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  1. Technically, the 15th falling on a weekend only gives us one extra day. The second extra day is because DC celebrates Emancipation Day on the 16th. Since the IRS is closed on the 16th, you're not obligated to pay your taxes until the next business day, which is why we have until the 17th. Ugh! But I really need them now, since tonight's incessant rain is currently flooding my tax office
  2. @MikeB , we filed about 50, although I filed one for every person that hasn't been in yet in addition to those 50 that contacted me already. You know.....CYA Mine wait until October usually also. But this year, I'm either going to encourage them with a discount for every month it's early, or I'll charge more for every month they wait
  3. Awwww......ty dear, 26 is currently the magic number lol. Usually by now, I still have around 50-60 to go, so we're ahead of schedule this year Thank you to you and GG for all of your encouragement and support.....love you both! And many others who have checked in on me throughout my busy season.....ty for that as well. My XI family has been more of a support than my own family
  4. Oh! There goes to the neighborhood....I mean, hey, Pimp! Welcome to our forums
  5. Congrats on the shiny, new tags!
  6. Keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers, Pete
  7. I hope you had an awesome birthday, Drimpy! I'm sorry I didn't see this post before.....forgive me
  8. Hope you've had a wonderful birthday, Rescue!
  9. Welcome, Fluffy! Congrats on the shiny, new tags!
  10. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers, Jester.......
  11. Just heard from Mama @ ESC.....currently the tourney needs more women Any takers? @AthenAyou gonna play? I most likely will be, and possibly Roxy, but she's not sure yet.
  12. Have a great birthday, Mental! Enjoy your special day!
  13. @StormCrow is probably more than willing to do so
  14. Hey, all! The gang over at ESC is having a guys vs. girls tournament this coming Saturday at 9 pm EST and would like to extend an invite to anyone that is interested in playing. I've included a flyer with the details.
  15. Lou, are you able to get into any of our other servers?