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  1. Have you tried just running away? Stop running to nades thrown at you.. lol
  2. That’s annoying. I don’t play on server 1 much, but there’s a few other non XI servers that do that.
  3. Sikon


    It’s not required by most servers anymore, as it’s not supported anymore by Punk Buster themselves. A small amount of servers still have it enabled though and is required to join their servers.
  4. Sikon

    Welcome to the forums!
  5. Sikon

    I intended to get in to map making.. I even down loaded all the tools, but with the way my mind works.. I was probably on to the next idea before the downloads was completed. 🫣
  6. I heard the West server has free street tacos... just saying..
  7. I’m in ca, so 32 on west server, 92-100 on the east server.
  8. Sikon

    Happy Father’s Day!
  9. CBD is illegal here in CA, it’s actually sold in gas stations. THC is too, but it has to be sold through a dispensary. The amount of THC in the pen greatly matters as Budman said, take a look at the labeling. Also, it doesn’t matter if both states are legal for THC, the airport is federal. Personally I don’t risk stuff like that, especially sense the state your going to is THC tolerant. You can get something there to fit your needs. However, if your going to do it, I would pack the pen in your checked bags and not on your person. You are far more likely to be searched than your luggage.
  10. I was driving past Fresno Ca last weekend.. seen a few that was in the $7.50’s USD.. here in Sacramento, Ca.. I’m looking at $6.02-$6.70 USD..
  11. Sikon

    If you click on the server you looking for, it will take you to the game tracker page for that server.
  12. Sikon

    I played this a few weeks ago with a few people. Was pretty fun. I could not text during the match though. And being my mic is trash I wasn’t able to communicate at all until the match was over.
  13. Sikon

    Turned out decent. Rubbed with Meat Church Gospel. 250°, 9+ hours smoked, sprayed every 45min/hour. Reseasoned and buttered at 160°, then pan wrapped. Leftover will probably be better, reseasoned and added Traeger’Que, and some of the rendering.
  14. Sikon

    I prefer bold taste over sweet alcohol drinks.. looks pretty cool though!
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