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  1. Zeb_UK

    Thank Kitty i’ll try not to swear at you again
  2. Zeb_UK

    its ok i fixed the problem
  3. Zeb_UK

    HELP. I'm getting Key code in use when trying to connect to Ace Mod and other servers...strangely i am able to join some servers without the key in use message come up but others i get the key code in use error ... Arrrrghhh ... the thing is i only ever play on Xetreme idiots server mainly Ace Mod now i can't .... My life is now less then complete I have been away from playing for some months now .... what to do .... I have tried some of the so called solutions i have found on you tube but no joy when trying to connect to Ace Mod server...Any ideas ..I'm on a Mac ( Please be Nice )
  4. Zeb_UK

    Any chance of an XI cap i where a cap most of the time so would love one
  5. Zeb_UK

    Im a Mac User ( Engineer ) I play COD4 on a mac in Mac OS and it is super fast.. Not sure if BFBC2 is available for the Mac. Using WIndows on a mac is ok for running some applications but running games in it is not very good. most do not launch or if they do they run very slowly.
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