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  1. LtLaszlo

    Happy Birthday guys!!
  2. LtLaszlo

    Happy Birthday guys! Looks like more than one little older man!!
  3. LtLaszlo

    Happy Birthday google!
  4. LtLaszlo

    Happy Birthday you bunch of Idiots!!
  5. LtLaszlo

    Happy Birthday you bunch of old farts!!
  6. LtLaszlo

    Wishing all the best for your son, hope he is clear of any further issues.
  7. LtLaszlo

    With NO leash?! They just run wild? LOL!
  8. LtLaszlo

    Happy Birthday guys!! Have a good one!
  9. LtLaszlo

    Our Rosy, aka Diva Dog. Went diabetic last year and mostly blind, but going strong at 13.5 years old. On the road with us below on one of many vacations with us. Like to ride with us, we'd rent cabin allowing pets. 50% West Highland White Terrier and 50% Shitz Su. They call her a "Westie Su", but I call her "Westie Shitz" since I clean the yard!!
  10. LtLaszlo

    LOL! Well that explains a lot!!
  11. LtLaszlo

    Happy Birthday all!!
  12. LtLaszlo

    Welcome to XI! So, you've heard the term "Colder than a witches tit in the arctic"?! LOL! Appropriate with those cold blooded reptiles! Haha! We have another witch here at XI from Germany, named 'KleineHexe', which is 'Little Witch' in English! She plays only COD2, though. Enjoy our servers and site!
  13. LtLaszlo

    Happy belated Birthday y'all!!
  14. LtLaszlo

    Happy Birthday you bunch of Idiots!
  15. Wait, aren’t guns illegal in NL? How could such a thing happen?