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  1. Dad Where are you?

  2. Dad where are you??

  3. WiZiD

    Thanks again
  4. WiZiD

    Thank You
  5. WiZiD

    Thank You
  6. cant wait ...we miss you buddy
  7. We play every Monday and Thursday night at 8PM till when ever (eastern standard time) You folks are more than welcome to join.We get anywhere from 3 to 9 players.
  8. You may also want to post this here. http://www.dragonscave-4ever.eu/ As this is where most of the Crysis players are now.
  9. Link seems to be broken. An error occurred during a connection to oldschoolfighters.com. OCSP response has an invalid signature. Error code: SEC_ERROR_OCSP_BAD_SIGNATURE
  10. Monday nights and Thursday nights,,,8PM eastern standard time till whenever...
  11. There are currently over 100 maps running on the server. They have been separated into 11 groups. I change the level rotation every Monday and then again on Thursday for game night. I still have over 100 maps to add. I just need the time to do so. (Boxedin is first and Treehouse is last in the level rotations) 1. <level name="multiplayer/ia/Boxedin_hrd" gamerules="InstantAction"> <level name="multiplayer/ia/Camp" gamerules="InstantAction"> <level name="multiplayer/ia/seawolfxi" gamerules="InstantAction"> <level name="multiplayer/ia/Zone_HRD" gamerul
  12. WiZiD

    I uploaded that for you to dropbox. Just log into dropbox and you should find it. Google dropbox...go there...create an account(free)...login....then you should see a folder called levels.......it is in there
  13. WiZiD

    Thank You
  14. WiZiD

    Awesome idea with the vice grips. That aint going anywhere...
  15. WiZiD

    Happy Birthday ...



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