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  1. I don't have a lot of skill, but even I am bored of the jumping around with a Saritch, which is why I started playing with things like stunnahs, shotties, the SC2010, etc... trying to find more "fun" ways to off you mofos.
  2. Apparently they will keep each gaming channel separate - so if you join a server you will play with other PC gamers (with some caveat about joining your friends from other platforms). Will there be dedicated servers and mods? That's what keeps these games around for a long time.
  3. Bogleg

    Seems like it gets skipped most of the time anyway.
  4. Any way we can get configurable classes? Would be really cool if each team had certain paintball colors they could pick from (say warm colors for one team and cold for the other or something). Paintball colors and visibility is a big deal in a paintball mod, though, so it would have to be carefully considered.
  5. I'd love to see us get this server going regularly. I'm game to play on Sunday afternoons and Tues and Thurs evenings. East coast time.
  6. IP: Download speed is super slow on it (10-11kb/sec).
  7. Jon Snow will run away to Up Nord Der Eh to live among the free folk, and wash his hands of the Seven Kingdoms. Political drama will unfold for around 10 minutes where Sansa debates how to handle the Dragon Queen, and Arya's list will now have just one name on it. Conclusion of the story is that Arya will kill Dany, die in the process, and Sansa will take the Iron Throne with Tyrion as husband to unite the north and the south. Personally, I think it's weak that they decided to write Dany this way. Ruthlessness is in character for her, but blatant disregard for life (especially human life) clearly hasn't been for, I dunno - her whole fucking existence. The fact that madness consumed her father and traditionally lives in her family's history is something she's mindful of - making her even LESS likely to burn a whole city to the ground. Now I have to hope that GRRM doesn't die before he finishes the books and I can get the story I was promised.
  8. You think GOT is dark, try watching Punisher. I have to watch it at night with all the lights off.
  9. If we're going to have special load outs for some weapons (MP5, etc.) - can we just have them for all weapons? (Except where it might cause balance issues.)
  10. Seems like the SC-2010 load out has a GUI bug - like your left arm/shoulder or something is showing up on the lower left hand side of the screen... keeps making me think someone is standing there or spawning next to me. The Steyr-Aug iron sights are way off - if you put the top of the front post on your target you will miss high. By a lot.
  11. Bogleg

    Welcome to the community, @Ranger. I assume your the one using the "Ranger Camper" in-game moniker?
  12. Military Twitter has been awesome with their tactical and strategic takes on the Battle of Winterfell. Haha. Been a good distraction today.
  13. I think can probably still thaw while loitering in the pred... it's not as stable as it was before though, so much harder to hold the crosshair on a frozen teammate that it used to be. But even so, with the older versions, if you did hit your teammate, you could get a complete thaw before you respawned. Would be nice if it still worked that way. I'd bomb the shit out of my frozen teammates. :)
  14. In earlier versions of the predator you could get a complete thaw with it.
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