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  1. yea the knife ability for props are missing now, and its a big part of the fun.
  2. ChknFngr

    +1 best luck guyz
  3. no they all different, some props u get in specific maps, and not on others, some are there but u have to buy,...
  4. there should be another version of the mod done in openwarfare mod from what i understood, and there props are moving faster, and there are more props to choose. props also have the ability to flash the seekers to help escape them. But i m not sure if its a better mod or what.
  5. ChknFngr

    non merci, j'ai pas encore mangé.
  6. ChknFngr

    its a SLI bridge, for pluggin 2 video cards, don't think u need this roxy lol
  7. can we have the props to run faster than soldiers ?
  8. ChknFngr

    yea on the mod they use, they got more props choices and props are running faster than the soldiers, our mod is different. Still got to understand what u gain with levels and all
  9. ChknFngr

    its a mod burp >XI< Hide and Seek
  10. ChknFngr

    that could be great fun, ty mister R
  11. ChknFngr

    she is always fun, and yea she managed to knife me while i was using rockets lol
  12. ChknFngr

    like yac said, cod4 is old and video drivers are not made for an old game like this, so maybe u should roll back to older drivers. if the only game u play is COD4, never update drivers if it works.
  13. ChknFngr

    also try to remove every usb thing u dont need
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