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  1. Gone but not forgotten. Rest in peace cousin.
  2. https://www.callofduty.com/modernwarfare3
  3. The update that added the Rio map introduced some bugs. There was an nVidia driver update that seems to have fixed them for me.
  4. Step one I guess is get more people in XI to play MWIII (I assume most everyone is playing MWIII now and not MWII). It's a great game - hardcore TDM is fast and furious - very much an XI "run and gun" style of game. If we had enough clan members who played, we could setup our own private 6v6 games, which would be awesome.
  5. Wonder how many skulls that thing has caved in. That's an incredible find - really cool. When I saw a thread called "Hobbies" I thought it would be a cool thread with people showing all the hobbies they have outside of playing really old games. But no, this is XI, so of course the thread has devolved into ownership rights/land rights/finger pointing crap. To that I say FUCK YOU and will now redirect to the thread I was hoping to find instead. ------------------------------------------ @cdsinuk - I follow this lady on social media (well I did back when I still did social media) who had a permit to do metal detection along the Thames - she found a lot of cool stuff as you can imagine. I was actually considering trying this hobby out - living where I live you can find some interesting things here and there from colonial days. But as for hobbies - well I have way too many already, and it looks like my wife and I are adding backpacking to the already long list this upcoming year. All of my hobbies are adjacent except one. Other than growing weed, all my other hobbies our outdoors pursuits. Like @Angus I like to go fast, but I prefer to do it on skis and mountain bikes. The mountain bike also ends up being a great tool for both scouting and actively hunting deer. My primary hobby, however, is fishing - mostly fly-fishing. I have two fishing kayaks - where I live these days isn't a great place for trout fishing (my preferred fish) so I spend more time fishing spinning rods these days, but the whole reason I started looking at getting into backpacking is so I can go to remote alpine ponds/lakes in the White and Green mountains this summer and fly fish.
  6. This finally happened!? It's about time!
  7. I use a Powerline Adapter as well. Mine goes Orbi Router -> Powerline Adapter -> Powerline Adapter -> TV. The TV in the family room is connected to it. I have two smart plugs on the same circuit as the Powerline Adapter the TV is using - both Sonoff smart plugs running floor lamps. In my office where the cable modem is I don't have any smart plugs on that circuit. To my knowledge I haven't had any issues with this setup.
  8. Your craptop will struggle once you start adding a lot of objects into a map - specifically once you get to putting in models (foliage, etc.) and want to use different views to move around the map, probably. And then of course when you compile the map is where your CPU will get hammered if I recall correctly. I would recommend building a box with spawn points first just to see how your computer handles compiling everything.
  9. !fu toysoldier (That's XI For welcome.)
  10. Only when I run all 3 in Surround mode. The Dell monitor only handles 60Hz. The other two will support 144. So if I play something like No Man's Sky or Elite Dangerous, which I prefer in ultra-wide 3 screen mode, I run at 60Hz, but for COD or any game I play on just the ROG monitor I run at 144.
  11. I still think you're a rugrat.
  12. I mean... I suppose it would be cool to have a third person perspective on your awesomeness.
  13. GeForce Experience will do it for you automagically.
  14. Giggity. You need an upgrade Merlin!
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