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  1. The voice volume affects the crackling sound when frozen so would suggest you leave it down unless you like the crackling.
  2. Jon asking for opinions to a potential change in play guys so give him the courtesy and respect. Lets keep this topic on track please.
  3. pretty sure that can be done but by doing that, you'll run out of bullets since you won't have any guns to pick up for ammo. well, those that don't die quickly anyway will run out...
  4. Dragon, like it or not, it's a style of play, just like camping, or the use of a flamethrower and marty. we can't start limiting how one plays but will leave up to @deerejon
  5. Merlin007

    Welcome and well done Mark. Congrats. Klink you later. Cheers
  6. Merlin007

    Congrats pal.
  7. Merlin007

    Very nice. Looks like it's coming along.
  8. Merlin007

    Murphy. The ban has been lifted but with some reluctance. You knew that spot was a glitch however proceeded to use it anyway. It does not matter if others have been seen in that or any glitch, it does not make it allowed, you just got caught. This is your first strike and has been registered. Three strikes, you're out... Please follow the rules. They're on the welcome screen and scrolled throughout the game. Thank you.
  9. Merlin007

    Hello murphy. Please sit tight while this is reviewed and the banning admin responds.
  10. haha, no worries. it happens. and with depot, you'll probably notice that there is an agxdepot and an agx_depot so easy to pick the wrong one. cheers
  11. hmmmm. not sure that map would have hung up. is the following map in the rotation on the server?
  12. Merlin007

    Rarely get them but firstly, get rid of symantec lol. Sorry, not a fan. I stick simply with windows defender and malwarebytes.
  13. Merlin007

    Can always use new maps. cod5 not going anywhere. any of the 5 themes are welcome. Very much appreciated icey.
  14. Happy Birthday CplAh. Hope you have a great day. Cheers