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  1. Markoff

    Thanks guys put a new cmos battery in and for now the pc has fired up would someone mind having a look inside my pc files etc on ts to see if anything is wrong ?? still black screens when trying to play modernwarfare but i can live wiyh that 😀😀
  2. Markoff

    Thanks for all you help guys but as of now I’ll fucking done with it all Piece of shit computer if I can be fucked later on down the line to look at it again will do thanks Mark
  3. Markoff

    Hi guys this problem is now happening when I start my PC up just get a black screen so I am unable to access anything on my PC now and my computer knowledge is limited so for the time being I’m calling it a day cheers mark
  4. Markoff

    Hi guys work my way through the ones I can do and also getting some help from Rob But still getting a black screen the game is crashing driving me crazy so I’m going to uninstall the game reinstall it and see if that fixes it
  5. Markoff

    Thanks m8 will work my way throuh and get back with out come
  6. Markoff

    Thanks for your help guys but done all i know how to my end and game is still crashing
  7. Markoff

    Hi all just started getting a black screen when trying to join game have sound but black screen ?? have updated my drivers any ideas to a fix ?? thanks mark
  8. Markoff

    Nice touch from Beers tonight
  9. Markoff

    Porkyxi good to see you back here m8 wahoo4 ph4nt0m HornyHeather all old time idiots welcome back 😀😀😀
  10. thanks m8 done all above (not sure about what patch i'm on )but have got more servers now but no XI ? I'll look out for you in ts over the next couple of days cheers Mark
  11. just got cod4 on steam and its like it hasen't patched it up only a hand full on server to play on no XI ??
  12. Markoff

    I have full control ?
  13. Markoff

    Hi all I've just updated to windows 10 pro, and tried to do a claim ownership to sort an error out and now getting this as well, this pops up every 15 mins would love to get rid of it if possible ?? ps only had windows 10 a couple of weeks so still finding my way around
  14. Markoff

    Only taken 5/10 min's my end 👍
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