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  1. Hi there, AlphaDog.....the re-direct is based on time played in the server. The more you play, the more you'll move up the ladder, so to speak. Keep playing, make some posts on the forums and get to know the players and admins. If you're seen as a good fit for idiot material, then someone will approach you eventually then, about becoming a member
  2. Hope you have a great birthday, Bromo!
  3. Here's to an awesome birthday, Jojo!
  4. Hope your birthday has been awesome, Jeroen!
  5. Welcome, & enjoy!
  6. @Syckle, that's why the info is in the club section. Straightforward info there.
  7. For all the info, you need to go to the Nashville Club Forum, link is at the top of the website. Hotels are listed there, activities and events, as well as a list of where everyone is staying.
  8. Usually, the rotations are changed every Saturday. But like Lunky said, we might need to wait for a bit this time lol.
  9. Hard to believe......feels like I just wrote this post, but it's now 30 days and counting to the XI Fest Nashville. I've also posted in the Nashville Club forum, but I'm reaching out here as well to anyone who's going or wants to go. If you are going but have not joined the Nashville Club, please do so ASAP. The link is located at the top of the XI website, and the event is open to all members and nonmembers. If you are going and haven't booked your room yet, also do that ASAP, and let me know where you're staying via private message. If you've booked your room and haven't told me where, let me know that as well. If you are on the list in the accommodations post in the Club section but are no longer interested or able to attend, please let me know that and I will remove you from the list. Thanks, all! Looking forward to seeing you soon
  10. So, XI Fest 2018 is right around the corner almost........Nashville's the place. It's about 65 days, or 2 months, or a little over 9 weeks away. However you look at it, it will be here before you know it! Are you going? Then you need to get a room and let me know where so that I can add you to the list, and you need to request access to the activities & events spreadsheet in order to add your name to the ones you're interested in doing. If you already have a room booked, then please send me a pm with the details so that I can keep the list of attendees updated. Are you thinking about going? Then you need to join the XI Fest - Nashville 2018 Club, with the link located at the top of the home page. There you will find all of the information related to this year's awesome gathering. Hotel info, room sharing, activities and events, suggestions, etc. can be found in the club's discussion. If you have any questions regarding the details, please send me a pm, and I'll be glad to answer them for you. Are you not going? Then we will raise a glass and have a drink for you, but it's honestly much better if you are there Hope you can join us - the memories are priceless!
  11. Very sorry to hear, hon......my thoughts & prayers are with you
  12. A lot of people held things for him that weekend.....just ask @Chris!
  13. Hope your birthday is awesome, FUNky!
  14. Hope your birthday is a great one, Queenie