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  1. Lmao..Used to smoke Tide stick, now kids use TIDE pods..lol
  2. Fuck!! I forgot what I was gonna type..
  3. This song should keep you going..
  4. Happy Belated fker..
  5. I though we was done with this @#%&?%*** guy. P.s..Welcome back Amigo..
  6. Chile is AWESOME!! Just saying
  7. Hang in there my brother..We are all here for you..God be with you guys.
  8. Happy belated Drimp..
  9. I hate bikes too..But..I LOVE ass even more..
  10. My thoughts and prayers are with you guys.. God be with you..
  11. A big Thank you to @Raven this time for helping me out with video card, bagged me some beeeches tonight.. I tell you man , the folks in this clan are f@$#%?% AWESOME!! When some one is in need ,there is always some one else who will steps to plate here.. No matter what it is. Much respect my XI brothers and sisters.. P.s..@Raven . Hope to have a brew with you if you make here bro..
  12. He was SORRY about it.. Move on eh!
  14. Death once had a near CHUCK experience.. Chuck Norris don't flush toilet..He just scares the SHIT out of it.. When Chuck Norris crosses the street..Cars have to look both ways..