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  1. Thank you for sharing this about you and your family, @Super Max. I think this can be a reminder that we don't always know what's going on with each person behind the computer - what their life is like, what struggles they might have
  2. @SweeperMan, after you set up your killstreaks when you create a class for your weapon, go to controls/multiplayer controls and then on the right-hand side there should be a place to set a key for use killstreak1, 2 & 3. Hope that helps!
  3. @tacobill @Bamm @StormCrow @Johnny3Time @MHsDaughter @BeerGoat @Ruthless @Izumi @Hogan @WeednFeed @M!dg3t @THE MEEK @TBB @MISERY @Totty
  4. @Hunter1948 @Buddy @MordBlack @Lovyan @McGrim @iboomboom @azzkikr @BlackRose @Janey @Stephanie @JoeCamel @Raven @iBrock @Unexist @Intruder
  5. @Hawk @timinator @ShadyBrady @Draygunnar @Magnus_1 @1lkysob @Icequeen @Exe @Barron @Primetime @Cooper @Jedi-Jack @Hoth @babyback @E-raser
  6. @MtDeW @Remmy @ColdSore @CrazyGirl @AthenA @Demonio @baldie @Duffy @blackwidow @SAPPER @El_Terrible @blk_plague @REO @pitbullpete @Chris
  7. @ANGU5 @PigDog @Gatorgirl @Syckle @ScRiPt3r @Ruggerxi @Hefe33 @ICEMANXI @Sitting-Duc @overkill @LordLoftin @LilAcorn @Bombshell @GhostfaceJim @Cylon @Destructo @wildthing@Bama @BurnnBright
  8. XI Fest attendees, please try to join us on this month's zoom for sure! @PigDog @Bama @BurnnBright @ANGU5 @Gatorgirl @Syckle @ScRiPt3r @Hefe33 @Ruggerxi @ICEMANXI @Sitting-Duc @LilAcorn @GhostfaceJim @LordLoftin @Cylon @wildthing @Destructo @CrazyGirl @overkill @Bombshell @MtDeW @Remmy
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