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  1. LtLaszlo

    Happy Birthday Ape!!
  2. LtLaszlo

    Happy Birthday guys! @dipsy xi, you mudder Fukker!
  3. LtLaszlo

    Very nice, Lisa James!!
  4. LtLaszlo

    Trying again?! LOL! Welcome back McGrim!
  5. LtLaszlo

    Happy Birthday guys!!
  6. LtLaszlo

    Congrats all! What a team!!
  7. LtLaszlo

    Congrats GG! Now get to work!! Haha!
  8. LtLaszlo

    Wow, lots of B-days today! Happy Birthday, y’all!!
  9. LtLaszlo

    Happy Birthday Vincent!
  10. LtLaszlo

    It's not a car, it's a JEEP!
  11. LtLaszlo

    Happy Birthday, Pain! Have a good one! My God, you’re the same age as my oldest son!!
  12. LtLaszlo

    Happy Birthday!!
  13. Yes, after initial install there are several large patches you must install in sequence. If you not on the same patch version as us, you won’t find the servers. I think we are at 1.7. ?? See you in [email protected] soon!
  14. LtLaszlo

    Well, if it’s raining, sounds like a lot of video gaming!! Thank Mother Nature and enjoy!!
  15. LtLaszlo

    Happy Belated Birthday, Window! Sorry I missed shooting you on your special day Saturday!
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