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  1. Bogleg

    I strongly encourage you to find a good therapist.
  2. !FU Leg  :harhar:  

  3. Bogleg

    Do you even believe there is such a thing as "space"?
  4. Bogleg

    WOOHOO! Welcome back @baldie! Super glad to have you back.
  5. Bogleg

    I think it would be huge, and make the server more akin to Ftag1 or slower versions of the MOD. It would encourage more camping (almost make it required), with the exception of the Super Hoppers. Which is all fine and dandy - the same cover (I would say "concealment" too, but in COD4 with current video cards and tweaking, "concealment" hardly seems to exist in COD4) that people should be using to protect their flanks and rear can be used by run-and-gun players to advance from their spawn point. It would change the game play for a large chunk of the players on the mw2 ftag server, IMHO.
  6. Bogleg

    Spawn protection is an integral part of the freezetag game, and should only be changed with very careful and extensive deliberation, IMHO. Of course I am biased because I am a person who uses as much spawn pro as possible - combat medic and kill streaks picked specifically so I can get more spawn pro. I don't see any problem with the spawn pro length on short maps. It just means your team needs a different tactic. Everyone has the same 6 or 12 seconds to get somewhere and get to work. Your defense against spawn protection and being shot by someone coming out of it is to properly use cover and your teammates to control/monitor your flanks.
  7. I have to pretend to parent on Saturday, so I'll plan to be there.
  8. Bogleg

    Now all we need is wearable screen tech that combines augmented reality with 3D gaming. The ultimate sea change will be when we get to screens we can look at ALL the time.
  9. Bogleg

  10. Bogleg

    This is a fair assessment in my eyes.
  11. Bogleg

    I can think of several examples of this happening, and those people now being members of the clan, in fact.
  12. Bogleg
  13. Only three changes I would like to see to the current MOD (if I were king and you had to all listen to me): 1) Change to the car so it thaws only or explodes and kills only, but doesn't do both 2) Do the same for the pred - make a "defrost" version that lets you thaw one player out if you want. Most people use the pred for the 6 seconds of spawn pro anyway 3) And last, but most important, BRING BACK THE DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN!
  14. Bogleg

    Don't act like you haven't watched this video hundreds of times before.
  15. Bogleg

    Having been banned in my previous gaming life from numerous COD2 CTF servers - including being kicked out of, at the time, a major COD2 clan - for being too good (aka "cheating"), I have some personal opinions on this. Guess where I ended up? Here - playing on XI COD2 CTF servers where most of the other players were also "too good" - haha. I do not support banning players for simply being "too good." However, that's just my personal opinion. My admin opinion: In a lot of our games, there are programs in place to mitigate cheats. COD4 does not have these types of programs anymore, so it is a challenge to automagically catch people using "hacks." Our only recourse is lots of spectating and the help of the OTHER CLAN MEMBERS to help police and provide evidence. There are a handful of people that I hear complaints about regularly. I have spent time watching all of those players and have played several hours against and with them. I have yet to see any evidence of cheating in the form of using an actual "hack" like an aimbot or wallhack. What I have seen - and see regularly - is that it appears some players are intentionally lowering their video settings or using configs to remove foliage, and I think this is perhaps our biggest issue in the COD4 servers right now. It renders large, sniper-ish maps with lots of foliage essentially useless as maps. We won't ever get people to stop complaining about other people who are better than them. That's part of the human condition. All we can do is be reasonable and apply logic to our decisions. If it's in the best interests of the server to eliminate a player because they 1) play on the server super frequently, and 2) cause a majority of other players to leave the server, then yes - I do think we should do something about it. We have attempted in the past -with marginal success - approaching the player and asking them to "tone it down." I personally hate this, but "it is what it is." When that doesn't work, people have been banned in the past. If I recall, at least two players come to mind who were banned for "being too good," so to speak. In general if there is consensus on banning someone, I am supportive of it as in the best interests of the gaming community. I mean out of 12 years I've been here, that's not a bad track record. The clan should be given some credit for running COD servers that have been regularly populated for over a decade with minimal headaches to the player population. I think sometimes people need to take their blinders off and look at the big picture.