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  1.  3rdCdnInfty

    I am glad the surgery went well and that the results came back negative, long live Rugger!
  2.  3rdCdnInfty

    I like the game, does it have bugs....yes, does it need fixes... hell yes, but it has a lot of potential. There are some cool new features they added like the grappling hook and flying squirrel lady, which has changed the way the game is played from BF3 to now.
  3.  3rdCdnInfty

    I am looking forward to this game!
  4.  3rdCdnInfty

    Oh TSW, looking to get his ass kicked by a young buck eh hahaha! I missed gaming with you!
  5. Hello my fellow idiots! It has been far to long since I have been on here, I missed my XI family!!!!!! I had to step away to refocus my life, for those that remember me :), I was a BF admin and avid player on COD 4/5 years ago, but I had to buckle down get shit done. I have now in a good place in my life that I am ready to come back and play. I am married now and I have a 3 month old son, so lots has changed, I plan to jump back on the servers soon and start my rampaging :). Also I changed my name back to the original one I used when I joined XI so many years ago, I wanted to get back to my roots on here. I have changed my name from Cimon to 3rdCdnInfty this has been carried out by ROCKAPE>XI<ADM at my request and all records have been updated. 3rd
  6.  3rdCdnInfty

    Hello my fellow Idiots!!! It has been a while since I last played, wow quite a while, well I am back. Lots has changed, I finished university and found employment with my federal government; I then met a wonderful woman who I have recently proposed to and she did say yes!. This is how great she is, she got me an engagement present.. a brand new amazing computer! as a surprise! That is love my friends! So I can't wait to jump back on the servers with you amazing people, I have missed this place very much, I am looking forward to all the laughs and good times.
  7.  3rdCdnInfty

    Wow this game looks sweet!!, do we know who we get to play as, like German, UK, USA and hopefully Canada
  8. I can't wait for this game, finally a world war 1 based game, should be very interesting, have they released what nations will be playable?
  9.  3rdCdnInfty

    Aww lucky!!!!, I want my picture taken with that great man as well
  10. When is the next member of the month going to be announced?
  11.  3rdCdnInfty

    The Dutch are now jogging on hahaha I will choose 42 why you ask, the plenatlies score was 4 to 2 lol ;P I see someone have beat me, so I will choose 6
  12.  3rdCdnInfty

    Argentina 3 - 0 Netherlands All three goals by Messi
  13. But lately I have been playing Arma 3 and having a blast on the tactical realism aspect, but once this new dlc comes out I will give it a shot agian
  14. I am just not excited for BF4 anymore lol, I hope this new DLC gets me back into the game
  15.  3rdCdnInfty

    Haha, that's what Canadians call American Beer 'piss" lol, I find American beer to be nasty, I do prefer Canadian beer such as Moosehead and some English beer
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