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  1. ty, love the paintball mod, we had one server setup like 1 year ago or something, it was fun, but not many people were playing, hope to see more people on this one, coz its really a good mod
  2. ChknFngr

    its called " speculoos " a bit like a gingerbread spiced cookie. Lotus is the brand that u can find everywhere, its not bad, but there are way better ones. Not sure u can find other brands outside of the EU tho. mix this in a milkshake ... amazing ?
  3. ChknFngr

    i water my tomatoes everyday, but then mine are in a greenhouse. those i plant outside i never water them, unless its really dry. Depens on the climate u have in your area i guess.
  4. ChknFngr

    welcome back lil
  5. reboot done 10 minutes ago.
  6. ChknFngr

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family
  7. ChknFngr

    i was hoping for other greens, but garlic is fine ?
  8. yep, some lagspike on FT1 too. i heard it from other people yesterday, but didnt experienced it untill today.
  9. ChknFngr

    yep, u can see on the picture, there is no game in the steamapp/common folder, it is supposed to be the folder where all your games are installed. There is only this "Steamworks shared" folder. Im not sure what it is exactly, but it seems almost empty. hmm, could be, i was thinking maybe it has to do with the arma launchers ? I will uninstall the whole arma 2 stuffs and see if that helps.
  10. ChknFngr

    what was your answer ? lol don't be shy )) anyway i will stil investigate this, its not a big deal, but i want my 11.4GB back ? maybe i can try to uninstall games one by one and see what is causing this
  11. ChknFngr

    so, i wanted to move all my steam games to another drive. i went to every steam game options and moved everything to the new drive. but still steam is telling me i have 3 games on C drive there u can see my empty of any game steam folder on C, and the steam msg showing me 3 games installed there, like wtf ? does it install games somewhere else ?
  12. ChknFngr

    congrats sephi, but i have a question .... can you knife people in ARK ?
  13. ChknFngr

    oh my now im wondering if i should change me name lol
  14. had to reboot the server a few hours ago it was stuck i guess, forgot on what map
  15. ChknFngr

    Minecraft and skyrim would be my games of choice and another one that i play with the lady



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