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Found 9 results

  1. Make it so you can remote thaw a teammate in view while you are being thawed. Could be chained through multiple frozen teammates. Just an idea...
  2. Been playing COD4 freezetag for a few years now ( 700+ hours according to Steam ), primarily on XI but sometimes F4H or ESC if XI is full. For those who don't know the origin of my name, this will catch you up: ( click image for video ) I play other games as "Noumenon"
  3. bobo59

    Hi all I'm 43 years old. I live in France (Lille). I have 4 children the 2 olders playing COD on PS4. I only play freezetag because i love this mod and his team I also like sports (tennis, running), poker, motorbike ... and my wife My english is not good enough. Sorry il I dont understand you during game You have accepted Frenchi so i hope you'll me accept me See you later on maps
  4. The Famous One

    Hi guys, my name is The Famous One and probably all of you will already know me of course I'm a 21 year old guy living in Leuven, Belgium. I'm not a terrorist, not a beer brewer and not a chocolatier! Just a regular guy studying Industrial Engineering who has been enjoying all Xtreme Idiots since 2011 I think. You can find me on the COD4 Freezetag MW2 server, and sometimes I play the zombie server and the deathrun server! All of you have a great day, see you in game! The Famous One
  5. Crossfire

    Hey everyone I recently came into an issue. I play on the Cod4 MW2 Freezetag server and I have played a lot. I would like to say I'm pretty well known there. But recently out of nowhere I'm getting kicked with an error I can not seem to fix. The error states: Kicked for 0 minutes. Punkbuster corrupted File/Memory [81353] I have done the basics... reboot... reinstall... re download and replace.... blah blah... I googled it but no avail If Anyone can help me with this issue it would be very grateful because I am completely lost. Thanks!
  6. {ESG}*Goku*

    Yop yop everyone, my name is Nicolas and I'm from Paris (France). Most of you saw me on the freezetag CoD4 server as {ESG}*Goku*, among other aliases, for two years and a half now. So, here is about the time to land a little introduction. I'm from the world of Unreal Tournament (2004) for those who know the game, where I used to play freezetag as well, back in the days when my clan was still alive. I recognized some of the old times players I used to play with back then, such as Nutcutter (and his famous 'Why thank you?'), BBB (of A$$Hole, for the regulars), Toothless (I mean, Ruthle$$) and s
  7. TurTleSauCe

    Today a made a Nonuple (9times) telefrag kill. I wanted to share this with you
  8. This is a special map made for freezetag, perfectly mirrored map, good for close up combat and maybe some sniper spots. The map is made inside a large hangar just like mp_killhouse but way bigger. Boxes are and random objects are placed around to give a urban feeling. Current status of the map: Last bugs and glitches are being fixed, minimap and intro screen still has to be made. It might take a few days untill the map is ready Screenshots: Download link: Will be provided when map is ready
  9. we seem to have 2 freezetag Beta servers , is there any chance that we can rename one of them, It gets a little confusing when people come to me and say the Bets server has frozen , Or there's a hacker in it , Then I will ask which beta server , answer , Freezetag , doh .. or ... MW2 doh.., it all looks the same in my hlsw.., except one says test and the other www.xtremeidiots.com just a request if it is possible Thx LaRSin



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