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  1. just want to drop in and say how sad I am hearing the news of Johnny passing on. he was one of the great ones always tried to tell me to hold back my attitude when I was a member years ago. he will be missed by many but in our hearts forever. Rest In Piece my Brother from another Mother. SR
  2. BudSr

    we had our battles on the field and X-fire but always were Brothers from another mother in the end. RIP my friend.
  3. just dropping by to say What's up bitches. still Alive and doing well. I have been thru a lot in the last few years butt still myself and no one can take that away. so from my Family to you all old and new Happy New Year to us ALL.
  4. BudSr

    i love the first one he is in your face. lmao
  5. BudSr

    Thanks all great ta see i am not forgotten and this dam website still fucked up my B-Day is this tuesday. and Dew i am on my 12th need to get to 48 still have time only halftime on the stupid bowl lol. go paton. just one week closer to Daytona 500.
  6. well ya old fart what made ya drop the tags in the first place. lol. WELOME BACK. me personaly am trying to get this new putter running right so i can cum in and get my ass killed once again. hope to get killed from you soon my freind and brother from another mother.SR
  7. i see what ya mean beers i would have to spend another $50 bucks not. thanks but i will not pay to play a game every time a new map comes out. thanks all will keep playing my old games. beers cya in cod 5 soon.
  8. just got battlefield 4 for christmas it is running a little choppy i am running a nvidia gt610 grap card what would be a better card for the best price ?. also do i need patches or add ons to get to our servers. Thanks SR.
  9. BudSr

    lata shit changed around here blu but great ta hear you are doing well. and congrats on the new life. i am sure you will have no issue getting your tags back. been trying to get back to the game also butt life as it is here just keeps me away. again great to see you are getting your life in order you will always be an IDIOT. SR
  10. laszlo try this. Open the DVD Drive in Explorer and double-click on setup(.exe). i belive this is what i had to do when i got windows 7
  11. BudSr

    well hxtr my wife always said i will be buried in the yard in the coffin i made, LOL butt i am still alive and kicking.
  12. BudSr

    i am still here and will post some pics and maybe a video. just been busy with work and trying to keep my job. so bear with this old timer and i will post soon. but thanks for thinking of the bud family HALLOWEEM means alot. and yes hxtr mrs bud yells at me everyday to get this halloween shit moving. LMAO
  13. BudSr

    you can't FIX STUPID. ron white. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fL6wbsGx9qw
  14. BudSr

    bend over hxtr looks like rugger needs a piece of ass.
  15. good one had to share it on facebook, LOL
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