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  1. Glad to hear you are ok. Sounds like a good time to quit. It's always something like this, usually bad however, that can be a good motivator. My dad used to smoke a lot and one day driving home from work, he got into one his smoker coughing spells and drove himself off the road and into a corn field. Lucky he was where he was. He put the cigs down the following week and quit cold turkey and healthier for it. Take care and recover well.
  2. Nashville sounds cool and looks like a do-able trip for me and the mrs. will have to check out the other suggestions on what's hot and what's not but plan on saving now for next year.
  3. Had the version they were talking about but was the 64bit so all ok. Checked registry and no weird entries. Updated. Ran malwarebytes and all ok. Thanks again there @djMot
  4. I use it. Will check which version. Thanks for the heads up. If it is, will probably be last time I use it.
  5. Finally here. XI Fest here I come.
  6. Good morning all, The next rotation has been loaded and downloaded has been updated. mp_1078brecourt mp_78gaperon mp_akushima mp_agx_destroyed mp_78tokyorose mp_algiers mp_ambush mp_ax_simmerath mp_hurtsum mp_canal2 mp_cw_farm mp_dawnville mp_docks mp_enigmaoff mp_bessie mp_kiev mp_louret mp_montargis mp_seelow Enjoy as I am off to the Fest in Niagara this weekend. Cheers
  7. Can't make the 14th but will be there Friday aft till Sunday.
  8. From Bismarck North Dakota, thanks Jon. Sent from my SM-A520W using Tapatalk
  9. Nice photos Astro. Sent from my SM-A520W using Tapatalk
  10. Welcome to XI Taz. Sent from my SM-A520W using Tapatalk
  11. Looks good so far mark. nice job.
  12. Thanks for the heads up teknon. Sent from my SM-A520W using Tapatalk
  13. Next maps are in. Downloader might be updated lol. A bit buggy this morning so I need to check with Duc. mp_78dawnraid mp_agx_depot1 mp_anzio mp_communique mp_cw_breakout mp_dogville mp_dundygrad mp_gb_karkand mp_hangar mp_industrial mp_kursk mp_nighthound mp_nvabase mp_powcamp_n mp_streets mp_sweat_blood mp_vm_brecourt mp_vm_river mp_waterway Cheers
  14. The T beers. lol.
  15. Next rotation is in and the downloader has been updated. mp_5nav1 mp_agx_burgundy mp_amberville mp_beltot mp_chokepoint mp_drum mp_subway mp_hunt mp_kwai mp_makin mp_mohaa_dv mp_owatatsumi mp_rostov mp_southfrance mp_sps_kiebu mp_stalingrad mp_freedom1 mp_townville mp_v2bunker mp_vm_caen Cheers