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  1. Thanks to LoaderXI and !ohmy! Sharknado
  2. yes it will, I'm going to hook up with merlin to talk about spawn placement on the map to play freeze tag
  3. Hi m8 i haven't got cod4 or mod tools installed, but after i finished in in cod5 i could take it back to chalk and then look at it again .....
  4. I’m in shock a great guy and true idiot R I P my friend
  5. Took sometime but got it going lol, now just need to get my head around the tools again will keep you posted ....... ps forgot to take picture of the tunnel
  6. Don't forget this lol not sure what year i make this map ? just looked 2018 mp_enigmaoff
  7. Happy Birthday ......................
  8. Cod4 you must be an idiot lol
  9. Markoff


    yes can do but the explosion doesn't work side ways
  10. Great to have you back up and running again ....
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