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  1. Haha! I see that now, missed it the first time... kinda wish I had still missed it.... visual image is not pleasant to me.
  2. So I'm the only one that admits to jerking off, huh? Liars.
  3. Before anyone blames me, I didn't do it. And I didn't even ban someone who was using the same name as someone else who was banned this time, either.
  4. Ignore Beers, it's totally fine to stab him.
  5. If you don't want to think about saving money, and are looking to do it in small enough deposits not to really notice it, you could always try a service like Digit. I signed up for it a couple years ago just to test it out and ended up saving $1400 in just under a year without ever realizing I was even saving the money. They took out anywhere from $1-50 from my checking account each week depending on my balance, deposit history, spending history, etc. When I started they didn't charge for the service but you didn't earn interest in the money they held for you (they kept that as their fee). Now I think they charge $3/month for the service, but they also pay dividends. Anyway I ended up using that money for XI Fest in Vegas.
  6. Close. Aegon Targaryen.
  7. Who the hell is Billy Blade?
  8. Jaime gets his hand back and becomes the most feared swordsman in the seven kingdoms again (thanks to some kind of nefarious magic I'm sure). Cersei will get her final comeuppance and die a glorious, obscene death in this final season, probably at the hands of a white walker dragon. Jon (who is, btw, the Daenerys' nephew, not brother) and Daeny will find out they are aunt and nephew to one another, but it's the Seven Kingdoms, and for a thousand years they had rulers that DID marry family members, so a little aunt/nephew action probably isn't a big deal to them. What it does mean is that Jon is a Dragon, and has a legit claim to the throne. But that's not going to be important to Lord Snow, because he's all about defending all living things against the walkers. It will matter to Dany, however, and foster some kind of political intrigue, I am sure, among all the court folks like Tyrion and Sir Davos. Jon being a Dragon also means he could be (and probably will be) the second dragon rider. Because they turned one of the dragons, we don't likely need to worry about finding a third dragon rider (who many posit is Tyrion). In the end the forces of humanity will unite as best as they can with a few selfish detractors to defend and defeat the White Walkers. Bran will be the critical piece in providing the human armies with intel and putting the seven kingdoms back together because he knows all the truths now. Unfortunately he's a Stark, so most of the southerners will resist him so we have some more conflict to work through before the big end. Honestly I don't really care how they end the show - I just want Martin to release the next damn book. Maybe Dany will be burned at the stake this season. Martin is said to have modeled the whole thing on the 100 Years War.'_War Maybe Dany is our Joan of Arc.
  9. But someone posted a link in this thread to an iw3mp.exe file you can download from the XI download server. That is the one I used.
  10. Did you verify the install in Steam prior to overwriting your existing iw3mp.exe file with the one linked above? And did you verify that the filename is in your COD4 install folder is iw3mp.exe? The file that you are actually running? Your error screenshot above looks like the filename is iw3mp(1).exe.
  11. Downloading the iw3mp.exe file in this thread and replacing the one in my Call of Duty 4 folder located here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Call of Duty 4 Solved this problem for me. Prior to that I did check the game cache and verified the install, so I did lose all my stats as well. Back to level 1 for like the 9th time.
  12. Come on over!
  13. I can confidently say that I have never wondered what Jabrone looks like.
  14. Very nice Drimp!