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  1. AH, same here Queen. Now the picture shows up! And, worse, I've seen trhis before and should have known, LOL. I'm a brunette in a blonde's body!! Or is it a blonde in a brunette's body?!
  2. I'm missing something here and I'm not blonde (just an Idiot)!
  3. I recall this very well, Bart, since it is near to where some of my family live in Michigan. Unfortunately, like Detroit and Flint, Jackson has it's share of low-lifes and too often innocent people are caught up in such violence. While very sad, I'm sure it's good to have some closure and may the POSs rot in prison, then in Hell! Maybe Franny can now RIP.
  4. Happy Birthday, Harry!
  5. CNN = Clinton News Network. I hope this is not the only news about the US seen overseas!!
  6. Happy Birthday, BDS! You deserve better than Harry got you!! How about some nice cheeks with your cake!
  7. Good to hear, Pman! Life seems to throw these things at us soon or later. Too bad life cost soo much!!
  8. Very nice! Love them classics!
  9. And going way back:
  10. RIP Tom!
  11. Is that another country's version of Polka?!