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  1. Merlin007

    Happy Birthday. Have an excellent day.
  2. Merlin007

    Sorry for your loss. My condolences to you and your family.
  3. Merlin007

    Having COD5 redirect problems too.
  4. Merlin007

    Ya one of the cats are probably snoozing on the other end of the couch.
  5. Merlin007

    Downstairs in my office, wife sends me a photo of our boy... Appears he's having a rough day. 😀
  6. Hey Hefe. No can do this year. We'll have to get together sometime though.
  7. Merlin007

    @Elvis9 as beer said, just have to use the mute option. Understand you don't want to listen to that stuff, I wouldn't either. Feel free to speak up and request they discontinue to the conversation or just mute them.
  8. @djMot I am working from home today so will try and keep an eye on server as well.
  9. Merlin007

    Happy Birthday all. Hope you had an excellent day. Cheers
  10. Merlin007

    Pretty cool Duc. Be interesting to see how it shows by game.
  11. At any given time, a team or both teams may have a player who don't thaw much or are new and don't understand how. As pointed out above, auto assign helps keep the teams balanced, keep them even so we are not picking and stacking, and allows the community to grow when you get to play along side different people... the social fun part of why we are here. Auto assign is not perfect and you'll never have a perfect solution when teams can dynamically change but also noted, that if the teams become too unbalanced in the middle of the round, then an admin can move players or a player themselves can decide to change teams before the round ends. The point it, auto assign works and will not be changed.
  12. Merlin007

    @AlphaDog Great pics. The night lights are excellent. Used to take my kids when they were younger with a sled and walk the parkway.