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  1. Totty

    Type everything that @J3st3r posted and that will work forever from what I've seen. When in MP Menu you will need to tilde and then /+activate each time before you enter freezetag. All of jester's settings work in on all of the COD4 servers
  2. That is a question that has no answer as far as I know
  3. Play freezetag or sit and watch the propaganda machine,,,,, it's a no brainer, which is why we are Idiots
  4. Totty

    Welcome to the >XI< Forums
  5. Totty

    I've just found this pic on facebook, Me in 2008
  6. Totty

    We aren't, but a lot of sites are
  7. Totty

    Not working?
  8. Totty

    The funeral will be shown live by the BBC on youtube tomorrow, here is the link if interested https://youtu.be/j8xwqi_9GDs Rob I know you aren't interested already, This is for everyone else
  9. I stopped buying COD with WW2, I enjoyed that one but wasn't impressed with the newer ones.. I'm now back to COD4 (ftag) and loving it
  10. Totty

    No I haven't. I tried googling it and got a bit lost. I've stopped playing with configuration for now as my game is stable and I don't want to mess it up
  11. Totty

    They haven't got me anything. Like her or hate her, but come back to me when you've served your country for 70 years . Granted she was on good money, but she did do a great job. I put the link up so that others unable to pay their respects but wanted to, could virtually. That why I've always liked this clan, they are a helpful bunch of individuals
  12. Totty

    The BBC have set up a live stream of the queen's lying in state for those unable to attend and pay their respects in person https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/uk-62902778
  13. Totty

    I've had a successful night, I fitted a new network card nw as well and at the moment gameplay is the best it has ever been. I just need to improve my aim now and I will be sorted
  14. Totty

    I managed to have a quick go at lunchtime and my fps ranged from 150 to 250 depending on locations and whether I was frozen or not
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