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  1. Chachi_wan

    Hi Crysis players, Do you guys still host a regular crysis game? I think it used to be Crysis Thursday. I've recently reinstalled wars along with the cryserv client and saw you have a few servers up. Post any info regarding when you play or even when some of the other servers are active as i really want to get my Crysis fix, lol.
  2. Chachi_wan

    Hi guys, so is this the germancrysis patch to run multiplayer or your own setup? Just curious because i need to get a crysis fix and could use a helping hand in getting my game to run
  3. Chachi_wan

    =OSF= is ready to rumble. 5 pm CST.
  4. Steel has put out a scrim challenge to the =OSF= clan. Saturday Nov. 19th seems to be the agreed upon date but a time is still up for debate. I suggest 5pm CST. Hope that works for all the >XI< participants. keep it swangin! =OSF= Chachi_wan
  5. Chachi_wan

    thanks for the game >XI< had a great time.
  6. Chachi_wan

    everytime i play crysis 2(rarely) i always check out your XI server, a few times i think you guys were still messin with the configuration of it but recently i've actually had a little fun on C2 playing in your server.
  7. Chachi_wan

    nice i'm in. rally the troops >XI<. i think =OSF= has 5 confirmed deathdealin, warcry screamin, cloaknoob seein super soldiers already chompin at the bit.......someone lemme outta my cage!!!!
  8. Chachi_wan

    awesome games >XI< thanks to all who participated and hopefully we can do it again.
  9. Chachi_wan

    looking forward to the battle...Let's get ready to rumble!!
  10. Hi >XI< friends just wanted to put out a challenge of a clan vs. clan battle. =OSF= vs. >XI<. the rules can be up for debate on this forum topic as well as the location(maps, server location, etc...) of the battle. hopefully we can get the logistics worked out very quickly and get this thing happening on Apr.16th, 23rd or 30th. looking forward to hearing your input. Palatially, =OSF= Chachi_wan
  11. Chachi_wan

    yea yeah!
  12. Chachi_wan

    thanks for the config tweaks game seems alot smoother now.
  13. Chachi_wan

    hell ya! my trigger finger is extremely itchy, what better way to scratch than to rock another tourney! i'm in
  14. that sucks. have fun regardless. minus the baddest headshottinist sunuvabitchin muthafuckin masskillin bloodspillin gravefillin crysis star in the known galaxy. peace out =OSF= Chachi_wan
  15. WiZiD Yes the tourny will be postponed again! DAMB gamespy. Peeps will have till This Sunday @12:00EST to get there time in. (10 hours) Then there will be a posting to show everyone that qualified. Only those people will be aloud to vote on whether to play the tourny the following Sunday or not. MAJORITY RULES While the tourny is going down, IF any problems arise with disconnects for the top 5 players in that round that peep (or peeps) will get a chance to go to the next round of the same map but differant players. BUT ONLY one extra chance with disconnect problems. Once we get to the second round and the finals Disconnect problems are not anyone’s fault. So if you are out because of that too bad, so sad. The show must go on. I want to be clear on the rules so everyone can vote accordingly. If you don’t follow the thread and miss out on voting ...oh well. After this Sunday I will post all the people that have qualified and will give 3 days for a vote as to do the tourny on Sunday the 19th or not. PLEASE don’t vote yet! Wait till I ask for it so I will not have to search thru a bunch of pages. Also to be clear that I have no desire to win any prizes so as to be fair to everyone involved I will let the people involved add their input. I want to get this tourny started as I am tired of waiting. Damb gamespy............. so going through this thread i found this little nugget. the reason i say this because i disconnected during my round while i was in 2nd or 3rd spot. nobody said any different except to hurry and reconnect. just wondering why i wasn't allowed to play the next round if those were the rules?
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