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  1. ho god sorry I just cant do this yet I will come back to you all when my sodding eyes can se to right to you all . thank you all it means a lot to me
  2. So sorry for your loss sweetie. :cry:

  3. sandradee2

    if you need 1 more let dadda no in morning and ill play for ya only if need
  4. Hey, Sweetheart, Happy birthday!!

    Hope Geoff made your day, like you make ours . . .

    Ayaq, aka "Paul"

  5. sandradee2

    well done just behave you lol ??
  6. sandradee2

    happy birthday all
  7. sandradee2

    ho no not again
  8. sandradee2

    how about Whitby nice place to visit and go fishing
  9. sandradee2

    happy birthday
  10. sandradee2

    happy birthday
  11. sandradee2

    happy birthday
  12. sandradee2

    happy birthday have a great one
  13. sandradee2

    happy birthday dadda2 ?‍❤️‍?‍?????
  14. sandradee2

    ?happy birthday hope you got your pussie lol
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