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  1. The next rotation for freezetag has been loaded and the downloader updated. mp_78compound mp_82ab_richemont mp_82ab_chateau mp_africorp_rmk mp_agx_shinu mp_anzio mp_bocage2 mp_armory mp_breakout mp_communique mp_contra mp_duong mp_dogville mp_dome mp_db_snowypark mp_jungle mp_pavlov_h mp_rhinevalleygits mp_roundhouse mp_yomi Cheers
  2. The map with the santa suits is only a map thing. One side is santa, the other side is some white suit.
  3. That does suck I do agree. It may be a mod thing but will check the files and see if there is something I can do. Cheers
  4. Welcome to the forums poppy. See you in game. Cheers
  5. Next set of maps is in and the downloader has been updated. mp_louret mp_anbinh mp_barracks mp_rb mp_dugin mp_hangar mp_industrial mp_kiev mp_5nav1 mp_nachtzug mp_oldbrecourt mp_powcamp_n mp_cw_farm mp_sps_kiebu mp_stalemate_1 mp_toujane_rmk mp_vm_crash mp_xi_shima mp_waterway mp_warehouse Cheers
  6. Well, scrap that change for now. Encountered a problem which is odd as this was the same change as before but server not liking it for some reason. Need to look closer.
  7. In response to the recent issue of the RPG power over the tanks, I made the same change to the IWD that was previously done before the server crapped out. When you first join, you will be forced to download the updated mod file.
  8. Looking forward to it Markoff.
  9. Will look at. For this I made a change to the mod a while back but when the server went for a crap as you may recall, it must have been loaded with the original mod files. I'll make the same change to where it was before as it seemed to be ok as far as I can tell. This will force a download of the updated iwd mod file.
  10. Good morning, Next rotation is running and the downloader has been updated. mp_1078carentan mp_akushima mp_cw_neuville mp_subway mp_downtown2 mp_freedom1 mp_lost_temple mp_maquina mp_matmata mp_mohaa_dv mp_newhurtgen mp_nvabase mp_rocket mp_seelow mp_sfrance_nite mp_sps_xian mp_stream2 mp_cw_pacific mp_townville mp_trenchtoast Cheers
  11. It's like @Labob said. png at 25 x 50