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  1. Bogleg

    Now I just need to figure out how to convert web site points into freezetag skills.
  2. Bogleg

    I have discovered that if you insult the blackjack dealer it throws him off his game.
  3. Bogleg

    Well... I don't really even know why I am here. I guess I just wanted to remind myself that it can all go away in the blink of an eye.
  4. Bogleg

    The crapjack dealer is a floppy headed Canadian!
  5. Bogleg

    Crapjack... can we officially change the name to Crapjack? @Ruggerxi?
  6. Bogleg

  7. Bogleg

    OPINKING ASDOINKINGOING [email protected]#!!!!!!!
  8. Bogleg

    Maybe I should write a script to auto-post for me....
  9. Bogleg

    Back. So soon.
  10. Bogleg

    More points.
  11. Bogleg

  12. Bogleg

    How many threads are we up to about this now? I need to go post on all of them to get some more points.
  13. Bogleg

    Feed me, Seymore.
  14. Bogleg

    I have decided I am just going to get a hammer and smash my thumb every time I feel like playing blackjack.
  15. Bogleg

    I have learned that there are chapters in the Blackjack Book for Dummies that I only the dealer is privy to, apparently.



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