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    It didn't take long to realize some people were questioning my playing. I prefer transparency.
  3. MLG Grill

    Now that I was banned I dont really see a point in trying to argue my innocence, but here it goes anyways. This (picture) is what happens to your keyboard by crouch strafing A LOT. What kind of bind are you suspecting/accusing me of using? All strafe (or rpg-strafe) binds/scripts I have ever seen during my years of codjumper playing have been completely useless except gap jumping. The fact that so many Xi members seem to dislike bunny hopping is amusing since the mw2 FT server is one of very few servers running "jump_slowdownenable 0", which is what enables bunny hopping. I record every visit to the server and am ready to provide hundreds of hours of gameplay from your server (quick check about 4GB of demos, oldest dating 2017). There really is no need for me to play according to your pattern if its all recorded anyways. Let me know if there is anything else i can do to prove my legitimate playing. Its your server. You're free to ban me for being a "disturbance", but atleast say it as it is.
  4. MLG Grill

    I try to limit it to 2 walls at most!
  5. MLG Grill

    Hey everyone, Been playing on the Cod4 MW2 Freezetag server for a few years and think its finally time to pop my head in here on the forums. Im a 25 year old Swedish guy living life who enjoys spending too much of my freetime playing shooter games. Been playing Cod4 since 2008 and racked up many thousands of hours in the process. I have previously been heavily involved in codjumper, promod and other ranked games but no longer do anything of that. See you ingame
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