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  1. ChknFngr

    yes all around you the earth is flat Everyone around the globe know that
  2. ChknFngr

    Where do you reed this justification ? ok, i do not believe the ' i never fell under the map' thing, i play this game on our servers for many years now, and i did fell under the map on many occasions, We had one map that was designed to go under the map (glad we removed it) Hell i saw a few members under the map last week and some also killed and/or defrosted people. They just get told to stop, they are not banned or anything. so FU 2
  3. ChknFngr

    sorry to interfere again, u were talking about the drunk part, i wwas talking about the other part, no big deal. And i agree drunk is not an excuse, but we still can take it in consideration. just move on and FU lol
  4. ChknFngr

    yeah ok, i wish i could believe this, but from my experience with the admin shit, i dont
  5. ChknFngr

    No what u said was 'plenty were banned for that'. i disagree, i just said the opposite actually 'plenty were not banned for that'.
  6. ChknFngr

    NO Plenty were giving a warning first First, this is not how it is supposed to work. An admin should have been present to make the ban and he should have first warn, then kick then temp ban and then perm ban. a screenshot of a random guy doesnt make it. And this is funny coz i remember a certain admin did caught some cheaters and even got the aproval of head admin(s) but those cheaters are still able to play on our servers. Kinda ironic isnt it ? Nobody else from what i remember was perm ban for glitching without a warning, a kick,... if it was the case we would have way less people on the server and way less members. Here he admit doing it, and he is sorry, i guess he had fun with other players doing it, ok, no big deal, is it ?
  7. ChknFngr

    i got no words anymore. You will be missed a lot my friend. rest in peace
  8. ChknFngr

    wasn't me, i promise
  9. ChknFngr

    yeah but u know i got imagination for years
  10. ChknFngr

    and volvo lol
  11. ChknFngr

    wait, so we can have a grill chknfngrs party ?
  12. ChknFngr

    omg poor C key lol
  13. ChknFngr

    lil chkn satan above me head : '' how .... '' lil chkn angel above me head : '' no chkn that is way too spicy ''
  14. ChknFngr

    Well im here for a long time and think the same, so fakoff rob. If a player is toxic, Admins have to fix this or we gona get more shit specially if there are some personal attacks. The mute button is there, ok, but it is a patch, not a solution to the problem. With toxic people, we have to do like dadda used to do and talk to the toxic one and make him understand his behavior is wrong and he needs to tone it down. That is why FT1 feels more friendly than fkn mw2 most of the time, Dadda was a champ at this.
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