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  1. Happy Birthday Rockape.
  2. Next rotation is in and the downloader has been updated. mp_5nav1 mp_78gaperon mp_africorp_rmk mp_agx_burgundy mp_akushima mp_snr_vimyrd NEW mp_anzio mp_asylum mp_ravine mp_beertruck mp_beuvron mp_desolate mp_snr_stmengs2 NEW mp_kwai mp_outskirts mp_ax_simmerath mp_seelow mp_docks mp_amberville mp_snrtrondheim NEW Cheers
  3. Happy Birthday pal. Hope you had great day. Cheers
  4. Welcome back Beavis.
  5. Sad to hear the passing of another member. RIP Usmale.
  6. Welcome to XI Black_Cat. Cheers
  7. Interesting. Did not see that one in there. Any idea why?
  8. Termin, As from our previous convo, please post and be clear on what exactly you need help with as @Hunter just said. Are you trying to run our ace mod on your own server? Is it currently running with error or not running at all yet? If this is the case, provide details of what trouble you are having or error you are getting? Please don't expect people to just jump over to your TS and look for you to solve your problem. If you need help, post the issues and allow time for a response. Thank you. Assuming you are trying to set up your own server to run the mod, see the following link below. This will explain to you why you had to change the name of the server config to it's default name of server.cfg and how to construct your servers command line to run the server. And yes NFO servers still require this command line. Feel free to post of any difficulties. Dedicated Server Setup and Usage Guide
  9. Next rotation is in and the downloader has been updated. mp_78lolv2 mp_78tokyorose mp_ambush mp_anbinh mp_anzio_beach mp_snr_freedom2 NEW mp_contra mp_cw_brecourt mp_cw_farm mp_gb_karkand mp_hospital mp_snr_st_mengs NEW mp_lao_cai mp_makin mp_mohdv2 mp_omcbrest_ffa mp_radiorelay mp_chateau mp_kiev mp_snr_treblink NEW Cheers
  10. Welcome PJ to our forums and hope you enjoy the games and the banter, we are a great bunch of Idiots. Cheers
  11. The demo sent to you must be a demo recorded in game. As well, it needs to be put into the proper demos folder located in your Windows users appdata directory where your profile is.