back and had nothing but problems. Video was always blurry really bad quality Worked and recorded but wasn't reliable. Didn't seem to always record when needed. Didn't have a shock sensor Didn't support large SD cards Looking for something less than $300 bones
  4. Likes to ban members of his servers because hes in a mood. Avoid playing with this person in general.

  5. GhostfaceJim

    Looks good. I dont have the patience.
  6. GhostfaceJim

    I got a cheaper chair and it broke, so I would recommend something sturdy. 200w.webp Chair.webp
  7. GhostfaceJim

    Columbia River. We went boating there all the time! Apparently Portland is the knife making capital of the US?
  8. GhostfaceJim

    I like it. Get a lot of compliments, but this one is the version 1. I bought it in 2012. Best feature is an adjustment for the gas system so you can eventually add a silencer without making it a big deal.
  9. GhostfaceJim

    Someone had posted about knives a while back and I finally upgraded. Got a Gerber because it is made in Oregon where I am originally from. It is a folding flip that is about 3"
  10. GhostfaceJim

    I went and got a red dot and 3x scope for my Sig. Bought a trigger that should be here next week or so.
  11. GhostfaceJim

    Went to the gun range this last weekend with my pop because he bought a couple of guns and sights. One of the most fun to shoot was this AR type pistol he got! You are not supposed to shoulder this, but - it is super accurate! Shoots 9mm he added a really nice Sig Romeo 5 red dot and a really neat looking flash suppressor.
  12. GhostfaceJim

    Haha! Nice!
  13. GhostfaceJim

    Haha! I had so much sweet! sweet! Loot! and lost it all!
  14. GhostfaceJim

  15. GhostfaceJim

    I ended up buying the most recent DLC.



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