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  1. have a great one !!
  2. Server restarted thanks dadda
  3. welcome and enjoy :cheers:
  4. @spinpuppy why dont you look ? LOL hey fooker how the hell are you?
  5. hope it's a great one!!
  6. server resarted,thanks Dadda
  7. malware program...
  8. @Sonovabich question, have you run it in safe mode.... if not it keeps reloading
  9. Malware.... just a thought...
  10. I have windows 10 pro, have not had any issues with udates. I also use windows defender along with malwarebytes (premium) it bocks all the bs you get from surfing.
  11. @TBB is bringing the beer
  12. Welcome and enjoy
  13. Restarted thanks dadda