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  1. sounds great Timmah, but a tiny domestic roaster would cost me around 500. But like i said maybe the coffee shop guy can roast the greens for me ? i will have to go ask him about that. im also thinking about other coffee systems, for example, i wanna try the napolitan coffee machines, maybe something like an aeropress too I dont want a french press anymore as it use way too much coffee amount. Its like u need twice the coffee amount of the coffee u use in an italian machine.
  2. would love to, but im on the other side of the planet. But what i will try to do is to talk about it to the coffee shop guy, he got a really small shop, full of goodies and its half coffee, half Rhum Think im going there next week, long time i want some good rhum
  3. Happy Bday !
  4. kryten, everyone has some weapons they hate to be killed with, so if we start removing or disable one, we might just end with pistols only. And even those will be removed after a while because someone hates pistols. What answer do you need ? its not like we gona change the game and how people likes to play it. You, like everyone else has to deal with it. You are a very good player, i know you can kill the rocketmen before they pull the trigger on you. Make it your next challenge, and all will be good and fun.
  5. rofl Kayak my sweet kayak, i miss you buddy
  6. bout time! welcome and congrats Loco
  7. used to have a few basic expresso machines, they all went in the dustbin. then i start using a french press, but i stopped that as my fav coffee is from a stainless steel Italian coffee pot i grind my grains, but buy them roasted. i used to live next to a coffee roasting pub, that was fantastic coz u wake up in the morning and the whole street was smelling good coffee . blends i used is mostly hundurian (wich we all like here because of its chocolate notes, its lovely), maragogype, santos superior, but best coffee i ever tasted was a blue mountain but its so expensive and hard to find around here.
  8. Happy Bday Kayak ! sry was a bit late on this one
  9. Happy Bday Kill
  10. Happy Bday Janey
  11. Thank you all
  12. Happy Bday Rugger !
  13. OCZ pci card ssd for like 5 years or more zero problem. also some Samsung EVO PRO M2 and sata on different machines and zero problems other machines around with sandisc, crucial and kingston ssd tons of problems, maybe its just bad luck with those but im gona stick to Samsung for the next ones