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  1. welcome to the forums, enjoy ur stay and "maybe" rethink ur reason to be here cu on the servers
  2. welcome to the forums ... im curious which name u will finally stick with.... cu on the servers and enjoy ur stay here
  3. Happy Birthday
  4. lol... go and get a room.... ooopppsiiii.... i mean..... nice meatballs, look delicious (why the hell does this souns so damn wrong??? ) ... why dont we have the EU XI fest in Jeroens garden and he will do that for all of us?
  5. wow, sry to hear about so many issues u have now.... hope u can fix it very soon and all goes well and can be repaired easy. crossing my fingers ... hope to cu soon again online.
  6. oh crap.... what did he pay - or what did the dutch mafia do to make this possible??? congratz Dukoo
  7. very nice, well used space and i love the worktop. nice bright colors - very good work plus the wooden flooring (kind of) give the warm feeling to the room. r u going to add some lights below the cabinets?
  8. welcome to the family
  9. excuses, excuses..... u still can kill me way too easy jk... that really looks horrible, hope u get well soon Giggles
  10. Happy Birthday Pengi, hope u have a wonderful day
  11. Happy Birthday
  12. Happy Birthday, hope u have a great day
  13. Happy Birthday kovut, hope u have a great day
  14. Happy Birthday Boggy, hope u have a wonderfull day and enjoy ur time
  15. Happy Birthday LOCO, hope u have a great day