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  1. Hope your birthday is awesome, FUNky!
  2. Hope your birthday is a great one, Queenie
  3. Welcome to our forums, BCNU......enjoy, & see you in game!
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  5. Hope you are having a wonderful birthday, Crimmy!
  6. That's so awesome, Jeroen! Congrats!
  7. Dukoo, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers......take care of yourself and get better soon........
  8. Another name from the same GUID and IP address was actually in the MW2 server on 6/30.
  9. fu blackwhite :)

    1. WldPenguin
    2. CuddlyPanda


      that is how we say hello right black white xD

    3. WldPenguin


      True story! :cool: 

  10. Hope you're having an awesome birthday, Uranium!
  11. Although I'm surprised by their choice for #1, I'm glad to see my favorites are #9 & #10
  12. Hey there, Sharpe! Hope your birthday has been wonderful!
  13. She's not hard to find, she's on vacation.......AT the World Cup
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