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  1. Clicking around and seen your name.  Miss you and thank you for the memories. 🙏  RIP

  2. I was updating my profile and saw the following feature and your name there, just reminds me of the matches we've been in together, and how weird it's been knowing I won't see it again. 

    When I think of Call of Duty 4, which is often, I think of XI and the people I've met that are no longer with us.  I'm not a sentimental person but it hits home now and then. 

    I appreciate the time I spent with you Dadda2


  3. OMG. Rest in peace. I didn't notice this. Miss you too!

  4. You will be greatly missed - May you Rest in Peace

  5. Take care my friend  RIP let us know if you can get online in heaven 

  6. Rest in Peace my friend.

  7. christmas rotation in Rotation 21 xmas 26 maps by pink put in 20 12 19 dadda2 map mp_forlorn map mp_borisbeta map mp_4t4hangar map mp_coldfront map mp_dahman_b41 map mp_rd_xmas map mp_overgrown map mp_insurgency map mp_jor1 map mp_storm_b map mp_chateau4 map mp_tigertown_v2 map mp_sbase map mp_showdown map mp_seatown map mp_crash_snow map mp_mw2_term map mp_fav map mp_nova_crvenka map mp_vac_2_snow map mp_4t4scrap_s map mp_bridge2011 map mp_aquadukt2 map mp_daybreak map mp_82ab_chateau_xmas map mp_karachi server restarted by dadda2 16.44 uk time enjoy
  8. christmas rotation in Rotation 15a 30 maps christmas maps by dadda2 and some from pengi roxy and loco added put in by dadda2 20 12 19 map mp_brecourt_manor map mp_backlot_snow map mp_broadcast2 map mp_bo2frost map mp_rd_xmas map mp_uprise map mp_winter_bakaara map mp_coldfront map mp_pavlov_v2 map mp_aquaduct2 map mp_forlorn map mp_naout_s map mp_storm_b map mp_4t4scrap_s map mp_kabul_moh map mp_bo2mir map mp_dahar map mp_aosta_valley map mp_winter_rasalem map mp_summit map mp_voq_snow map mp_overgrown map mp_pb_iceworld map mp_cuf_scifi map mp_fav map mp_outset map mp_seatown map mp_decoy_snow map mp_vac_2_snow map mp_village_s server will need restart admin please post this thread when done enjoy
  9. christmas rotation in Rotation 24 25 maps Head Admin Holiday Extravaganza 2019 by WildPenguin & LOCO & Roxy put in 20 12 2019 dadda2 map mp_winter_rasalem map mp_crash_snow map mp_argel map mp_bo2frost map mp_rd_xmas map mp_bacalao map mp_winter_bakaara map mp_village_s map mp_4nuketown map mp_decoy_snow map mp_karrak map mp_pb_iceworld map mp_broadcast2 map mp_pavlov_v2 map mp_gb_bunker_b1 map mp_seatown_snow map mp_mom map mp_voq_snow map mp_bo2mir map mp_vac_2_snow map mp_brecourt_manor map mp_uprise map mp_pb_frost map mp_summit_xmas map mp_hisar server will need restart admin please post this thread when done enjoy
  10. today i have been married to the same women{sandradee2} for 39 years i obliviously found my soulmate lots more to come i hope love you wife
  11. you need to drop a pm to rugger he will sort you out
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