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  1. i play ground forces but i have a horrible ping.
  2. sweet ty
  3. has anyone created an XI crew on GTA5 yet?
  4. any word on when it is supposed to come to Open Beta?
  5. I played it before It was on steam and it was ok its pretty much a Diablo type game
  6. its ok we all know he secretly plays consoles lol
  7. it is supposedly coming out for pc sometime early next year
  8. I really don't like consoles but GTA V was worth it to play on console
  9. Anyone else play on Xbox360? im tired of playing with the random people. my gamertag if you do is a_big_ace_gun
  10. Hey

    i do from time to time to just screw around
  11. for what platform? PC when it comes out if it ever does
  12. Neither GTA5!!!
  13. i like playing with you smoke but I can barely run bf3 and lag like hell so I haven't played a lot lately
  14. What are everyones thoughts on the new update with all the new customization for the planes weapons and parts?