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  1. WldPenguin

    That is so cool!
  2. Guess what happens in just 48 hours? Yep! XI Virtual Happy Hour! Can't wait to see you all there! I'm sure PigLo will be posting some details soon, but I wanted to get y'all thinking about it now, so that you can plan for it on Saturday 4-7 p.m. EDT and beyond (last one went on for about 8 hours! ) So, grab your favorite adult beverage, or any favorite beverage, and come meet your fellow clan members and XI family for an evening of fun, laughter and camaraderie - you won't be sorry.
  3. WldPenguin

    Next Saturday, the 15th
  4. Rotation #2 25 maps put in rotation 05/06/2021 by Pengy map mp_crash map mp_fav map mp_aquadukt map mp_overgrown map mp_oldschool map mp_fsd_witp map mp_convoy map mp_chateau map mp_powcamp_v2 map mp_salaambad map mp_4t4hangar map mp_kk_arena2 map mp_burgundy_bulls map mp_doowntown map mp_bloc map mp_grinder map mp_showdown map mp_hof_junkyard map mp_printery map mp_qmx_matmata map mp_strike map mp_redzone map mp_m_town map mp_shipment map mp_osg_studio_2 Server restarted @ 10:30 p.m. EDT by Pengy Enjoy!
  5. Rotation #7 19 maps put in rotation 05/06/2021 by Pengy map mp_apesgorod map mp_aquadukt2 map mp_backlotair_b1 map mp_burgandy map mp_overgrown map mp_capture_the_house map mp_destroyed_village map mp_dust3 map mp_creek map mp_eerier map mp_fatal_morgana map mp_forlorn map mp_fr_mgdx4 map mp_fritzfahkre map mp_garena map mp_gvft map mp_hangareturn map mp_incursion map mp_ratroom_v1 Server restarted @ 9:10 p.m. EDT by Pengy Enjoy!
  6. WldPenguin

    Makes me wonder what you think of me lol
  7. WldPenguin

    @HELLSPAWN, great to see you here in the forums, my fellow tax accountant friend @Icequeen, you haven't played in so long, I think he's moved on You really should fix that computer already!
  8. WldPenguin

    Josh, it takes courage to be vulnerable, and you have shown that courage by opening up and sharing with us, your XI family. Life is made up of lessons, and many are difficult, but it makes us who we are. You learn from the lesson, and move on to bigger and better things. You're a kind, handsome young man, and there is a lot of life left for you to live, and someone special will come your way when you least expect it
  9. WldPenguin

    Not enough characters with his XI tags
  10. Rotation #30 24 maps by LOCO put in rotation 04/30/2021 by Pengy map mp_vac_2 map mp_oukhta map mp_psycho_day map mp_thunderville map mp_bloc map mp_rats_sansa_room map mp_sc_hangar map mp_southfrance map mp_streetsofacc map mp_forlorn map mp_osg_grid map mp_tehaleh map mp_mw2_boneyard map mp_wallendar_4 map mp_warehouse_13 map mp_uprise map mp_efa_seine_crossing map mp_tibongal map mp_woodland_final map mp_urban map mp_tigertown_v2 map mp_hangareturn map mp_shipment_long_night map mp_creek Server restarted @ 9:30 a.m. EDT by Pengy Enjoy!
  11. Rotation #6 22 maps put in rotation 04 30 21 by Pengy map mp_argel map mp_ava_crossroads map mp_beltot map mp_bjwifi_toujane map mp_caen map mp_carentan map mp_chateau4 map mp_ctan map mp_docks map mp_dooerte map mp_dustcod4 map mp_ghettostomp map mp_hob_second_c map mp_kabul_moh map mp_lake map mp_lut_gholein map mp_mbdepot map mp_mohaa_dv map mp_montargis4 map mp_nmirage map mp_offices_v3 map mp_osg_studio_2 Server restarted @ 8:27 a.m. EDT by Pengy Enjoy!
  12. WldPenguin

    The server is set up with the 146b9 mod



    You don't have permission to chat.
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