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  1. LtLaszlo

    Happy Birthday, Idiots!
  2. LtLaszlo

    Mine crashed once, but went in the second time, then ok. Hmmm? Strange some can and some not.
  3. LtLaszlo

    Thanks for your efforts Pain! We appreciate it!
  4. LtLaszlo

    Happy Birthday, Bakke!
  5. Hello Skyler!

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      Hello László! :)

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    Happy Birthday Crusher!
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    Happy Birthday guys!
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    Happy Birthday Shadow!!
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    Happy Birthday Spin!!
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    And for knowing how to spell!! LOL!
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    Happy Birthday, Beer!
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    Happy Birthday, Hefe!!
  13. LtLaszlo

    Have the Firestick, so have Amazon Prime and Netflix on that. Had Kodi for a while, but seemed more problems. After improving wireless with a good router, a Netgear 5G or 2.4G, got a better app for tv and movies called Terrarium. Using on Stick and my tablet. Works well! YouTube has instructions to install.
  14. LtLaszlo

    Already an Idiot! Welcome to the site and forums!