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  1. When a ban appeal turns into a clan membership application....
  2. Happy birthday, my friend. I hope this year is your best year yet.
  3. Happy birthday bud - we miss you on the MW ftag server!
  4. All the best Dukie. Hope you recover fully and quickly!
  5. I haven't seen him on the MW2 ftag server in awhile. I'll keep an eye out for him. Looks like maybe he was on 6/30.
  6. That's pretty sweet. I love things that have modular designs like that.
  7. I have to harvest a plant Saturday... but I should be able to get on and play Saturday night.
  8. Harvested my Blueberry Auto - 8.97oz. The Blackberry Kush is coming down this weekend: And I put a 4x4 scrog in my flower tent and have a Gold Leaf on it just starting flower:
  9. What are you using for a holster @Angu5?
  10. Standard pistol price - around $500. Suggested retail was $599 I think.
  11. Maybe now that you have XI tags you can stop saying "BS" every time you get shot.
  12. Only 7.8% of the U.S. population has served in the military. Compared with 12.6% of the population being made up of people of African decent, does that make me an even smaller minority? I wouldn't classically define using the N word as racism... I would define that as bigotry. Racism has a specific meaning - using your race to keep, hold, and exercise power over other races. Derogatory words or comments, like the one that HellspawnJR used, is on it's face bigoted. However, words like that are used to dehumanize people based specifically on their race. Kind of like calling people "animals." And dehumanizing people is a form of keeping, holding, and exercising power over someone else.
  13. I'd be interested in playing - Saturday nights or Sunday mid-afternoons are good for me personally.