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  1. HAppy Bday Kid !
  2. there is also this that may help. but i have no idea what cod4 x18_dedrun is
  3. did u tried replacing iw3mp.exe by the one we have in the download section here :
  4. From what i read, u just need to replace the iw3mp.exe by the original one. i mean by the iw3mp.exe from a patched COD4 disc version. Someone with that version can give it to you or u can try this one But im not 100% sure of its source. I dont think mine will work for you as it is in french, but im sure we can find this here. Maybe it would be also good to check that Steam can't update your files, not sure how it works
  5. My thoughts to you and family Ter
  6. Happy Bday Corpse ! its a bit like everyday, isnt it ?
  7. TS has this bug where if u select an old password and type the new one, it doesnt apply. So u have to delete the old password and type the new one
  8. well thats a great addition to the other tool, thanks a lot ducky
  9. ty i'll give this a try then
  10. Welcome Meanzuga !
  11. no, that is too simple, no scheduled tests. i need to run tests every 30min or so 24/24
  12. And if anyone need the tool, its here : pretty cool to test your connection every X minutes then get results to share with ISP.
  13. bah nvm i just wont use the upload feature of JDs My ISP will come to fix it soon