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  1. Bogleg

    If you deliver your donation in person, @Ruggerxi will break out his special yoga mat and reward you.
  2. Bogleg

    Gee, I dunno... it's a post about a 1955 hot rod... your name is Hotrod55... and you say BS a lot on the server. And the post was for a car for sale but said "sold" on it, which seems like some bullshit to me. I am out of my mind and stupid all the time, not just at the time of the post.
  3. Bogleg

  4. Bogleg

    Well, it's a work day so I am still sober.
  5. Bogleg

    To quote @HotRod55: "BS." It says SOLD on the pic!
  6. Bogleg

    Maybe access to the admin hacks will improve your game, @Sixgun. Welcome to the team.
  7. Bogleg

    Gotta hate those intrusive Ts.
  8. Bogleg

    If that were true, I would know that about him, and then his original statement would make no sense....
  9. Bogleg

    You don't own your own knee pads?
  10. Bogleg

    Just look for the guy in the XI t-shirt and the sign reading "Will work for bandwidth. Own my own knee pads."
  11. Bogleg

    My recommendation, if someone complains about you "bunny hopping," is to make sure you kill them from mid-air next time around, and then proceed to hop around their frozen bubble with a disaffected air of superiority.
  12. Bogleg

    Do not under any circumstances take lessons on tact from a member of this clan.
  13. Bogleg

    Hide the women and children.
  14. I made a point of going through a whole bunch of his posts and letting him know I read them today.
  15. Bogleg

    CC'd to the admin forum for review. Thanks for doing the leg work for us. We'll be in touch soon.
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