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  1. lmao.... nice end btw.... a nice cute cat (no, thats not me )
  2. welcome to the family
  3. hmmm.... yeah... sure he didnt
  4. hey @Sitting-Duc , the pics r all back in the old topics, seems u found them already! ty anyways! im soooooooooooooo happy now
  5. im confused, there is no biscuits in the ingredients list.... but it looks awesome, i wanna try that recipe
  6. im doing my nails, color them, sharpen them to scratch soneone.... i mean, knife someone in game..... and i check alot pinterest pics about food, pets, interior design, architecture and of course dresses and shoes and sometimes my cat comes over to my desk and tries to sit on my keybord, so i pet him till he goes to his place in the shelf and lays on the plaid there.
  7. welcome to the forums - do u camp in game as well ? enjoy ur stay
  8. good luck, hope all goes well.
  9. sry to disappoint u but u r not in my way or thoughts... and i dont waste my time with changing names of others.... like Jerkster said, needs to be someone at ur end or one in the forums broke it.... welcome to the forums anyways, enjoy ur stay @Hellspawn=D aka Hellsperm (if u mention someone add the @ to the name, then the person might see
  10. Happy Birthday cho, enjoy ur day
  11. Happy Birthday Overover, hope u have a great day
  12. @TheLastColdBeer check this topic, u get some answeres about the lost sigs here:
  13. is Buck the cute innocent looking dog or the strange guy that is looking at someones butt....? just asking
  14. who cares anout the old ppl or what who did before??? it was a WEDDING gvd. The two were so gorgeous, a beautiful couple, so in LOVE. Its just about the love, idiots. If u have nothing good to say then shut up and leave us in our white dreams (not talking about drugs here). They were so cute, excited and happy. I wish them all the best.
  15. do u want an animation like ur current one? guess then i am out.... dont have the program for that any more.