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  1. Sikon

    I'd say go ahead and try it, the worst that can happen is they decline your order.
  2. Sikon

    Thats funny! Only the headphones and mic tho? That's not too bad. I'd say I play about 30% of the time with no sound or mic. I get shot in the back sometimes, but other than that it helps me focus on what's in front of me.
  3. Sikon

    I haven't tired to do it with copyrighted images. I've only done it with personal images and photoshop projects.
  4. Lol, by the time yall done were going to be throwing bullets at each other. Then complain about the weight of the box of bullets slowing your run speed down.
  5. Sikon

    Some say you need to go through all the updates, one by one. I've always just found dropping the 1.7 exe in the CoD4 file and have not had issues (Not sure about other versions.. CoD4 only). As Crunch is saying, you may have to have admin rights. All the files are in XI download section though. Once you get it up and running normal. Copy the CoD4 file and save to disk or email. You can avoid these issues. At the very least, save the 1.7 exe and profiles. Mods will always reinstall upon joining any server. Edit, Install PunkBuster files too if needed. Even though it's not supported
  6. That's pretty awesome! Lol Would ha e liked to see that in game! I liked all the new toys in the new mod. Heist included even though I didn't use it. I really liked the ragdoll effect on the characters. Was hilarious watching people go flying after blowing them up.
  7. Sikon

    Have a good time, Sammy!
  8. Sikon

  9. Sikon

    It's back to normal.
  10. Sikon

    Yeah, I mean I doesn't bother me, I just zoom in. Was mainly just pointing it out. When I turn my phone. It fits normal. But you can see how the gametracker goes outside of its table.
  11. I noticed recently there is a large gap on the right side. It only does it when my phone is horizontal like the pictures posted. Might be the gametracker sig showing the new TDM server? Idk tho.



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