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  1. Awesome! Excited to play maps like Fart house again
  2. TurTleSauCe

    Happy B-day
  3. TurTleSauCe

    The Rats maps are frekin awesome
  4. TurTleSauCe

    i can't realy wrap my head around what you just said. You realy think this is an act set in motion to change the gun laws in america?
  5. is that ur status update?
  6. TurTleSauCe

    Therapist/Team manager at a rehabilitation center and Amateur brewer with my brother in law
  7. I was wondering, is it possible for (nonmember) players to suggest a map rotation? or if not a whole rotation, just some map requests?
  8. TurTleSauCe

    Thanks loader / bedankt Pik!
  9. It seems that the map mp_bo2grind does not work for me when its on the freezetagserver. Anyone who knows more about this and able to help me out? cheers
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