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  1. No problems here Kapn! Better clean my system, just in case!!
  2. Hey Canadians! Wake up!! Many have, like a LOT of truckers! Let's see what happens next weekend! So a year later, the UK drops all mandates?! Hmmmm?! https://bestnewshere.com/tanks-on-the-streets-of-ottawa-truckers-message-to-trudeau-resign-and-remove-all-mandates/
  3. Rather ironic the state of Washington would be first to propose commy rules! Are you awake yet?! https://www.tiktok.com/music/original-sound-7050595510754757422
  4. MrTruth! Watch if you want, or not! https://rumble.com/vs511o-president-trump-vs-big-pharma-ft.-cliff-highx22andweknowpatel-patriot-a-mrt.html
  5. LtLaszlo

    Didn't see this thread at first, but kind of glad, since a short wait for a good answer! Happy New Year Rugger!
  6. LtLaszlo

    Each of these threads is a topic. Don't want to hear about the topic, don't click. It's quite simple actually. Adults here, right? Some may want to discuss it. Others disregard it, but feel the need to put their two cents in and get all defensive. Just saying.
  7. Of course they claimed misinformation, like many indoctrination schools. You trust Wikpedia? Really? And he doesn't even get into the graphine. Andreas Noack murdered the day after he released truth. Go to the 'mandates' thread and look for like the twenty some doctors and scientists I listed on the subject. Drs. MucCulloch, Malone, Carrie Madej, Tenpenny, etc. search Rumble or Bitchute, since YouTube censors. All have similar warnings. I'm not here to shame, only share warnings! For a 99 plus chance of surviving whatever this thing is. Really? They can't even isolate it!
  8. My Christmas gift for those of you on the fence! Another PSA, from another doctor who knows, not an Idiot! https://rumble.com/vrc473-the-vaccines-are-killing-people-dr.-bhakdi-explains-the-clear-and-alarming-.html For the rest, better pray he's wrong!
  9. So dumbass, I explained in my first post, "75% may be true", yet you want to say I need a brain because you assume I believe ALL of it. You'll need some brain cells when the spike proteins get though you brain barrier. Or maybe the heart attack is first. Enjoy rule under China, since you're half way there, thanks to paid off politicians. You're going to regret giving up those guns. Or maybe the U.S. saves your asses! I refrained earlier out of respect (sorry Pete), but you sound like someone who will call the police on your neighbor for not being vaxxed!
  10. I love to drop a bomb in here now and again. I've never said I believe it all, just throw it out there. As said earlier, "good debates". The big libs really go on the offensive, especially if on the East or West coast! 2022 will be wonerful, so y'all have a good, good-bye to 2021 and a Happy New Year!
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