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  1. WldPenguin

  2. WldPenguin

    Don't worry Wardogs......your name will be waiting for you when you're able to play again
  3. WldPenguin

    Hope it works well for you now
  4. WldPenguin

    And I got an "A" on my spelling test in third grade......old news lol.
  5. WldPenguin

    Do you get a message about "impure client iw3mp" when trying to join?
  6. WldPenguin

    At this point, that's the mod that is on the tourney server, so for this one it's too late to change it out.
  7. WldPenguin

    This tourney is being played on a server that runs the MW2146b9 mod, so you will most likely need to change your loadouts. FunkyJosh will be giving you the password to the server about 15-20 minutes before the tourney begins. There will be only 1 RC car, no trophy system, no heist, etc. If you already have this mod in your game folder, you'll need to delete it or rename it, and let it reload when you join the server.
  8. WldPenguin

    It should be back up now......I had it stopped while I was uploading the maps for the tourney
  9. WldPenguin

    Generally, there are no spectators for scrims and tournaments.
  10. mp_bo2overflow mp_tibongal mp_mw2_term mp_roof_n mp_vil_blops mp_after_tchernobyl mp_karrak mp_78workshop mp_a3_day mp_township mp_anchorage mp_gb_sharqi mp_hisar mp_blue_italy mp_bo2yemen mp_bjwifi_aim
  11. Rotation #40 25 maps put in rotation 02/25/2020 by Pengy map mp_bo2overflow map mp_tibongal map mp_mw2_term map mp_roof_n map mp_vil_blops map mp_after_tchernobyl map mp_karrak map mp_78workshop map mp_a3_day map mp_township map mp_anchorage map mp_gb_sharqi map mp_hisar map mp_blue_italy map mp_bo2yemen map mp_bjwifi_aim map mp_bridge2011 map mp_outpost map mp_blackrock map mp_caen map mp_fav map mp_ravine map mp_remontna map mp_brdo map mp_school Server restarted @ 12:42 a.m. EST by Pengy Enjoy!
  12. mp_kk_arena2 mp_oldschool mp_outset mp_overpass mp_osg_studio_2 mp_parking mp_printery mp_prod_test mp_rats_sansa_room mp_rd_snow mp_reach_final mp_rebellion mp_redzone mp_remontna mp_roundup_day mp_rusmata
  13. Rotation #19 25 maps tested by sally sandradee2 and dadda2 put in 02 25 21 by Pengy map mp_kk_arena2 map mp_oldschool map mp_outset map mp_overpass map mp_osg_studio_2 map mp_parking map mp_printery map mp_prod_test map mp_rats_sansa_room map mp_rd_snow map mp_reach_final map mp_rebellion map mp_redzone map mp_remontna map mp_roundup_day map mp_rusmata map mp_salaambad map mp_sand_dogs map mp_sandstorm_beta map mp_school map mp_sconsegrad map mp_sewer map mp_gb_sharqi map mp_shipment_island map mp_showdown Server restarted @ 9:32 p.m. EST by Pengy Enjoy!



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