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  1. Unchileno

    You kidding right. You know exactly what happened. Why bring up his name. Fker is like Beetle Juice . Don't say his name 3 times.
  2. Unchileno

    Well only 2 if my 3 stooges gave me the finger on this one. I wonder what happen to Curly? I can see you gave Larry 2 likes. 👵
  3. This little guy turn up at our building a few days ago. It flew into a balcony and walked into unit. Caught it and brought it home. Real tame and friendly. I already have 2 birds ( cockatiel and budgie ) But this guy was just too beautiful to pass. $35000 African grey We named it Paco. Lol. My kid felled in love with it right away as it climb on his shoulder and was walking around and playing with with him. A friend of ours wanted one , so he Kijiji. Boom there is the add. My Grandmother had her bird (Lucy) on back yard doing work , when some bees stardle her and flew away. $1000 cash reward. My kid lost it as he really wanted her. I explain to him if no one claimed her by weekend. We would keep it. Now some one asked and it's an old lady who lost her husband nor too long ago. It's her companion . We have to do the right thing. He did not care about money ofcourse. After alot of crying he gave in. Plus some cash too . Lol. Money obviously helped ,but, very emotional momment as bird did not want to go either. ( did not want to with owner ) must had been my birds and all the fruits and attention it got here. They are NOT just animals. They become family members , And break hearts when they get lost or die. So I believe we did the right thing.
  4. Unchileno

    Don't worry. I did not tell her ( @Angelz ) About our little secret. Ooops!!! ???
  5. Unchileno

    Hockey, soccer, baseball, cricket, tic tac toe. Just a fan. Period.. Lmao
  6. Unchileno

    Lmao. @Icequeen 16 hour thread and you still not post. P.s. memories eh.
  7. Unchileno

    I guess it's like looking into a mirror for you eh. Beeches think alike. Lol. P.s. Don't be afraid to answer Pm. I don't bite. Hard
  8. Unchileno

    Not fooling any one hon. You are like rice. In every fking plate.
  9. Unchileno

    4 finger emoji. Hmmmmm. Should only be 3. Right @Ruggerxi
  10. Unchileno

    I will stop fingering you till I see tears. Almost there
  11. Unchileno

  12. Unchileno

    Do you hang around the shadows just waiting for her to post? or is it like game. Just type something and you will answer. Kinda like Google. Lmfao. ..I..
  13. Unchileno

  14. Unchileno

    Do you guys go the bathroom together too? Geeez !! Look at me...like. Look over there...like Squirrel. ....like. Lol.
  15. Unchileno

    Here where fker. Lol
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