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  1. Have you looked into all the FIOS options too? My parents live in the middle of nowhere MN and somehow they have fiber optic based internet that's better than my cable internet service.
  2. If you were looking to use an existing photo album service and iframe it, have you checked to see if that service has a REST or web service you can consume? If so, I can probably talk you through the code to display it in a div player.
  3. Yeah just use a div layer to display the HTML snippet. You can use some js to add the HTML to a variable and assign it to the div layer. I'm assuming the Web site you are trying to iframe already has an app built for the photo albums? Have you looked into already built freely available HTML5/CSS3 photo albums? I'm sure there are a ton using some kind of js library.
  4. Have you tried putting a local html page in the iFrame to see if its a domain restriction?
  5. Congrats Dukoo - good choice! Also, congrats on your country's awesome ability to speed skate.
  6. I had much higher expectations for this post when I read the title.
  7. Finished my homemade lights: I have another week or two before harvest on these two plants.
  8. Happy birthday @WldPenguin! I hope your day is filled with lots of joy and contentment!
  9. Thanks everyone! I enjoyed a great day of not doing a thing.
  10. I also use an Aeropress when I'm just making a single cup for myself or when I'm traveling. I almost exclusively drink Black Rifle coffee - any of their dark roasts I really love.
  11. Congratulations, Post Whore. @PimpedOutPete give @Crack his own corner to stand on, he's weathered the trials and tribulations of 1000 posts on the forum.
  12. I got the heatsinks and COBs at You can also look for COBs and heatsinks at I got the drivers from Arrow, and the wire and aluminum angle at Home Depot. Cobkits still has the Citizen CLU048-1212 90cri 3k 100w COBs on sale for $9/each. My current grow is roughly a month from harvest:
  13. Great choice!
  14. You were banned for glitching in 2013. The ban predates our current system so we don't have a log of which admin enacted the ban. As such, this we will have to discuss it and get back to you. Hang tight and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.