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  1. Next rotation is in and the downloader updated. mp_78dawnraid mp_agx_burgundy mp_ambush mp_bf1942_berlin mp_eindhoven2 mp_industrial mp_tge mp_lost_temple mp_louret mp_marsh mp_nachtfeuer mp_nvabase mp_rb mp_rocket mp_seelow mp_suburban mp_kiev mp_townville mp_wbridge mp_xfire_bay Cheers
  2. @Hunter Server times reset. @Dman67 Thanks for the comments on panzerwerk. I removed the map.
  3. Frack... Ok, thanks Hunter. Server set to restart every 2 hours again. Should restart at 8pm and every 2 hrs after that. FN Cracktivision.
  4. Ok. Thanks. I see @hunter agrees. If that is the case then I'll remove from the rotation. So far you are the only one to comment on it.
  5. Happy Birthday fucker, I mean pal. lol Have a great day my friend. Cheers
  6. Thanks for the feedback dman. Is this persistent or a hit and miss fluke in the game?
  7. Get shot and you can wear an icecube uniform.
  8. HAHA gotta love it, fn Cracktivision master pricks. Is on list now.
  9. Pretty sure I set it for 5pst and we're 3 hrs ahead but will check when I get home. Thanks hunter for checking.
  10. Someone gonna end up with a nice car if it doesn't messed up in an asteroid belt beyond Mars.
  11. Ok... with todays rotation, I set the restart interval to 4hrs and set up so server will restart at 8pm and not again till midnight as these are the busiest hours, then every 4hrs after that. Will see what happens from there.
  12. Not I.
  13. Good morning all, The next rotation is in and the downloader updated. Also have a new map in thanks to @2_MANY_BEERS who says actually works for FT. mp_1078carentan mp_78compound mp_78stalingrad mp_82ab_panzerwerk NEW mp_82ab_richemont mp_beltot mp_caen2 mp_crossroads mp_cw_bocage mp_cw_dawnville mp_cw_rocket mp_desert_storm mp_dome mp_downtown2 mp_dropzone mp_hangar mp_newhurtgen mp_nijmegen mp_overcong mp_shrine ** Please comment here if there any problems with the new map. ** I also changed the restart intervals to 4hrs and set so the server should run uninterrupted (from restarts that is) from 8pm to midnight. Let me know or beers if connection issues persist during this longer interval. Thanks and hopefully something can be done with Cracktivision. Cheers