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  1. i dont use fb but gl with it, hope u will get the support u need
  2. Happy Birthday Maz, enjoy ur day
  3. Happy Birthday u lazy git, hope u have a nice day tho
  4. Happy Birthday Chris-Cross hope ur bday is awesome and u celebrate alot
  5. Happy Birthday Bear, hope u have a great day
  6. congratz.... but u r still an idiot enjoy ur day
  7. thx for the offer ok... my Smart does this strange noise (er klappert hinten links, vermutlich ist ne Verkleidung lose, kannst du das fixen?.... sry guys, dunno the translation for that) and my Peugeot 508 Hybrid makes noises and the right back (maybe the suspensions or shock absorber ", der dschiebelt so").... no, just jk, i know i need to go to the repair garage, but thx anyways.
  8. welcome to the forums
  9. Happy Birthday Surge, hope u have a great day
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  11. hope u have a great day