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  1. Hotbox03

    I like playing with u smoke but we have not been on same times lately.
  2. Hotbox03

    sorry smoke I disagree completely . Might as well say the world shouldn't have rules so it will be more fun? While I do understand the point you are trying to make I actually think we have less rules than most servers out there. The way I see it there is no racism and exploits allowed. That's pretty much the only rules we enforce besides hacking of course. The Heli or vehicle thing falls under exploits IMO. Its one thing to hold your own vehicle/heli out of play but when its the enemies and they have NO other of that vehicle type spawning cause someone is just taking it away, then its a problem. Its creates a major unbalance of the map and I think the overall happiness of the server is better maintained by enforcing it. For the record I did not witness the time xternal was talking about but I have seen this happen. More recently on Damavand like my previous post said.
  3. Hotbox03

    this happened yesterday with Damavand peak. I know that map has its own issues but I noticed it too late in game to do anything. someone took RU chopper back to US side . But US side had control of 3 points including tunnel. Not having our chopper for almost half remaining tickets quickly turned game into even more of a bog down than it already is. Guess what im trying to say is on Damavand peak the rules of whats considered field of play should be looked at. Then again I doubt anyone cares about Damavand peak, just principal to me.
  4. Hotbox03

    Am I the only one who likes players of this talent level on our server ? Trust me , I totally get it. They would hinder morale and make regular players leave server cause they will think they hacking etc etc. But I ALWAYS love to play against better players than I do, to see how I can stack up. that's just me though. I relish the challenge. I know it will never happen, and I understand.
  5. Hotbox03

    ROFL, music is best at 1:30 ish. love this smoke. fucking bipod heroes.
  6. Hotbox03

    ya i thought that also at first to flush, but its small squad fights on a limited size maps, i bet there is only certain spawn points and they just know where peeps coming from. plus the if u hear the chat, its constant communication on where people are or coming from.
  7. Hotbox03

    was gonna call BS on that one smoke but after watching entire video, u right, hes not. hes just pro. jesus.
  8. Hotbox03

    best part is when they randomly throw in "books" followed by m60 blowing them all up point blank.
  9. I know this has been a popular subject but is there any insight on whats happening, is it all ddos attacks ? Besides server crashing ive noticed since expansion server ping to me is about 40 higher, i was used to 60 ping on average for as long as server been out, even after it moved. now i get consistant 100 or 120 all the time. Its hurting me being able to play honestly, but im trying. Is there something i can do on my end to improve ping ?
  10. If it says "Prepare for battle:Sea," i hope it means i can finally use my freaking knife in the water.
  11. Hotbox03

    awe yeah !!!
  12. Hotbox03

    New maps gives more variety but CTF really lets me down, good concept but doesnt translate to Bf3 . Bikes are meh like cimon said. They working on Bf4 tbh, this is just filler fluff. But better than nothing i guess.
  13. I know this has been a problem recently and the theory is that hacks are causing it but it seems to be happening alot more frequently. Last night it happened 3 times in an hour and half. Good news is each time the server didnt take long to repopulate with different players. Just hope the public doesnt get discouraged...... Is there anything that can be done ?
  14. i dont know what that first sentence says or means. (no offense). I really dont know, Trying to figure out if i agree with ya hans =D .
  15. Are these supposed hackers on super late at night or something? Cause its been a long time since ive really thought of someone hacking on our servers, they usually stick out like a sore thumb. According to some of these posts its rampant and hurting our servers. I guess im not around when its happening. Seems to me server has been more popular than ever and if there really is that many hackers ruining the server everyday then why would so many people return day after day. Maybe im just naive, idk. Or like i said, maybe its happening super late hours at night.



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