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  1. WldPenguin


    Welcome back, Chris..... enjoy the servers
  2. WldPenguin

    We currently have 36 rotation sets, along with 4 newly formed rotations, for a total of 40. The rotations are changed in the server weekly. There are hundreds of maps we are still testing to see if they work on the current mod. As hotrod stated, anyone can submit a rotation. If you need help with the map names, Loco or I can help with that.
  3. WldPenguin

    Here she is, feeling right at home with...... some of the others
  4. WldPenguin

    Yes, triple P is mine Pink Pygmie Penguin
  5. WldPenguin

    @RobMc, Sammy is talking about when the voting option used to be turned on in game - there were some that would initiate a vote through the game commands, map after map, until they got the map they wanted.
  6. WldPenguin

    Unfortunately, the voting option gets abused way too easily, so that is why it is turned off. The admin team is pretty good about keeping coverage throughout the day and night, especially on the MW2 server. There are several ways to reach an admin if there isn't one in game and the players would like a vote called to skip a map - teamspeak, the chatbox, pm. Many of us are usually around, even if there happens to be no admins in game at a particular time. Right now, there are 4 admins and a moderator logged into TS, and about the same amount active on the website, so one of us would have been able to respond rather quickly to your request.
  7. WldPenguin

    @DrunkDoctor13, as per our teamspeak conversation, it is recommended that you get another copy of COD4, either through Steam, or a reputable retailer. You either have corrupt files, or a bad CD key - not having an original copy can open you up to a lot of problems, like you're experiencing on our servers.
  8. WldPenguin

    @Gatorgirl, he's banned on our servers currently.....that was him trying to join a non-XI server, which appears that he needs PB to play there. He's looking for his GUID........
  9. WldPenguin

    Thank you to those who have submitted their design ideas......stay tuned for a post in the Charlotte Club where the voting will take place.
  10. WldPenguin

    You can join ours at I will be online, and watch out for you. Make sure you choose drunkdoctor13 as your user name so that I will know it's you, please. Or let me know when a good time would be for you to jump on there.......
  11. WldPenguin

    Great pics, @AlphaDog.....I love it there at Lake Placid!
  12. WldPenguin

    Do you have teamspeak?
  13. WldPenguin

    You also have an uncanny sense of finding me in the hide and seek server lol. Rewelcome to the forums and our servers, Remmy!
  14. WldPenguin

    Here's mine, Rox
  15. WldPenguin

    Love it, girl! 💕
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