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  1. ill have those two 7-day keys when they give them out. ill give them to whoever wants them
  2. still closed beta. very few if any at all for crashes and they are adding features every big patch. definitely playable and fun right now
  3. Been playing it since early alpha. its a fun game. especially with other people
  4. i play ground forces but i have a horrible ping.
  5. sweet ty
  6. has anyone created an XI crew on GTA5 yet?
  7. any word on when it is supposed to come to Open Beta?
  8. I played it before It was on steam and it was ok its pretty much a Diablo type game
  9. its ok we all know he secretly plays consoles lol
  10. it is supposedly coming out for pc sometime early next year
  11. I really don't like consoles but GTA V was worth it to play on console
  12. Anyone else play on Xbox360? im tired of playing with the random people. my gamertag if you do is a_big_ace_gun
  13. Hey

    i do from time to time to just screw around
  14. for what platform? PC when it comes out if it ever does