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  1. The next rotation for DM3 is now running. Small map rotation map mp_agx_castle map mp_crate_yard map mp_get_lost_3 map mp_kauten map mp_little_town map mp_pmcod map mp_yuko Medium map rotation map mp_78druglord map mp_agx_depot1 map mp_akushima map mp_ax_neuville map mp_bergsnow map mp_rust map mp_broadcast map mp_crossroads map mp_dawnville map mp_docks map mp_fatherland map mp_frenchvillage map mp_jungle map mp_makin map mp_mohdv2 map mp_nvabase map mp_railyard map mp_ratskitchen map mp_scarecrow map mp_poolshark map mp_v2 map mp_xfire_bay Large map rotation map mp_1078brecourt map mp_82ab_erdol map mp_airfield map mp_ax_simmerath map mp_bgaden map mp_camp_merc map mp_ctrain map mp_dogville map mp_gb_atami map mp_hurtgen map mp_hurtsum map mp_landing map mp_montargis map mp_overcong map mp_renan_bridge map mp_sfss_castle map mp_snrtrondheim map mp_stalingrad map mp_trainstation map mp_vm_jungle map mp_xi_shima
  2. Next rotation for DM3 is in. Small map rotation map mp_africorp_rmk map mp_bridge map mp_gardenofheat map mp_killhouse map mp_lichtung map mp_pavlov map mp_trainingcamp Medium map rotation map mp_78deadsville map mp_agx_burgundy map mp_agxstlo map mp_ax_dawnville map mp_boneville map mp_crash_day map mp_cw_trainwreck map mp_dock_assault map mp_downtown2 map mp_falaise5 map mp_jsvacant map mp_louret map mp_mohdm7 map mp_nijmegen map mp_powcamp_n map mp_railyrd map mp_sabre map mp_snr_vimyrd map mp_toujane_rmk map mp_wolftown Large map rotation map mp_78townville map mp_agxdepo map mp_ax_brecourt map mp_bessie map mp_caen2 map mp_corregidor map mp_cw_hurtgen map mp_desert_storm map mp_foy_nite map mp_hunt map mp_kwanriver map mp_mohaa_dasboot map mp_outskirts map mp_ramelle map mp_sfrance_nite map mp_snr_st_mengs map mp_stalemate_1 map mp_townville2 map mp_vm_crash map mp_winter_war map mp_xi_castillo Cheers
  3. The next rotation for DM3 is loaded, server will need restart. Small map rotation map mp_78bathroom map mp_breakout map mp_fritzkrieg map mp_hospital map mp_killhousev2 map mp_nachtfeuer map mp_snr_seals_2 Medium map rotation map mp_5nav1 map mp_agx_ameland map mp_agx_market map mp_argentan_n map mp_bgate map mp_courtyard map mp_cw_ship map mp_doc78 map mp_downtown map mp_enigmaoff map mp_ict_stone map mp_line_of_fire map mp_mohdm3 map mp_nightmare map mp_pavlov_h map mp_psycho map mp_riverbank map mp_snr_treblink map mp_toujane map mp_wbridge Large map rotation map mp_78rocket map mp_agx_psel map mp_assembly map mp_bentys_depot map mp_cabu map mp_contrav2 map mp_derailed map mp_foy map mp_hill78 map mp_kwalajein map mp_malta2 map mp_omcbrest_ffa map mp_railgun map mp_snr_ridge map mp_stalemate map mp_townville map mp_vm_caen map mp_winter_crash map mp_wolfsquare
  4. The next rotation for DM3 is now in. Small map rotation map mp_asylum map mp_dugin map mp_hhk_yokora map mp_killhouse map mp_maquina_viet map mp_ripac map mp_villa Medium map rotation map mp_506th map mp_agx_abusimbel map mp_agx_eindhoven map mp_argentan map mp_bf1942_berlin map mp_clum map mp_cw_neuville map mp_decoytrenches map mp_dinant map mp_eindhoven2 map mp_hob_mohdv2 map mp_lao_cai map mp_mohdm1 map mp_murmansk map mp_newvillers2 map mp_pds map mp_remagen map mp_snr_matmata map mp_the_cube map mp_waw_chateau Large map rotation map mp_78lolv2 map mp_agx_port map mp_assault map mp_beltot map mp_cabanatuan map mp_contra map mp_cw_strasbourg map mp_farmhouse2 map mp_hangar map mp_kwai map mp_lyon map mp_oldbrecourt map mp_ps7 map mp_salerno map mp_snr_flatdeck map mp_sps_xian map mp_supply_depot map mp_vm_brecourt map mp_warehouse_rnr map mp_wdocks
  5. It's my shotty of choice. Doesn't have the same range as the trench but it's fun to use.
  6. The next rotation for DM3 is now running. Small map rotation map mp_algiers map mp_dome map mp_hgy_c map mp_iceworld map mp_maquina map mp_republic_1 map mp_shipments Medium map rotation map mp_82ab_panzerwerk map mp_agx_destroyed map mp_anzio_beach map mp_beuvron map mp_chateau map mp_cw_hill map mp_db_snowypark map mp_die_bruecke map mp_dundygrad map mp_gits_harbor map mp_koshiki map mp_lapatrouille map mp_mohaa_dv map mp_newvillers map mp_paresu map mp_reichattack map mp_snr_kassel map mp_tge map mp_warsaw map mp_waw_burgundy Large map rotation map mp_78junobeach map mp_agx_assault map mp_armory map mp_bastogne map mp_byalistok map mp_communique map mp_cw_saintlo map mp_erdingtonoff map mp_gustav map mp_kursk map mp_lsb_gloomy_moor map mp_nuenen map mp_provence5 map mp_rtcwchateau map mp_snr_arnhem44 map mp_snr_arnhemwt map mp_sps_station map mp_suburban map mp_verteidigen map mp_waw_caen Cheers
  7. Very odd dj. These are not new maps and have been in a rotation for a long time without changes.
  8. On the server that's how the file size looks but when downloaded, they are different. Check out your local file and see if they are the same.
  9. Aside the "date modified", mine shows todays date, not sure why dates would be different, but the file sizes are the same. It appears your map download is good so quite honestly not sure why you'd be having an issue. Is this the only map you've had this issue with so far?
  10. Merlin007

    Nice. Very cool of him Storm.
  11. Hey dj. That is very strange, this map has been in a rotation for some time now without issue. I personally haven't had issues and in comparing the files on the redirect to my own, the file sizes are identical. I also deleted the map from my local usermaps folder and let the game download it from the redirect and that also went ok without issue. Can't say why that is happening but have heard of something like this where a player couldn't download maps but was more of a firewall issue I believe if I recall correctly. When you get the unhandled exception and check, did all 3 files of the map get downloaded, should be 2 .ff and 1 .iwd file, and were any of those 0kb in size?
  12. Next rotation on the Sniper server is now in. map mp_cs_sniperdesert map mp_fr_jg_4 map mp_gps_omaha map mp_ifis_highway map mp_lsb_flatey map mp_mass_mad2 map mp_old_west map mp_sk_trenches map mp_sos_barfight map mp_sos_kv map mp_sos_orel_winter map mp_sos_wharf map mp_sps_dynamic map mp_sps_japon map mp_sps_rock_is map mp_uws_devridge
  13. Next rotation for DM1 is now running. Small map rotation map mp_agx_castle map mp_crate_yard map mp_hgy_c map mp_kauten map mp_maquina map mp_radiorelay map mp_yuko Medium map rotation map mp_agx_depot1_night map mp_alcazaba map mp_asylum map mp_bf1942_berlin map mp_poolshark map mp_cassino5 map mp_cw_breakout map mp_deadwood map mp_dropzone map mp_frenchvillagen map mp_hunt_winter map mp_line_of_fire map mp_louret map mp_mohdv2 map mp_newvillers2 map mp_pavlov_h map mp_ravine_v1 map mp_snr_matmata map mp_tge map mp_waw_burgundy map mp_byalistok Large map rotation map mp_78lolv2 map mp_airfield map mp_burma map mp_byalistok map mp_castle map mp_desert_storm map mp_foy map mp_gustav map mp_kiev map mp_malta2 map mp_panzerfact map mp_roundhouse map mp_sconseville_beta map mp_shallowgrave map mp_snr_arnhem44 map mp_southfrance5 map mp_townville map mp_v2 map mp_warehouse_rnr
  14. Server has been restarted. New rotation running.
  15. A little late this week but here is the next rotation for DM3. Small map rotation map mp_agx_shinu map mp_cw_abandoned map mp_egn map mp_give_up map mp_leningrad map mp_opera map mp_sandbox Medium map rotation map mp_78stalingrad map mp_agx_depot2_night map mp_anbinh map mp_bellicourt map mp_cav_slated map mp_cw_dawnville map mp_cw_rocket map mp_desolate map mp_dug_in78 map mp_frucanal map mp_hunt_winter map mp_hedgemaze map mp_matmata map mp_nachtzug map mp_owatatsumi map mp_rb map mp_snr_freedom2 map mp_sweat_blood map mp_tankhuntwaw map mp_waw_arnhem map mp_yomi Large map rotation map mp_78gaperon map mp_district map mp_agx_algiers map mp_anzio map mp_barracks map mp_burma map mp_claremont map mp_cw_pacific map mp_ederdam map mp_gtown44 map mp_kneeriver map mp_lost_temple map mp_normandie map mp_prague map mp_roundhouse map mp_silesia map mp_snowypark map mp_sps_kiebu map mp_sturm map mp_v2bunker map mp_waterway
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