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  1. Not since break up number 2 , or was it 3?
  2. SHIT!!!
  3. "We" is too many.. lol
  4. Good question... Ban her.
  5. Or she hiding cause she promised to go to XI fest and it WON"T happen.. Just saying...
  6. The time is almost here for you fkers..Looks like another amazing adventure. Can't WAIT to see pictures..
  7. Working for me, can only see Cracks and Rugger's post..
  8. I remember this Mod, Used to whip @Frags ass all over the place..
  9. WOW.!! Very sad indeed what sick minds can make an innocent child do. They should go after these mother $/%%/.
  10. Tu eres la perra mas grande aqui ..
  11. No comprendo ni mierda .. Pasen el diccionario weones ..
  12. Wena baboso.. Po si...
  13. Way the go NERD!!