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  1. Rotation 3a 22 maps Put rotation in 1 09 19 dadda2 map mp_lobby_fsd map mp_meanstreet2 map mp_mow_woodland map mp_nvb map mp_overpass map mp_pow_rld map mp_rd_snow map mp_rockridge map mp_scrap map mp_showdown map mp_suburbs_2 map mp_tehaleh map mp_township map mp_v2_b1 map mp_bjelovar_beta map mp_blue_skyscrapers map mp_brokenroad map mp_ccinn_dawnb1 map mp_citi_gewitter map mp_construction2 map mp_d_day_74_night map mp_desert_dock_2 server will need restart admin please post this thread when done enjoy
  2. server restarted 09.05 uk time
  3. Rotation 5 25 maps Put in rotation 14 09 19 dadda2 map mp_osg_backlot_n map mp_outset map mp_vac_2_snow map mp_agroprom map mp_backlotair_b1 map mp_borisbeta map mp_cassino map mp_coldfront map mp_cuf_scifi map mp_dv map mp_forsaken map mp_forgotten_v1 map mp_gf map mp_highrise map mp_inferno map mp_kk_arena2 map mp_lost map mp_mw2_term map mp_nova_crvenka map mp_roundup_day map mp_seatown map mp_warehouse_13 map mp_aquadukt2 map mp_whatif map mp_xi_lobbyb1 server will need restart admin please post this thread when done enjoy
  4. Rotation 9b 20 maps made by dessy put in 13 09 19 dadda2 map mp_arkona map mp_skidrow map mp_showdown map mp_equestriana map mp_mohaa_dv map mp_chateau4 map mp_prison_block map mp_de_aztec map mp_argel map mp_4hanoi map mp_gb_bunker_b1 map mp_mw2_term map mp_area52 map mp_gridiron_night map mp_burgundy_bulls map mp_seatown map mp_cellblocks map mp_4nuketown map mp_carentan server will need restart admin please post this thread when done enjoy
  5. Rotation 9a 21 maps Well liked maps. Put in 07 09 19 dadda2 map mp_wg_beta map mp_brokenroad map mp_d2c map mp_depot_n map mp_vertical map mp_fart_house_v2 map mp_broadcast2 map mp_fav map mp_flemishtown map mp_hhk_basra map mp_cod4_torn map mp_villa map mp_meanstreet2 map mp_mohdv4 map mp_montargis4 map mp_noobville map mp_pheasantrun map mp_uphill map mp_tigertown_v2 map mp_winter_bakaara map mp_cassino server restarted 11.45 uk time by dadda2 enjoy
  6. Rotation 3 21 maps Put rotation in 07 09 19 dadda2 map mp_4t4hangar map mp_after_tchernobyl map mp_arbo_a map mp_backlot map mp_bhf_vimy map mp_blue_sky map mp_broadcast map mp_cc_night map mp_citi_farm map mp_compound_base map mp_d_day_74 map mp_depot_n_b1 map mp_doohouse map mp_eerier_b2 map mp_first map mp_fregata map mp_gitten_r_done map mp_hgy_ce map mp_hqbattle map mp_jor1 map mp_koma server will need restart admin please post this thread when done enjoy
  7. Rotation 4a 18 maps made by dessy Put in rotation 07 09 19 dadda2 map mp_d_day_74_night map mp_oldschool map mp_arkona map mp_forlorn map mp_bog map mp_vacant map mp_kabul_moh map mp_kk_arena2 map mp_karachi map mp_nova_crvenka map mp_atp map mp_arbor map mp_fabrika map mp_sps_bismarck map mp_naout_n map mp_pheasantrun map mp_sbase map mp_noobville server has been restarted 09.40 uk time by dadda2 enjoy
  8. dadda2

    welcome to our forums
  9. dadda2

    please welcome sabre to the cod 4 moderator team he will be helping out on our mw2 freeze tag server
  10. have reloaded the 3 maps from the redirect that crashed and restarted the server this morning
  11. dadda2

    welcome to XI
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