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  1. Unchileno

    All I got to say is. Since I got fully vaccinated ,being waking up with a massive BONER every day , Starting to think I might just get the booster shot .
  2. Huge loss . Great member and family man. Had the pleasure to game with him a few times. My sincere condolences to his family and anyone who was a part of his life. May you rest in peace amigo. Much love and respect from your idiot family.
  3. Unchileno

    Game not over yet Bart. Give this virus hell. You can do it mate. We all behind you. Your idiot family it’s here for you.
  4. Unchileno

    I am very sorry to hear of his passing. Countless hours we spend together when Cod5 was just getting started. Many many laughs along the way. He was always a good time. May you Rest In Peace brother see you on the other side. God please his family the strength they need now. Amen. Game on my brother.
  5. Unchileno

    Johnny was an amazing friend to have around , always a great laugh . Had some great times in Cod5 As Admins , also my sponsor into this amazing clan. Was glad to meet you at Niagara Falls too hermano. May you rest in peace among your loves ones in heaven brother. Pretty sure they got some good grass up there. XI loss a great member and some one who got XI to where it is now. With a helping hand or a laugh . JohnnyDos was your guy. R.I.P amigo .
  6. Unchileno

    RANDOM fingering. Don't know artist did not listen to song. Give me back my finger.
  7. Unchileno

  8. Unchileno

    Fu beeeches. @Ruggerxi are we playing the finger game fker . Cause you can find them all in this thread now. ..I..
  9. Unchileno

    That's her Gol le buddy. In my dreams she don't talk. How could she with her mouth full anyways
  10. Unchileno

    Looks like some one got a hold of Grandmas cough medicine again. Really dude? All of these over a "fking finger" and "I read this emoji" Take a HARD look in the mirror before you call me a cry baby fker. Sober up and delete your post . Moron. ?
  11. Unchileno

    Tweedledum? ☝
  12. @Sammy This should be changed. The word of the day is "concussion " NOT instant kill . Seems unfair to skip a nade across the map ( like a rock on water ) and kill some one instantly when the purpose of the nade is to STUNT players . Not kill them. I mean if a tube goes off at your feet and nada. Wtf right. P.s. it's funny , but not cool. P.p.s. Not every one wears mask. And still don't work if you get hit with it.
  13. Unchileno

    Yous it's a myth bro. Kinda like Big Foot or UFO'S .
  14. Unchileno

    Seems like the same issue you had all your life.
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