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  1. Merlin007

    Well, that was fun. Until the next time... Cheers
  2. Merlin007

    I did a regedit to stop the auto updates when I installed 10. It only updates now if I go into the Update & Security settings and install.
  3. Hey Jon. Tell them to delete the maps from their usermaps folder on their PC and let the game try to download them again. It may be a conflict in a local file and the remote file.
  4. Hello ssuss. If you are here due to your recent ban, please kindly follow the Appeals/Support link on our home page and complete the appeals form. Once this is receive, the ban can be discussed. Thank you.
  5. Merlin007

    Happy Birthday all! Cheers
  6. Merlin007

    Happy Birthday to you 3 Idiots today. Have a great day.
  7. Good day all, The next rotation is up and running. mp_1078brecourt mp_78bathroom mp_78compound mp_78kwai mp_78stalingrad mp_82ab_panzerwerk mp_agx_depot2 mp_agx_shinu mp_arroyo mp_kilian mp_bridge mp_cw_dawnville mp_bessie mp_dogville mp_desert_storm mp_kokoda mp_lolv2 mp_mohdm7 mp_owatatsumi mp_vm_caen Cheers
  8. Merlin007

    Have 10 and no issues. Yes 7 was and still is an excellent OS but I upgraded to 10 in the start and really don't have complaints. Mind you I don't like some of the stuff they done so have tools to turn some shit off including most app crap like xbox. I will admit though that for what 10 offers to what I need, I would have stayed with 7 but my crystal ball wasn't working that day. Those who are heavy MS app users will get the most out of 10 but I am not but too much hassle to revert back so since no problems, I just leave it and periodically check for changes after updates.
  9. Merlin007

    There was no CoD4 admins banning people on cod5. The ban came from us. Think this was clarified up further.
  10. @deerejon Snowing here as well but hopefully not too much over night. At 35 deg maybe @Elvis9 is stripping down. Please no pics though Elvis... lol
  11. @deerejon New map to try out when you have time.
  12. Merlin007

    Looks great Mark. Can't wait to play it.