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  1. Happy Birthday Thumpr!!
  2. Loved that show also Athena! Yeeehaw! LOL! Greedy Boss Hogg! And of course, fellow Michigander Kid Rock rocks (and country)! He has a restaurant in the new Hockey & Basketball arena, Little Ceasars Arena in Detroit. You've probably seen the "Made in Detroit" logo. Local rock station was there under this cool "shelf" flag in his restaurant, along with an awesome guitar display! Little Ceasars was started by Pizza Tycoon Mike Illitch, God rest his soul. Was also owner of both the Detroit Tigers team AND Red Wings hockey team.
  3. Have a great trip Rugger and a Merry Christmas!
  4. I'll be there! Always a good time while remembering those we've lost!
  5. Fake news again!
  6. Congrats Painkiller (but you'll always be DW to me)!
  7. Happy Birthday, Dadda!
  8. Happy Birthday, Hoth!!
  9. LMAOI! GG, you dirty mind (tho I thought it too)!!
  10. Welcome to XI!!
  11. Welcome to XI Cajun!
  12. A 15 fucking ping doesn’t hurt neither, lucky bastard! Congrats and welcome Nacho!
  13. I'm just not sure!
  14. Missed it yesterday TSW, so Happy Birthhday! Glad it was a good one!
  15. Happy Birthday Angus!!