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  1. Bogleg

    Yes, but the cost of prosecution outweighs the desire to do so. The Justice Department only has so many resources.
  2. Bogleg

    The data coming out of the legal states in the U.S. on who goes to dispensaries and buys weed is very interesting. Something like 80% of the "legal" weed purchases in Washington are made by regular, daily consumers.
  3. Bogleg

    Killykitty is available.
  4. Bogleg

    This is a matter of personal opinion, though, isn't it? It's not like there aren't a bunch of other arrogant fucktards in the clan... myself included. I can't speak for the other admins, but I for one do take threads like this into consideration when voting for someone to get tags. So if it seems a majority of the clan supports a particular argument, I will absolutely allow that to weigh how I vote. We have plenty of amazing players on our servers. Most of them don't sink to the level of their critics.
  5. Bogleg

    I support that usage of my hard earned money.
  6. Bogleg

    XI has only been around since March 2006? THen how the hell was I sending money via Paypal to Rugger in JANUARY of 2006?! Wtf Rugger!
  7. Bogleg

    Thanks for being a great clan mate, Baldie. Congrats on your anniversary!
  8. Bogleg

    He's saying: 1) Other people who try to get their tags back often receive no "yes" votes. 2) He's challenging the 80% requirement, wondering if it's too high. 3) He's taking issue with denying clan membership (and in some cases kicking or even outright banning) players for being good at the game. 4) He's concerned that this practice will impact clan membership. And let's not forget the backdrop. We're all playing a very old game with little to no protections against fuckery. As admins, it's very difficult to catch cheaters. It takes time, evidence gathering, and in many cases, in the end, a judgement call by the admin team. There is no perfect answer here. In any case, these issues should be discussed in the clan-member only forums at the very least. But IMHO should be discussed among the admin team, and then, pending how that discussion goes, discussed with the clan at large. It should not be discussed here in the general discussion forum. I recommend this post be locked.
  9. Bogleg

    This is a valid point to discuss - which we should do in the admin section of the forum. I suggest making a post there.
  10. Bogleg

    Hope it all goes perfectly and you have a speedy recovery Pete!
  11. Bogleg

    I don't know who kicked you (not it)... but I am enjoying the irony of this post.
  12. Well, in a surprising twist to me, this caught my eye....