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  1. Bamm

    You finally made it into the introductions Welcome to the club tiny person
  2. Bamm

    Whoopwhoop study buddies xD It's so freaking difficult though. Although I am amazed how my brain can switch to English nowadays and I barely notice. But I do start noticing as soon as you need to say something sensitive. Like when the exact words you use really matter, when showing your empathy or in an important argument. Oh and with writing papers. I miss variety in my word use
  3. Bamm

    Haha so much for my French Heading back to school now
  4. Bamm

    First of all, about the other study you are linking. It seems like a well designed study (although I didn't check how independent the study is moneywise), but this is trial registration report. So here they are saying what they are GOING to study rather than what the results are. And of course this is a study for another disease instead of covid or instead of general health. So if they would want to study what you are saying you are interested in, they should take people of the general population, give half of them the pills, the other half placebo and check what their general health will do in the upcoming months/years. What's good for someone who is sick, isn't always good for someone who is healthy. For example, many medicine have side effects, so if you don't have that specific illness and would still take them, your health would actually decline of course. Then regarding the rest of your story. First of all, I'm sorry to hear about all of the losses and diseases in your family. I don't wish that on anyone and it is hard to go through. I can also understand how that leads you to searching for all kinds of ways in order to try to prevent any other illnesses. I guess that's a form of trying to gain back control and we all do that in different manners. It's very frightening to feel powerless in the face of illness anyway.
  5. Bamm

    I checked the article for a minute, but it's not a very sound study. It lacks a control group which means you have no clue if the improvements of the patients was due to the hydrogen peroxide or just due to normal recovery. That's why an article should always compare a group with the treatment to without the treatment. They also say so themselves in the discussion: 'The age of the patients at a mean of 39 was relatively young compared to those who experience severe COVID-19, and without a control, it cannot be concluded that the treatment contributed to reducing the duration or severity, considering the natural history of disease.' So this article basically only says that patients don't get worse if you give them hydrogen peroxide. Another study which does use a randomized controlled trial (patients are randomly assigned to either the treatment or control group with a placebo), might say it works or not, but you cannot make any kind of conclusions based on this one.
  6. Bamm

    Yeah I think he means that someone is taking advantage of saying he cheats while he speaks french and can't really defend himself? Not entirely sure, a native translator might be quite helpful in the whole issue
  7. Bamm

    Happy birthday all! Have a good one
  8. Bamm

    I didn't expect anything else from you! You rather risk dying than just shooting someone the normal way and miss a grenade kill Nice one though!
  9. Bamm

    You're gonna keep that leaf in your mouth the whole ride as well?
  10. Bamm

    Really nice! It's no new year if there haven't been any fireworks!
  11. Bamm

    Very pretty!
  12. Bamm

    Happy birthday I hope you have a good one!
  13. Bamm

    Happy birthday everyone Have a great one!
  14. Bamm

    That's so great! Congrats to you following what you love! Also, I'm really glad we'll get to see you around here more often. I need someone by my side to tame these guys!
  15. Bamm

    So sweet Congrats trailr
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