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    These guys have a fairly new one that's pretty good!
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    Good luck Sammy!
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    Happy Birthday Idiots!!
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    Congrats TSW!!
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    Happy Birthday, Sparty! Sparty on!
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    Sounds about right, isn't it?! LOL
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    Happy Birthday, you Idiots!
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    Happy Birthday Idiots!!
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    Happy Birthday!!
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    Happy Birthday!! Have a good one!
  11. Aha! Well after five days of avoiding the spoilers (since I was in Germany - found you can't get HBO GO), I guessed it - Bran would be king! Some things I didn't expect, some yes! Overall, I great series though! Melting the iron throne was a great scene, start of a new era!
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    Happy Birthday!!
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    Happy Birthday Idiots!! Hope you had a good one!
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    Happy Birthday!!
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