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  1. ChknFngr

    that or u can also just get the affinity softwares with no monthly fees. + those are really cool but it depend on what u need exactly. the whole cc suite is not cheap
  2. ChknFngr

    first they post things u can't see, then u can't unseen it lol
  3. what about tapes ? i used to run tapes on my C64, would take 30min to 1 hour to load a game but it was working fine
  4. Still can't believe it, and im speechless, Dadda was more than a member and great admin for a lot of people here. He was a real friend, always there to help for everything. Sandra, my prayers are with you and the whole family. Stay strong darling. RIP Dadda.
  5. ChknFngr

    wow sry @Oster i didnt saw your post. i will check what i can do, but i have an idea of where the problem might come from. i have the computer plugged into an UPS system, and i think that UPS is too small and it might cause power problem. Not an expert on power consomption and all that, but i just had a big beep now and the computer reboot on its own. not sure exactly what UPS wattage i should go for exactly if i need to replace this one
  6. dont really want to continue this war, but i use both, and for work, productivity, stability, and lots more there is no comparison, the mac is far superior. maybe not for gaming, but all the rest, even just browsing the net, or even for just printing documents, the mac wins.
  7. ChknFngr

    happy bday lil
  8. ChknFngr

    not sure with steam version but with cd version, i had to reinstall cod4 on new drive and didnt install pb at all. it runs without it
  9. ChknFngr

    well, there is the dead silence perk, ok and there is also people who mess with their sound files, remove ambient sounds and so they can hear everything even if u have dead silence and/or you are on the other side of the map. ...
  10. ChknFngr

    those stats are nice, ty
  11. no i changed my mind a bit, those stats as we have here are fun. its kinda interresting to see who kills you the most and who you kills the most, all this is great to see
  12. lol yea maybe those kind of stats, i agree some can have fun with those, its like the knife kills stats, nades, tubes, rockets ,.... Some are playing for k/d ratio, some don't, but in the end the best players are those who play for the team and not for stats. i'd love to see defrosts stats
  13. hmm, is bootcamp ok for installing win 10pro 64bits and games ? i will not upgrade to catalina soon, but as my pc machine is on his left foot, and sometimes just on one left foot toe, and i got the latest imac (so should be good enough for a lot of games), ... but i dont wanna screw things up coz the imac is my main tool for work
  14. its all Sally's fault ! yea nobody cares about those stats, or maybe some care only about their knifing kills, but thats it. high ranks just mean you gained enough points over time, it doesnt mean your stats are good or not.
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