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  1. SirMeltsAlot

    Hahaha just kidding. You have known me in the past by StinkySphincter, UnemployedAgain, EmployedForNow, and now that I almost exclusively play FreezTag, its SirMeltsAlot. Hopefully I have melted more of you than you have killed me. Ima giver that way heeheehee. Ive been playing on the XI servers for several years. I think we all realize now that its not about winning and losing, but about having fun together. Yes, from time to time it is only natural to turn up the competitive knob, but I try to stop just before getting my panties in a bunch. I sure love listening to BobBarker laugh and would love to get that loud ingame, but usually my wife is sleeping so I try to talk quietly. After 20 years in So Cal, I move my family to Colorado this summer to live the dream in the rockies. Its been a blast. In any event, thanks for letting me play withyou folks. Regardless of how life is going, I can login to an XI server and see some familiar names that are happy to shoot me in the head. And I find that comforting. =D - kenny