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  1. The Keys don't exist anymore....
  2. If we are looking for south I suggest FL as well. Tampa/Clearwater or for the true southern experience, the Redneck Riviera (Panama City/Destin/Ft. Walton Beach). Atlanta would also be a super easy place for people to get to and there isn't a shortage of things to do around ATL. Nashville would be cool too. BUT my #1 vote would be for Colorado.
  3. Getting closer to harvesting! Looking for around 20% amber trichomes... but nice to see things starting to cloud up.
  4. In general it's been my philosophy that if one XI member wants to play the map, we're playing the map.
  5. Here's a little trichome love from last night - 52 days into flower:
  6. I started germinating two seeds last night. I'm going to germinate them in rapid rooter plugs then transplant the seedlings into my cloner. Once they have dangling roots in the cloner I will move them to my bubble buckets. I'm going to try and fill my 4x4 tent by scrogging two plants. Might be in veg for awhile this time around.
  7. I like how it took Chris 6-7 months to join the Web site after it was re-built.
  8. Do you do any plant training? Topping or FIMming or lST or anything? Your plants look amazing. What strain?
  9. My girls are looking good this morning: I think I'm around two weeks away still on cutting these down. I'm going to start germinating my next batch today or tomorrow. Instead of a 6 plant sea of green I am going to attempt a 2 or 4 plant scrog. I think if I veg long enough I can fill a 4x4 scrog with one gold leaf plant and one super silver haze plant... I have to do some research to determine whether or not I want to grow two or four plants this next go around. 6 plants was about the right amount of work, but the space limitations in my tent with this mess makes some things challenging - especially PPM and PH checks on the back-center plant. I accidentally broke off a bud a few days ago and have dried it out. I'll probably test it tonight; but because it came off the plant so early I don't have high hopes (haha) for the buzz. Probably be short and super heady, not a lot of euphoria.
  10. Same. I'm only growing for personal consumption (and maybe to share with my close friends). I am fully compliant with state law. Also Ayaq, based on your last post, you might want to evaluate the dosages on your meds.
  11. $150 an ounce is cheap. I need to harvest 2 ounces out of my grow to break even on my investment; next grow I will be in the black.
  12. I musy be a dumb ass right now as I cannot figure out how to give you your pot award.... :(

  13. I don't ever rage quit so I can't answer your question.
  14. Angelz, what kind of LED do you have? I have a 1500w KingLED (full spectrum). I was actually thinking about getting another one for this next grow. If it is too much I can use it for a second tent then I can have a permanent veg tent for clones/mothers.
  15. Well damn now I wish I was coming. My next grow I am going to grow two Super Silver Haze fem plants and two Gold Leaf fem plants. Gonna cut down to 4 plants and give them some tough love and see if I can get the same yield with fewer plants. My sea of green mess right now will produce a ton of buds but probably not a lot of HUGE buds. It's all about optimizing my space for maximum yield and I'm trying different options to accomplish that. I'll probably scrog the GL plants as they are big growers.