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  1. Nice. Love salmon! Smoked is good also!
  2. You should be proud, dawgy!! LOL Nice!
  3. Did get to take five days of vacation in Gatlinburg with wifey between weekends working in Chattanooga. Nice cabin up high with a view and frequent visitors has been a nice R & R. Toured Smokey Mt. National Park again and enjoyed some southern food and site-seeing.
  4. Seriously though, lived on my lake for 30 years and recently pulled out the largest bass I've caught here. Was about 20-22" and based on average weight by length is around a five pounder! That's a nice Largemouth in Michigan (down south that's average). Caught the smallest also that day! LOL Don't even need to take boat out on this 845 acre lake, since some of the best fishing is off my dock! I was fishing for, and prefer panfish, since bass is too fishy tasting. Can't beat gills and perch in beer batter with home made fries! Caught all with red worms or night crawlers. BTW, I'll be missing the gaming festivities again this weekend. Unfortunately, not for fishing, but working down in Chattanooga, Tenn.
  5. LtLaszlo

    Always fun to try out new maps, especially on this old game we still love to play! Thanks! Will need to get in our rotations.
  6. LtLaszlo

  7. LtLaszlo

    OMG, that's horrible news. He seemed like a Great guy and a regular part of our COD2 gang! We'll all miss him. Life is short, so enjoy it while we can! RIP, Neil.
  8. LtLaszlo

    Not even racism there! That's all cops are bad, no matter the color!
  9. LtLaszlo

    You've made so a few good ones dawgy! I'm sure it'll be great! Need to put a few back in the rotation, since you're back!
  10. LtLaszlo

    Ya, trying moving an automobile with that!
  11. I'm soon going to make one of these! https://wayback.tube/video/2710/water-power-a-4-stroke-gasoline-petrol-engine?channelName=Admin
  12. LtLaszlo

    Well put Harry. Couldn't agree more! I was going to add another factor, the "Politically Correct"/Woke bullshit. But when you think about it, it's connected to the Internet and MSM!
  13. LtLaszlo

    Happy Biethday! Great you joined us last week for some TDM, MikeB!
  14. LtLaszlo

    Nobody has even mentioned the real reason for the 2nd. A "well armed militia" is not for hunting, but for a tyrannical government, like the one we are currently being pushed against! This guy says what I would, so thanks young man! At least some of the next generation get it! He knows.mp4
  15. LtLaszlo

    Yes, it was great to have dawgy back in TDM today. Always wondered what's up with him when we see his name on some of the maps. Welcome back dawgy!
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