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  1. Happy Birthday, Nutz!!?
  2. Oldie, but goodie!! LOL!
  3. You know what they say, “Better to have it and not need it, then to need and not have it!”.
  4. Happy Birthday, BART!!
  5. Welcome back P-man! Glad to hear, like BDS says more targets!! LOL! Get in TDM with the weekend morning gang, too!
  6. Welcome to XI!
  7. Welcome ‘redsox’, (spelled incorrectly)!!
  8. Nice work Merlin! Played it once so far, minefields in battle area as opposed to perimeter was cool. Looking forward to more rounds!
  9. May God be with her and your family through a difficult time! I know several people, including my wife (last year), who have beaten it, so can she!!
  10. At least it wasn’t at the “backdoor”, poor kid!
  11. Been a good playoffs this year and finals great two games! Vegas fans haven’t paid their dues, so go Caps! Ovechkin deserves a cup!