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  1. GhostfaceJim

    Sounds like a plan!
  2. GhostfaceJim

    Well he was definitely not armed.
  3. GhostfaceJim

    Also if you have carpet I would suggest a chair mat. They don't last forever, but work well enough. I've also seen them made of tempered glass for a little more.
  4. GhostfaceJim

    How did it go? Did you get a chair?
  5. GhostfaceJim

    Looks great so far!
  6. GhostfaceJim

    I just looked it up and this seems pretty dishonest. I just checked prices Zinc and Lead prices have gone down in the last 5 years. Copper has gone up slightly in the last 5 years. Everything crashed a year ago so it looks like steep price increases in the last year but it is misleading. I do wonder where all these bullets go though? It can't just be citizens hoarding. Even though I do hoard them.
  7. GhostfaceJim

    Glad you are ok.
  8. GhostfaceJim

    Thanks Duc!
  9. GhostfaceJim

    Happy Birthday!
  10. GhostfaceJim

    Happy Birthday!
  11. GhostfaceJim

    Happy Birthday!
  12. Haha! That is great! He has more musical talent than I have Game talent!
  13. GhostfaceJim

    Quick GhostfaceJim fact! I've actually never picked up a fidget spinner. I have always gone out of my way not to never touch one.
  14. GhostfaceJim

    That sucks. I once went to a Burger King and went to wash my hands and someone had pooped in the sink. I went and ordered and let the cashier know what I saw. I sat down to eat and a little while later some cops showed up and asked to talk to me outside and I told them no. They then accused me of pooping in the sink and I'm like you fucking idiot I'm the one that found it and told the employee and to get away from me. They went off and talked to the people and never came back. I finished up and left and was like If I find poop again in a sink I'm just getting the fuck out of there!



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