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  1. LtLaszlo

    Philip Schneider was a US government geologist and engineer, who was involved in the construction of Deep Undeground Military Bases, known as DUMBS. He was assassinated by a US intelligence agency for disclosing the truth about the US government cover-up of UFOs and aliens. Many different topics are included in this book, including the Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Project. This was the most secretive project ever undertaken by man. Al Bielek was one of the scientists involved in the mind control program. Dr Stewart Swerdlow is the last living survivor of the project. Phil Schneider
  2. LtLaszlo

    So, think what you will, but there is more to this than a joke! Have a listen to someone who died (claimed suicide, but he apparently beat himself to death) fighting to get the truth out. He was fighting what we are fighting right now, whether you believe it or not, the New World Order! Personally, I'm NOT signing up for it either!
  3. LtLaszlo

    Yes, I was keeping it to the one topic! LOL But go to his home page and you can get many more! Have fun! Some CRAZY stuff out there!
  4. LtLaszlo

    OK, so I'll keep the election fraud and Covid/Vax shit off here, but how about aliens?! Warning for those with week stomachs, as there is some disturbing shit! But what do you brave souls think about this? We've all heard about Area 51, but this is WAY beyond that! https://www.theorionlines.com/
  5. LtLaszlo

    Welcome yoshi!
  6. LtLaszlo

    I'm with you hammer. Too !any others saying the same, and they're doctors and scientists, not politicians and media. So to willingly Jab for something hugely overblown is ridiculous! Why are they pushing SO hard? Did you see in Sweden, they voluntarily microchip themselves? Really?! I hope their wrong, but I fear for many friends and family right now who got vax!
  7. LtLaszlo

    Happy Birthday, guys!
  8. LtLaszlo

    I'll not be getting the "Experimental Gene Therapy" , thank you. If you got vax, you don't need to worry about me, right?! Or what's the point of risk for a virus with a 99.9% chance over recovery? With theraputics, like HCQ & Ivermectine, I'll take my chances. Never had a vaccine my entire adult life and I'm 62! My body, my choice! nojabforme.info
  9. LtLaszlo

    Happy Birthday Idiots!
  10. LtLaszlo

    Happy Birthday!
  11. LtLaszlo

    Happy Birthday!
  12. LtLaszlo

    Some people are just idiots!
  13. LtLaszlo

    Wow! Bet she got a few bruises getting to that level!!
  14. LtLaszlo

    You also Bart, as well as our entire XI family and friends!
  15. LtLaszlo

    Well it WAS looking like no snow for Christmas, but woke up to this! Kids will love it!



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