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  1. LtLaszlo

    Happy Birthday, Papa!!
  2. LtLaszlo

    Happy Birthday guys!!
  3. Was riding some of the many miles of trails we have in Michigan! Fall color tour. Will be full of snowmobiles soon!!
  4. LtLaszlo

    Happy Birthday!
  5. Thanks Pain! Appreciate the work you put in to make COD2 remain a great game. Sorry I missed this past weekend (I’m sure y’all missed me as well)!
  6. LtLaszlo

    Lol! I’ll need to remember that one!!
  7. LtLaszlo

    Happy a Birthday Idiots!
  8. LtLaszlo

    FU Chile!
  9. LtLaszlo

    Happy Birthday Fruitopic!
  10. LtLaszlo

    Way to represent DM2 team! Nice job (almost) sweeping team 1st there Merlin!! Looks like a good time was had!!
  11. LtLaszlo

    Happy Birthday Idiots!!
  12. LtLaszlo

    Happy Birthday Idiots!
  13. LtLaszlo

    Glad to hear your great news!!
  14. LtLaszlo

    I get some basic stats, but not detailed like you mention. None against other players, but then only a few appearing in the COD2 stats. Only numbers, no names unless you click on the number, one at a time. But COD5 does give names, partially in those stats. I'm missing something. I do get Google maps can't display correctly, but seems unrelated problem.
  15. LtLaszlo

    Welcome back Idiot!
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