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  1. A REAL blonde wont understand this though..
  2. I like to say that I am going ,but , don't want to my nose to grow from lying , like Pinochio..lmao P.s.. I do want to see Grace land though..
  3. "We lost a piece of our country" True...
  4. Canada lost a GREAT icon last night , Great singer and a better human being..Tragically Hip front man Gord Downie. R.I.P. Eh!!!
  5. Feliz Cumpleanos
  6. That's what you thought.. lol Surprise!!!
  7. Penguins!! LOVE to take their time..
  8. Yeap..This confirms it..YOU got way too much time on your hands m8.. lol
  9. It's the video card..Time to save for another one..
  10. Thxs m8..I will give it a go with some help..Something about messing with Bios that scares me,, I have a Asus mother board with an INTEL Quad PROCESSOR., 680 Gforce GTX with 8 g of DDR ram.. Ultra X4 750 Atx Power supply..