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Everything posted by Red

  1. Red

    Awesome man
  2. Red

    R.I.P. Starfire>XI< My condolences to family and friends.
  3. Red

    Sorry for your lost. My condolences to you and your family Red
  4. Red

    Try https://www.ghisler.com/ Total-commander got it all it also a good explorer program It is free or pay version Older names are Win-commander and Dos-commander
  5. Red

    Happy New Year !!
  6. Red

    Happy Birthday Bio Gefeliciteerd Jonge en veeele gezonde jaren Red
  7. Red

    I think not only volt and amps
  8. Red

    hell if have some money buy enough solar panels and run 100% solar with 960 watt panel You need a bigger boat
  9. Red

    O boy o boy o boy
  10. Correct If you install windows 10 without internet connection yoi dont need a password and account So if you install with internet connection you must have or make a account with password or pin code
  11. If the server is hardcore the health should be below 30 My advise 20 The players with a higher ping have more change
  12. Red

    Thank you all Im in Denmark a midweek vacation
  13. Red

    Happy birthday all You 2 Essie Greetings from Red Denmark
  14. Red

  15. Red

    Yea im his main defroster
  16. Red

    It is more then my car
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