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  1. I'm now 50 days into my grow, letting my girls get big. The SCROG has been on the Gold Leaf on the left for 5 days. The Super Silver Haze on the right just got the SCROG put on it yesterday.
  2. If it has a mod toolkit and/or dev tools it could be the future.
  3. Hammer hasn't given us the pleasure of commenting, so... it went where all forum topics eventually go. Somewhere else.
  4. Birthdays are fine. Everyone should have a great day on the day of their birth. But an endless stream of "happy birthday" posts cluttering up the forum is lame. We should just have a "birthday" forum where those posts all go and any posts in said forum should not end up spamming the front page. I'm also in favor of stopping the absolute waste of time that is voting for top clan. Taking away the rampant cheating that's gone on with that site over the years AND the lack of any real benefit we get for being the "top clan," it's also a tremendous waste of time and clutters up the chatbox so actual content gets missed. In short, I am arguing that we need to replace @Ruggerxi due to his poor leadership.
  5. It's hard to find the good content through all the damn birthday posts.
  6. I've read Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal." I'm well aware of the benefits of babies as a food source.
  7. He said he wanted to eat her baby, right? Sickos.
  8. The number of times a tube or car doesn't kill someone for me is statistically irrelevant. The mod is okay - it has the usual COD4 hit registration issues, nothing new. We all just like to wear our rose colored glasses and "remember when." I will say this - if anyone is going to make a next version, I'd realllllllly love it if they brought back the double barrel shotgun. That thing was awesome.
  9. I've officially changed my rage quit bind to "HAMMER QUIT!"
  10. We've all been there before. @TheHammer, don't sweat it - @Angus has a 12 step program that's been very successful for the rest of us who have been afflicted with this horrible disease. I have a one step program - you can read about it here:
  11. About as much as the chat box.
  12. I'll try to get the 1 month Web site registration requirement waived since you have gamed with us for almost as long as I've been a member. I'll PM you.
  13. I thought you were a member before? Anyway, get the stupid post count requirement up and I will sponsor you.
  14. USAF - 1C4X1 (TACP). Best job in the military? Senior Airman JTAC!
  15. SSH is on the left, GL on the right. You'll notice the first node of "real" leaves is damaged on both plants (looks like nute burn on the SSH). I was gone all last week for work so both plants were completely unattended for 6 days. When I got home I had algae growing on the rapid rooters for both of them. Turns out the little shitty air stone that I got for my cloner simply isn't powerful enough. The GL got wet feet and looked over watered as a result (think stem rot). My cloner also has a small clear tote - that caused issues with light getting at the water in the reservoir, so I'm going to either buy a new, opaque tote or paint/tape this one to keep the light out of it. Rookie mistakes, both of those. But they are healthy looking now and we're cooking with gas.