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  1. Obviously you NEVER played with @wildthing or @Roxy!
  2. Man!! Thought I was only one that saw this..
  3. Maybe we should pitch in and buy this fker a mouse..
  4. OMG!! @Roxy!..I knew you would go there.. Too funny love.. You tied Iceland and barely beat Nigeria.. You guys NEVER had a chance, or a TEAM..
  5. Time for a TV no Acorn? P.s..Congtras!!! It's his right?
  6. Bingo!!!!
  7. Happy Bday Dirt bag...
  8. Beeeeeeeeeeeech!!!!
  9. Good luck Duckpoo..Be strong bro..
  10. Crimmy? Wtf is going on here..lol P.s. Happy Bday Crimmy...Lmao