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  1. omg im so so sorry for your loss its so pissing shit xx
  2. happy birthday sally hope you had a fab day
  3. OMG what a shock Mr corps i will miss you so much RIP my frind . ho and happy birthday Mr corps so so sad xxxxxx
  4. so so sorry for your loss it is hart breaking
  5. so sorry for the sad time for you xx
  6. you had to ask didn't you lol eat it like you did the frog with vodka and lime ?
  7. don't let them get to you not worth it just stay play ignore the lot some pep get of on that sort of thing just sad stupid lot you have played with us to long to give in ?
  8. Miss you...

    1. sandradee2


      ho bless ya miss you to


  9. Hello sweetheart. How are you doing?

  10. ho god sorry I just cant do this yet I will come back to you all when my sodding eyes can se to right to you all . thank you all it means a lot to me
  11. So sorry for your loss sweetie. :cry:

  12. if you need 1 more let dadda no in morning and ill play for ya only if need
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