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  1. Well damn, I could have been there by now... lol Looks yummy
  2. I don't know about a cup of coffee, but a cold milk glass would be the ticket...
  3. Is that what happened...
  4. Damn, Where do you live in the woods...
  5. Dice up them there taters and brown them up in the frying pan...
  6. Why would someone use Telegram? Telegram is an instant messaging app; people use it to communicate with others. Telegram is popular because it doesn't require a phone number for use. Some people seek out Telegram for its custom security settings, including Secret Chats.Jan 6, 2023
  7. Oh no ! I missed your birthday BudLight ! :( I wish you a very happy belated Birthday and I hope you can celebrate all weekend long ! :cheers: 

    1. BUDMAN


      Thank you :cheers: 

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