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  1. (But this particular fellow player would prefer that you keep in-game chat to in-game related topics, i.e. where the fuck Rugger is so I can throw a stun grenade in his face. You can use Teamspeak to discuss sexual positions with @RobMc.)
  2. @Giggles - hope you are feeling better and this is something your human body knows how to defend itself against. Be well.
  3. There is evidence all over this forum that this is incorrect. Honestly everyone should just stick to gaming topics around here.
  4. Bogleg

    Learn how to use mouth calls. You only need the #6 shot. If you can afford it, a blind is a great upgrade for turkey hunting, but not necessary. Above all else, be patient. When you hear a tom gobble and call to it and it responds then stops responding - BE PATIENT. I can't tell you how many times I have had a tom go quiet on me, thought he gave up, and been wrong. Turkey hunting is by far my favorite type of hunting. The weather is great, you can spread your day around and do some hunting, do some trout fishing, etc. It's just a great time to be in the field.
  5. Or it could be that I want to go get a whole bunch of free swag at NECANN and hang out with my stoner buddies....
  6. The weekend that you've proposed is the same weekend as the New England Cannabis Convention... otherwise I love the idea.
  7. Bogleg

    Who are we blaming? I notice you didn't write, "I got my wife pregnant"...
  8. All the map making tools are free and the interwebz are littered with tutorials on how to use them. I encourage people who still have the energy to spend on complaining about maps we've all played for a decade to consider redirecting some of that energy on making their own. Your favorite map is always the one you made yourself.
  9. Damn. The rest of us can best respect his memory by taking care of our own health! Take care of yourselves, please!
  10. Bogleg

    Speaking of which, when does the 15 year medal come out?
  11. Bogleg

    I had settled on at 2070 Super myself... we'll see what the prices and market are like in February after I recover from Christmas. I'm probably upgrading mobo, memory and CPU as well.
  12. Bogleg

    I have a GTX 1060 and I can run No Man's Sky on "enhanced" settings without any frame rate issues. There are two levels above "enhanced." Heh. But I am also running UHD on three monitors. In the latest COD game I cannot run it at max settings on the 1060, but it is certainly playable on a 1060. I assume you can run it on full blast on the 2060. I can tell you that I plan to upgrade to a 2070 based card early next year.
  13. Bogleg

    He always had cheapest and most effective hacks.
  14. Bogleg

    Now we just need Walmart to come in out of the dark.
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