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  1. Happy Bday Kayak ! sry was a bit late on this one
  2. Happy Bday Kill
  3. Happy Bday Janey
  4. Thank you all
  5. Happy Bday Rugger !
  6. OCZ pci card ssd for like 5 years or more zero problem. also some Samsung EVO PRO M2 and sata on different machines and zero problems other machines around with sandisc, crucial and kingston ssd tons of problems, maybe its just bad luck with those but im gona stick to Samsung for the next ones
  7. so some can fly ? damn
  8. hmm, interesting. any idea how much will those 2 go for ? I will need a new machine in a few months, mostly for video, photo, and 3D editing i always thought intel and nividia was the way to go as some use the nvidia to render stuffs, but if i read those benchmarks correctly the ryzen would kill everything
  9. damn, hope u recover asap, stay strong
  10. nooooooooo RIP JQ, was missing you for months, now i know why, so sad fkn crab
  11. lol But where is Dadda's pinky shirts ?
  12. Rip AH1 thoughts to his family and friends
  13. Can't believe this, damn it RIP Cobra, had lot of fun with you back in the days, you will be missed. My condolences to the family
  14. ok, u better come back healthy and with enough gold to get a mic and join us on TS lol take care sweet kayak
  15. Welcome to the forum Behzad