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  1. ChknFngr

    told you already, but congrats Lilmord ! this is awesome, enjoy your holidays now
  2. ChknFngr

  3. had that problem few weeks ago, it completely destroyed all my saved tabs, passwords and everything. im done with ff been using vivaldi (love it) since then, also chrome and comodo dragon (for more secured browsing) all based on chromium i think, so all extensions are compatible
  4. ChknFngr

    ok i plugged the new ssd back on, and boot on win7 to have a chkdsk on the new ssd. chkdsk return zero bad sectors but a long list of id file change and what not. result : both win 7 and win 10 run smooth even the old win7 is running better than it was before i even tried to plug a new ssd, thats really weird, but it definitely run way smoother now. I can really feel the difference, even in game. no idea what wasn't working right. so i just have to hit F12 when its booting to choose what OS i want, no need for dual boot, good!
  5. ChknFngr

    nice ! thank you Marley, i didnt fix that cod4 issue yet cause i can't even run win10 at the moment. I know i have the cod4 cd somewhere, i think i even saw it a few months ago, it has to be here under a pile of old papers lol and yes i still have the box with the key right next to me. Some says u can use that key to redeem the game on steam. But im not sure i wanna do this, yet. -> But maybe its a good idea too as that could let me install the game on the new imac that should be here soon. so im not sure marley, i may need an iso, maybe not, im not decided yet. but thats clearly a good solution.
  6. ChknFngr

    i ate both this evening lol
  7. ChknFngr

    good, but i read this : Note: If you are running an OEM version of Windows, the migration may fail. VMware cannot support OEM copies of Windows migrated to virtual machines as this is a violation of Microsoft licensing conditions. my win 7 is OEM for some reason lol
  8. ChknFngr

    ok, but that win10 was working fine untill i run win7 again. i mean i can reinstall it again, but it may do the same thing. i think i have a problem with my old ssd / win 7 / other discs system that cause this mess. the vmware thing looks great, but i dont want to reinstall win 7, i need my old win 7 install untouched. can it do that ?
  9. ChknFngr

    no, i have : my old ssd : samsung 850 PRO with win 7 new one : samsung 860 EVO with win 10 on the 860 i first cloned the 850 and tried to make an upgrade to win10 but didnt worked. so i install a fresh win 10 on it with usb key so if both are plugged in, and i decide to run win7 i got chkdsk on win 10 and another disc where i got datas and some programs. i skipped that chkdsk on the 860 win 10 and now it doesn't want to boot win 10 anymore
  10. ChknFngr

    that don't work here. anyway, back to my win 10 problems, now im on win 7 disc. so i changed my boot order to the win7 again, at start, i had chkdsk on 2 discs, the one with win10 and another one where i got datas and some programs installed like cod4. so i skipped the chkdsk on win10 and let it do its thing on the data/cod4 one. so after that i could launch win7 and play cod4. i changed the boot order to the win10 one and boom, do not work, error code : ntfs file system i tried repair, do not work, i tried to remove the win7 disc, reboot, same thing. so i removed the win10 disc and reboot on the win7 without problems, but can't run win10 anymore maybe its a problem with disc letters ? when i was on win7 (C), the win10 disc was F when i was on win10 (C) the win7 was E ? not sure i wish i could changed that letter easily at install, but no
  11. ChknFngr

    ok here i am on win 10 but i do not want a dual boot anymore, coz if i do and if something bad happens to my old drive, im screwed. so i guess i will just change boot order in bios everytime i want/need. And hope those pesky chkdsk will stop. Now i got another problem : can't find my cod4 cd, i did find the cd box empty lol but still got the key. i know it here somewhere, i saw it not too long ago, but could not find the box at that time lol should i just use the key on steam or its better to stay with the retail version ? btw my cod4 is installed on another disc, so maybe there is just some files i could use ?
  12. ChknFngr

    ok thank you guyz i will do this next week, wont have time before and will come back at you if i ran into any problems.
  13. ChknFngr

    yes, i think that is basically what i'd like, but have no idea what u mean by 'map a drive to it ' if i install win10 on the new, without the W7 ssd plugged in, can i still have a dual boot ? i have so many programs i don't wanna loose on that old ssd, that i was hoping to just make an upgrade, but if it doesn't work, then dual boot would be the best way, but i'm not sure how to do it specially without both ssd plugged in at the time of the install.
  14. ChknFngr

    he is the story, i have win 7 pro running on ssd, i wanna keep it. So i cloned it onto a bigger new ssd so i can get it to upgrade to win 10. i was pleased to see that this cloned win 7 was running way better than the original one (so i guess something wasn't right, but no idea what). Then i tried to make the upgrade via the media tool (no iso usb key) The installation completed, it stuck on a kind of login screen, then it goes black, then back to login screen, and i got no power button (so i can't reboot it in safe mode or anything). At the start of the upgrading process it told me my 1050Ti is not compatible with win10. no big deal i guess coz an update can fix it, but i can't even pass the log in lol What i wanted to have is dual boot coz i got stuff i can't loose on this win 7. is that possible, and easy to do ? i guess i would need to make an iso usb thingie instead of upgrade, right ? win10 seems to be a PITA EF THAT PIECE O S, i will just clone the old ssd, and thats it (as it seems to run better than my older ssd for some unknown reasons) win10 failed, i put my old ssd back in and now i get chkdsk running at every reboot, no idea how to fix this. Those chkdsk are freaking me out. other question : i have other win XP computers i have to put win 10 on, can i use that usb key made with media tool to install win 10 on those ? guess the problem there will be to activate those old things (but i could use KMS).
  15. ChknFngr

    she knife me in the back yesterday
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