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  1. Markoff

    Can you still do it from under you desk late at night lol cheers Dave..........................
  2. Markoff

    Hi Bob I'm always about Sunday for a chat ............
  3. Markoff

    Bob don't run away I'll hook up with you near the end lol
  4. Markoff

    cool I'll keeep you in mind
  5. Markoff

    Say hello to the start of my latest map mp_red_sparrow will be a Russian themed map (as you all know I'm Russian ) will be lots of custom textures and fx should be ready sometime this year lol....................just a couple of pictures
  6. Markoff

    Quick question which one and why ? Radeon rx6800 nvidia rtx 3080
  7. Markoff

    Slackernet the first uk one was the right one, appreciate it thanks Mark
  8. Markoff

    thanks yep thats them just need to find it in uk now .....?
  9. Markoff

    Hi all I'm trying to find a coolermaster cpu to psu 8 pin to 2x4 pin male cable ? to fix a v1000
  10. Markoff

    Its showing 3000 mhz now as it was set to auto, its corsair vengeance 3000mhz LXP ddr4 came as part of the bundle will look in to above cheers m8
  11. Markoff

    thanks m8 just done the above and now showing
  12. Markoff

    i have 40gb corsair vengeance LPX 3000 mhz ddr4 and a Kraken m22 120mm liquid cooler ? or is it 1066.4 mhz ?
  13. Markoff

    Question not sure i unstand the figues meaning ??
  14. Markoff

  15. Markoff

    Was the back bone of XI, and a great all round guy and friend



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