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  1. Bamm

    That's a good working ad right there!
  2. Bamm

    I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you
  3. Bamm

    Thank you for the warm welcome everyone! I look forward to shooting you all again now that I'm back
  4. Bamm

    Haha sure, that's exactly what I look like, it's the newest fashion, don't you know
  5. Bamm

    Haha you mean you're gonna keep moaning every time you miss perfect opportunities and shoot my ass instead of knifing it But thank you anyways
  6. Bamm

    Thank you all My name turned green I love to be an official xtreme idiot and part of the family now!
  7. Bamm

    We did use an agency for the hike, discovery world trek. Just to have less to worry about. The rest of the journey we booked on our own
  8. Bamm

    Thank you all! I'll try to post some pics when I get back, although I'm usually not the fastest with picking the good one's Regarding safety, we will have a guide during the hike, so that should help!
  9. Bamm

    You idiots are gonna have to miss me for 6 weeks! Wednesday I'm getting on a plane to Nepal where I will be travelling around with a very good friend We're gonna be hiking the Annapurna circuit there for full two weeks, sleeping in lodges and if everything goes okay we should reach 5400 meters. For reference, that's higher than Everest Basecamp and it's supposed to be prettier as well. It's basically my dream journey and one of the main things on my bucket list. So yeah, I'm very very excited and just wanted to share with y'all
  10. Bamm

    Happy birthday Rox Hope you have a wonderful day!
  11. Bamm

    To be clear, I think it's your total playtime. So not just for the session. I got kicked quite a lot in the beginning, but now I've got enough hours that if I manage to get into the server, others get kicked before me. So basically, keep on playing at one point you will get kicked less. And if you want to get out of the other server before it loads, you can enter /disconnect in the console.
  12. Bamm

    Stormyyyy, happy birthday! Have a good one
  13. Life can be so shitty! You and your family are in my thoughts..
  14. Bamm

    Happy birthday! Have a good one
  15. Bamm

    Happy birthday (Tiger! you little bitch )
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