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  1. Rotation #13a 22 maps by Sally put in rotation 04/14/22 by Pengy map mp_beltot map mp_broadcast2 map mp_caen map mp_cbble2 map mp_crownfort map mp_fabrika map mp_farm map mp_fav map mp_novoutpost2 map mp_seatown map mp_sbase map mp_bacalao map mp_stalingrad2 map mp_aosta_valley map mp_office2 map mp_prisonblock map mp_blackrock map mp_fart_house_v2 map mp_burgundy_bulls map mp_coldfront map mp_asylum map mp_sand_dogs Server restarted @9:17 p.m. EDT by Pengy Enjoy!
  2. Changed out mp_82ab_space for mp_osg_standoff per request
  3. Rotation #13 25 maps by Sally put in rotation 04/07/22 by Pengy map mp_rundown map mp_remagen map mp_freeb map mp_slums map mp_bridge map mp_82ab_space map mp_southfrance map mp_subway map mp_argel map mp_ctan map mp_dustcod4 map mp_kabul_moh map mp_lake map mp_townville map mp_turnpike map mp_bjwifi_toujane map mp_remontna map mp_tigertown_v2 map mp_destroyed_village map mp_dust3 map mp_jor1 map mp_pic map mp_pow_rld map mp_kufah map mp_cluster Server restarted @ 10:28 p.m. EDT by Pengy Enjoy!
  4. WldPenguin

    Yep, it's up on another server currently
  5. Rotation #66 25 maps by ShadyBrady put in rotation 03/31/22 by Pengy map mp_remontna map mp_meanstreet2 map mp_gb_sharqi map mp_crash3 map mp_naout map mp_carentan map mp_osg_standoff map mp_burgundy_bulls map mp_cgc_crossfire map mp_oldschool map mp_fsd_witp map mp_lake map mp_doowntown map mp_fallen map mp_arkona map mp_area52 map mp_deserttown_v1 map mp_fabrika map mp_farm map mp_bacalao map mp_daybreak map mp_4hanoi map mp_garena map mp_uber map mp_blackrock Server restarted by LOCO Enjoy!
  6. Rotation #12a 20 maps by Sally put in rotation 03/31/22 by Pengy map mp_asylum map mp_beltot map mp_dust2_classic map mp_coldfront map mp_cuf_scifi map mp_offices_v3 map mp_rebellion map mp_siege map mp_seatown map mp_fav map mp_fart_house_v2 map mp_psycho_day map mp_ricochet map mp_caen map mp_crossroads map mp_mohdv4 map mp_flemishtown map mp_tobruk_4 map mp_warehouse_13 map mp_slums Server restarted @ 10:47 p.m. EDT by Pengy Enjoy!
  7. WldPenguin

  8. Thanks to all who showed up last Saturday - it was a great time as usual! We had a couple of first-timers @THE MEEK @PnBear It was awesome to have you join us! Always good to see @WeednFeed @YACCster @SAPPER @blackwidow @El_Terrible @ShadyBrady @Ruggerxi @Timmah! @ANGU5 @baldie @Exe @Magnus_1 @MHsDaughter @Buddy @Phoenix911 @1lkysob @Remmy @Thunder @ScRiPt3r @JoeCamel @Demonio @HotRod55 We had a special appearance by @Syckle - we cannot discuss the details here I did not stay until the end (I heard some were on until 4 a.m.??? lol) so if I've missed anyone, please yourself here A special thanks to @ShadyBrady and @YACCster for the fun games, and as always a huge thank you to @piglo and @YACCster for hosting the Zoom! See y'all next time
  9. I've put several maps just now - please check them out and make any comments here if there are any issues, thanks! map mp_sps_crossroad map mp_sps_el_aiun_new map mp_sps_old_west map mp_sps_rockisland map mp_sps_roman_circus map mp_sps_s_town map mp_sps_the_capitol
  10. That's what she said!
  11. mp_mbdepot removed
  12. Rotation #65 25 maps by ShadyBrady put in rotation 03/26/22 map mp_blue_ramshackle map mp_wallendar_4 map mp_mbdepot map mp_dawnville_rota1 map mp_doomed map mp_mw3_vortex map mp_compact map mp_coldfront map mp_dahar map mp_fav map mp_novoutpost2 map mp_skidrow map mp_lapatrouille map mp_complex map mp_isla_beta1 map mp_counter map mp_outset map mp_gonefishin map mp_efa_market map mp_parking map mp_southfrance map mp_mohaa_dv map mp_bo2overflow map mp_csgo_mirage map mp_argel Server restarted by LOCO Enjoy!
  13. WldPenguin

    I'm not seeing a ban with your GUID. Do you another GUID for your son? Are you able to join other non-XI servers?
  14. Rotation #12 23 maps by Sally put in rotation 03/24/22 by Pengy map mp_al_jabal map mp_aquadukt2 map mp_convoy map mp_4hanoi map mp_athena map mp_caen map mp_cassino map mp_e_streetstation map mp_sc_hangar map mp_selo map mp_toujane_beta map mp_trainstation map mp_urban map mp_vac_2 map mp_beta map mp_moh_sfrance_b1 map mp_4t4scrap map mp_arkona map mp_doomed map mp_hollow map mp_jarak map mp_lobby_fsd map mp_dawnville_rota1 Server restarted @ 9:58 p.m. EDT by Pengy Enjoy!
  15. This is about membership, right from the front page of our website: >XI< Clan Membership is by Admin invite only. If you are a regular player on our servers and are interested in joining >XI< then you will eventually get approached by a server admin. Simple as that really... if you play with us, are fun and fit in you will receive an invite. The posts are a requirement, among other items. There is also a section on our forums for player introductions. That would be good to make a post there also.
  16. WldPenguin

    Today, starting at 4:00 p.m. EDT, our monthly XI Virtual Happy Hour will commence. I hope that many of you will take a few minutes out of your day/evening/night to stop in and say hello! The happy hour is open to everyone - XI members, guests - all games, all continents, all time zones. We always have a great time - lots of laughs, awesome conversations, and fun games. It's a great way to get to know many of your gaming friends in a different light. Alcohol isn't required, but laughing is You can join by pc, tablet, phone - any device. You just need to click on the link provided in the happy hour post. If downloading Zoom is required, your device will let you know. You don't need a web cam, but it's encouraged. And you don't need one if you use your phone. Several people join with just audio, and that's fine too. So, please consider checking out a really fun time later today - you won't be sorry that you did! Hope to see lots and lots of you later
  17. Rotation #64 25 maps by ShadyBrady put in rotation 03/18/22 by Pengy map mp_sab map mp_pic map mp_printery map mp_forlorn map mp_pheasantrun map mp_4nuketown map mp_storm_b map mp_mw2_term map mp_oukhta map mp_kamakura map mp_bog map mp_kabul map mp_roundup_day map mp_4t4scrap map mp_ffctaksim map mp_crossroads map mp_winter_bakaara map mp_powcamp_v2 map mp_highrise map mp_rundown map mp_beta map mp_fr_mgdx4 map mp_ad_spannaville map mp_vac_2 map mp_shantytown_eu Server restarted by LOCO Enjoy!
  18. WldPenguin

    I don't have time to say much right now - I'll tell you after April 15 lol.
  19. Rotation #11 25 stock maps plus others by dadda2 put in rotation 03/17/22 by Pengy map mp_fart_house_v2 map mp_cuf_scifi map mp_ghettostomp map mp_blackrock map mp_broadcast2 map mp_office2 map mp_carentan map mp_creek map mp_a3_day map mp_ratroom_v1 map mp_convoy map mp_countdown map mp_montargis4 map mp_crossfire map mp_oukhta map mp_overgrown map mp_beltot map mp_pipeline map mp_fr_mgdx4 map mp_shipment map mp_showdown map mp_strike map mp_prisonblock map mp_vacant map mp_ncc_1701 Server restarted @ 10:10 p.m EDT by Pengy Enjoy!
  20. WldPenguin

    Have a great time!
  21. Rotation #63 25 maps by ShadyBrady put in rotation 03/11/22 by Pengy map mp_inv map mp_aosta_valley map mp_osg_mirage map mp_mirage_b3 map mp_qmx_matmata map mp_bloc map mp_psycho_day map mp_xi_jordan map mp_bo2drone map mp_doowntown map mp_rasalem map mp_crash map mp_4t4hangar map mp_disputed map mp_uprise map mp_atp map mp_broadcast2 map mp_asylum map mp_kufah map mp_kk_arena2 map mp_vil_blops map mp_vukovar map mp_agx_bahnhof map mp_blue_hostilities map mp_hangareturn Server restarted @ 6:41 a.m. EST by Pengy Enjoy!
  22. Rotation #10a 20 well-liked maps plus 2 additional maps put in rotation 03/10/22 by Pengy map mp_forlorn map mp_oukhta map mp_pow_rld map mp_fr_mgdx4 map mp_incursion map mp_tempest map mp_trainstation map mp_dust2_classic map mp_hillside map mp_warehouse_13 map mp_hhk_sandman map mp_moh_sfrance_b1 map mp_prison_block map mp_sc_hangar map mp_goodtimes map mp_4t4scrap map mp_ccinn_dawnb1 map mp_compact map mp_crownfortv2 map mp_cassino map mp_blue_wild_west map mp_waw_farmhouse Server restarted @ 9:13 p.m. EST by Pengy Enjoy!
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