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  1. ChknFngr

    sorry for your loss dukoo.
  2. ChknFngr

    Welcome Cookie !
  3. ChknFngr

    wow, nice u got some green hands
  4. ChknFngr

    ok, girls i will support you, so have a good fight
  5. ChknFngr

    ok well this is what i taught after getting the msg from the company selling the driver. so it should work fine. thanks for the help bogleg
  6. ChknFngr

    well, i can select a few output setting on the driver : 350mA 2 ~ 100V 600mA 2 ~ 80V 500mA 2 ~ 67V 700mA 2 ~ 57V 900mA 2 ~ 45V 1050mA 2 ~ 40V So i will have to select 350mA, so it will give me 2 ~ 100V what im wondering is how to make it so that it wont go above 40V, coz i only wants one led strip and it is 37.5V i dont want 3 ledstrips as this will be like a desk lamp. The input is 240V here.
  7. ChknFngr

    yea, the driver is rated for 350mA but at 100v. But as i understand it now, it should be fine as it is a constant current driver. the link for the dimmer you got up there seems really nice and it seems like something i want, but it not cheap at all lol anyway i think all i got will work fine. thank you for the help Oster !
  8. ChknFngr

    Happy birthday young lady Shiniee
  9. ChknFngr

    So i have a project to build a special desk led lamp, but not with standard bulb. I need help from an electrician or some led wizard with what components i should get and im a complete noob with electric circuits and all that. the leds bar/strip i want to use have these specs : -14w -40V -350mA and already got a driver, but i think it is too powerfull for these leds : https://www.meanwell-web.com/en-gb/ac-dc-multi-stage-led-driver-constant-current-cc-lcm--40 my guess is that this one would be fine for like 3 of those leds, but too powerfull for just one, am i right ? in this case i wil use it later for another fixture. btw, i want to have a dimmer for this too, something like a simple knob.
  10. ChknFngr

    wow i would be so pissed. its getting difficult to get decent quality pots for cheap. Even local brands moved their productions to China (some do still make decent pots tho)
  11. ChknFngr

    happy bday funkychkn
  12. ty, love the paintball mod, we had one server setup like 1 year ago or something, it was fun, but not many people were playing, hope to see more people on this one, coz its really a good mod
  13. ChknFngr

    its called " speculoos " a bit like a gingerbread spiced cookie. Lotus is the brand that u can find everywhere, its not bad, but there are way better ones. Not sure u can find other brands outside of the EU tho. mix this in a milkshake ... amazing ?
  14. ChknFngr

    i water my tomatoes everyday, but then mine are in a greenhouse. those i plant outside i never water them, unless its really dry. Depens on the climate u have in your area i guess.
  15. ChknFngr

    welcome back lil



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