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  1. Rotation 15 23 maps BY dadda2 put in 18 02 18 by dadda2 map mp_blackrock map mp_4hanoi map mp_a1 map mp_a3_day map mp_stream map mp_agroprom map mp_after_tchernobyl map mp_ancient_final map mp_apesgorod map mp_aquadukt2 map mp_argel map mp_ava_tumbleweed map mp_betatnl map mp_blindside map mp_blitz map mp_blue_hostilities map mp_bloc map mp_borisbeta map mp_burgandy map mp_caen map mp_cbble2 map mp_cc map mp_chaos_lm map mp_coldfront server will need restart admin please post this thread when done enjoy
  2. Rotation 16 24 maps put in rotation 17 02 18 dadda2 map mp_82ab_space map mp_ancient map mp_athena map mp_barn map mp_blue_hostilities map mp_bpu_shack map mp_carnage map mp_chateau map mp_cod4_torn map mp_crownfort map mp_de_nuke map mp_dmilitia map mp_dusty map mp_fart_house_v2 map mp_fr_mgdx4 map mp_gb_stalemate map mp_hanger map mp_invade map mp_killingfields map mp_land map mp_lut_gholein map mp_mitres map mp_mohaa_dv map mp_nova_crvenka server will need restart admin please post this thread when done enjoy
  3. Rotation 18 19 maps by sammy put in 17 02 18 dadda2 map mp_desert_dock_2 map mp_dooerte map mp_dooramides map mp_el_aghielajr map mp_facility map mp_farmland_beta map mp_contamination_one map mp_cuf_gutter map mp_dam map mp_d_day_74_night map mp_feuertaufe_final map mp_hqbattle map mp_humberstone map mp_iranian_embassy2 map mp_lost map mp_lake map mp_matmata_v2 map mp_darkforest map mp_cqc1 server will need restart admin please post this thread when done enjoy
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  5. happy birthday pengi and yes please lol
  6. please welcome Dukoo to the cod 4 moderator team as you know Dukoo is spending most of his time in our cod 4 Black Ops freeze tag server so we have moved him up to moderator for that server this is the ip
  7. Rotation 15 24 maps put in rotation 11 02 18 dadda2 map mp_disputed map mp_dust3 map mp_fr_mgd map mp_gb_sharqi map mp_hangareturn map mp_hk2 map mp_inv map mp_killa_xi_adm map mp_lalustanya_v2 map mp_northport map mp_osg_abbottabad map mp_pk_harbor map mp_qmx_matmata map mp_renan_bridge4 map mp_rocketday map mp_sablier_se map mp_sharqi map mp_soccer_arena map mp_stream map mp_tehaleh map mp_thera map mp_u7_trinsic map mp_vok map mp_xi_modcomplex removed farty tarty server will need restart admin please post this thread when done enjoy
  8. Rotation 14 25 maps rot1 by nisty put in 10 02 18 by dadda2 map mp_arkona map mp_rusmata map mp_coldfront map mp_offices_v2 map mp_skidrow map mp_ravine map mp_aerodrome map mp_karachi map mp_asylum map mp_psycho map mp_vukovar map mp_firingrange_v2 map mp_incursion map mp_compact map mp_hangareturn map mp_overpass map mp_equestriana map mp_mohaa_dv map mp_cod4_torn map mp_harbor map mp_tigertown_v2 map mp_storm_b map mp_kk_arena2 map mp_invade map mp_northport server restarted 11.58 uk time enjoy
  9. Rotation 14b 11 maps put in rotation put in 10 02 18 made by Eskimojoe map mp_brokenroad map mp_bubba map mp_doneck map mp_meanstreet2 map mp_rasalem map mp_shipment3 map mp_stalingrad map mp_storeroomfinal map mp_trainstation map mp_verla4 map mp_viadvillage server will need restart admin please post this thread when done enjoy
  10. Rotation 14a 22 maps put in 09 02 18 dadda2 map mp_brokenroad map mp_karkland map mp_montargis4 map mp_noobville map mp_offices_v3 map mp_oldtown map mp_pheasantrun map mp_qmx_matmata map mp_remagen map mp_villa map mp_winter_bakaara map mp_highrise map mp_hisar map mp_hk2 map mp_hob_second_c map mp_hof_junkyard map mp_homelandsecurity map mp_impound map mp_invade map mp_jor1 map mp_kabul Server restarted by sally 20.33 enjoy
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