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  1. WldPenguin

    I will say this, because I haven't been actually playing as much as I was since I've moved my place of business and am still getting that off the ground, but I'm still always very aware of the website, the servers, TS, etc. I have my admin tools up on my pc even while I'm working, but I don't often see any messages in the shout box or a private message or whatever, stating that a map needs pushed or that there are any issues. At least not as much as this post makes it out to be. Please reach out through the various ways of getting a hold of an admin, I can only speak for myself here, but I am usually just a few moments away from being able to push a map, kick an afk player, etc.
  2. WldPenguin

    Happy Birthday! Hope it's an awesome one, Ripper
  3. WldPenguin

    If hxtr says he had one of these when he was a kid, that would explain a lot at this point..... 🤔
  4. WldPenguin

    Hope you have an awesome birthday, Fluffy!
  5. WldPenguin

    @ROCKAPE Funky Ghost Mordblack LilAcorn SgtScott B-Murda Sokar Stinko Hawk HarryWeezer Dragonslayer Bombshell Timinator
  6. WldPenguin

    @ROCKAPE, looks awesome! I have a list of attendees, if you'd like it.
  7. WldPenguin

    I have dreams like that too! Also, when I'm driving places, I often think to myself, that would be a great spot to snipe from! 😎😛🤣
  8. WldPenguin

    Hope you've had a great birthday, Ausimatador!
  9. WldPenguin

    And that about sums up hxtr 😜
  10. WldPenguin

    He hasn't been around in forever.....wish he still played COD4 lol. Happy birthday, wherever you are, Rookie
  11. WldPenguin

    Hope you've had a great birthday, lky.......better get back in game soon!
  12. WldPenguin

    Hope you've had an awesome birthday, Jah!
  13. WldPenguin

    Awwww, Kitty.......sorry to hear, but understand completely. Take care of you, come back, and we'll be here 😘
  14. WldPenguin

    I hadn't heard that, and what's ironic is, I was listening to a bunch of airplane and starship last night
  15. WldPenguin

    Hope you've had a wonderful birthday, Gul'Dan!