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    Honest people..2 face people and ASS kissers make me sick..

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  1. Unchileno

    RANDOM fingering. Don't know artist did not listen to song. Give me back my finger.
  2. Unchileno

  3. Unchileno

    Fu beeeches. @Ruggerxi are we playing the finger game fker . Cause you can find them all in this thread now. ..I..
  4. Unchileno

    That's her Gol le buddy. In my dreams she don't talk. How could she with her mouth full anyways
  5. Unchileno

    Looks like some one got a hold of Grandmas cough medicine again. Really dude? All of these over a "fking finger" and "I read this emoji" Take a HARD look in the mirror before you call me a cry baby fker. Sober up and delete your post . Moron. 😠
  6. Unchileno

    Tweedledum? ☝
  7. @Sammy This should be changed. The word of the day is "concussion " NOT instant kill . Seems unfair to skip a nade across the map ( like a rock on water ) and kill some one instantly when the purpose of the nade is to STUNT players . Not kill them. I mean if a tube goes off at your feet and nada. Wtf right. P.s. it's funny , but not cool. P.p.s. Not every one wears mask. And still don't work if you get hit with it.
  8. Unchileno

    Yous it's a myth bro. Kinda like Big Foot or UFO'S .
  9. Unchileno

    Seems like the same issue you had all your life.
  10. Unchileno

    Sooooo cute. 😍 Cat is not bad either.
  11. Unchileno

    Mine got lost on mail
  12. Unchileno

    Welcome Fker. 😜
  13. Unchileno

    You still miss my pokes I see. 😉 Get on line Fake Frenchi. Behind that beeech over there.
  14. Unchileno

    Good for you Sir
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