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  1. What monitor do you have? Run your graphics according to your monitor max resolution and max HZ I also run all textures on Extra or as high as they go 3070ti with a 4k 160hz monitor (144hz is max in COD)
  2. Sorry to hear this mate. My wife is near the end of her treatments now and all I can say is stay strong and be there for her when she needs it. The treatments aren't pleasant and the overall experience is very unpleasant, which in turn affects emotions and mental well being. If you need any advice or just someone to talk to then give me a shout. In the meantime my thoughts and positive vibes are with you
  3. i get this occasionally, usually when my microphone jack is playing up. Don't ask how but wiggling it fixes it for me. maybe try turning off voice chat in multiplayer options and see if you can run it then
  4. 2022 was 2 years ago, I thought I should say hi anyway
  5. Hi Tim welcome to the forums
  6. Welcome to the forums See you in the servers
  7. Welcome and congratulations
  8. Welcome to the clan See you in the servers
  9. Welcome to the clan See you in the servers
  10. Welcome back Unarmed. See you in the servers
  11. Done, We all go to the servers to escape from reality whilst maintaining a social environment. XI servers do so much for so many . Myself very much included
  12. Do you have anyone local to you that knows about computers? Or Can you post your error here? Hopefully the XI computer gurus might be able to guide you further
  13. @LilMord was having issues with her computer crashing in game and mentioned it on the server. @PickleRick Kindly offered to access her computer remotely and try to remedy her issues As far as I am aware @LilMords computer is now behaving itself So a BIG thank you from me @PickleRick you are a top man
  14. Thanks for the advice, very much a case of RTFM I've now set it to PC mode and now have 160hz option on the desktop Thanks again
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