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  1. Vacations granted . Starting the 14 ..One week for this old man... See you fkers there...
  2. @Roxy! Lmao...Me lo PARO.....El Taxi!!!!
  3. @jumper Sob (sing) along fker...
  4. @Predat0r ans all the Euro trash beeeches
  5. PLAY with my self till I fall asleep.
  6. @English-Bob Congrats man..You are officially an American now..
  7. @Olive is like RICE..He is in every plate...
  8. Thank you for your time as Admin.. Respect..
  9. I am sorry to hear about your dam man..He was fun to game with .Tough to lose them that way.. May God rest his soul...
  10. @WildPenguin Looks like you back in the day..lol
  11. Wow..Had so many laughs with him in cod5 . Great guy .R.I.P My man.. See you on the other side... Fking Cancer....
  12. That hurt my neck and Beers still passed out..
  13. Beers looks passed out already..He inhale fumes of trail or bird poop..