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  1. Good morning all, Next maps are loaded. Enjoy. mp_78bathroom mp_agx_depot1 mp_agx_destroyed mp_ax_neuville mp_beltot mp_caen_night mp_castle mp_chateau mp_contrav2 mp_cw_trainwreck mp_fritzkrieg mp_lolv2 mp_maquina_viet mp_renan_bridge mp_snr_matmata mp_stronghold mp_sub mp_toujane mp_vacant mp_vm_brecourt Cheers
  2. My biased opinion is COD5 WAW.
  3. Welcome to the team marauder.
  4. Good morning all, The next rotation for this week is loaded. mp_1078brecourt mp_78lolv2 mp_ax_trainwreck mp_blood_island mp_crash_day mp_crossroads mp_doc78 mp_hurtgen mp_ict_stone mp_kwai mp_mohdm3 mp_montelimar mp_newhurtgen mp_rtcwchateau mp_shrine mp_siege mp_stalemate mp_stlo mp_v2 mp_wbridge Cheers
  5. Looked like he was haul'in ass too.
  6. Nice choices @Streetcleaner
  7. Good day all, Next set of maps for this week is loaded. mp_agx_shinu mp_ambush mp_breakout mp_courtyard mp_cw_bocage mp_ddd_wet mp_drum mp_freedom1 mp_hunt mp_kwalajein mp_lao_cai mp_overcong mp_ravine mp_roundhouse mp_salerno mp_seelow mp_thor mp_trenchtoast mp_tunnels mp_vm_crash Cheers
  8. Hahahah, 50% bottleneck because of GPU running with my i5 4670K. Gonna stay that for a while as I do not intent to go run out and buy a new very overpriced card.
  9. Live to recorded music is always going to be different. Venue also plays a big part as far as acoustics and quality of sound. For me, I do enjoy live music however if the ticket price for me ain't right, I don't bother. It's not a must for me to see live bands and as I don't do it all the time, I treat myself once in a while. It's live so you get what you get as to performance and sound but at same time, shouldn't be judged by how they sound on LP or CD.
  10. They are awesome indeed. Priest and Maiden my all time favorite metal bands.
  11. Was an excellent show and yes, Saxon too. Really enjoy their stuff. First time I heard Black Star Riders i do believe, not bad, enjoyable, good tunes... All in all, with two openers, it was 4hrs of some awesome metal.
  12. Ya, he's a bit older now lol but still has that voice, you know it's them.
  13. Always enjoyed the metal from Priest and it just keeps going. Love the new album, even got if free with code when I bought tickets day of sale so that was sweet.
  14. Was excellent. They played a few from their new album obviously to promote it and a number of great tunes over the years, electric eye, turbo lover, the ripper, etc.