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  1. Sorry to hear this and sorry for your loss.
  2. In Northern California, looking for a new OEM intake manifold. 2010 Ford F150 Lariat 4x4 5.4L All of the parts dealers including the dealership have it on back order. Any help appreciated.
  3. I think it's better than being short 1-3 players if a group of people don't like the map. That's what auto balancing should be like for muti-player. However, we play freeze tag, so it's pulling active (unfrozen) players. The main issue I seen with it is that is also does it during overtime. Butttt, I would still rather that than short players the entire round, pushing hard as hell just to keep my team defrosted with no time to enjoy playing. Don't get me wrong.. When it's a good match up and even teams.. The defrost struggle is fun, but not when you have half a team.
  4. Wish we could. The entire house is textured, including the ceiling. Which makes it annoying every time we’ve repainted. On the other hand, this is the last time we have to paint this house. We’ll officially be moving to Ohio at the beginning of next month.
  5. My son mentioned this a few weeks ago. I’m kind of on the fence about it. Some of them look good, others just look like a black void.
  6. Looking for suggestions for stairs hard wood color scheme. What I currently have below.
  7. Okay, so I let it sit over night sense I couldn’t see. So the water in the garage ceiling was leaking for about 5-10 minutes after turning the water off. It was leaking from the joints of the drywall and from the light fixture. I’ve started ripping it out. Some of the drywall is damp, some not. There is insulation in the ceiling. if I just cut it all out, generally how long does it take to dry. I live in Sacramento. Normally it’s pretty dry here. But we’ve had some overcast. So the humidity is at 67% today. Also, will the walls upstairs need to be removed? There is slight water damage to the bottom of the baseboards.
  8. Okay, so I have an issue. My 6-year-old who was supposed to be in bed. put the stopper in the sink and was playing in water. For whatever reason left the water on and flooded the bathroom, part of the hallway and part of his room. I was flooded enough to start leaking in the garage below his room. Roughly about half a gallon to a gallon was on the basement floor. Once we noticed the issue we immediately turned off and vacuumed up the water and everything we found that was wet. Now my question is, do I need to cut open the ceiling and walls and have them professionally dried out? - Can I leave it and let it dry? - Can I cut open the celling and let it dry out then redo the drywall?
  9. Sikon


    Soo, I am about 80% sure we're moving to Ohio! I have a few leads for work and casually looking at property.
  10. Sikon


    Looking at a few small villages east of Canton. Like Alliance or Beloit area. For me the snow and cold weather isn’t a big deal. I grew up just south of Chicago and lived in Central and Upstate New York for quite a few years. My family on the other hand has only even seen snow once in their life.. when we went snow boarding in Tahoe this winter. so it will definitely be a culture shock for them at first. Not to mention that area is more country, which they’re not used to.
  11. Sikon


    Sounds like Northern California, except there’s no winter here. Lol
  12. Sikon


    Yeah, we’re thinking about east Ohio. We’ve been looking to get out of California for a while now and recently had a few opportunities open up out there for us. Just trying to decide if it’s the right thing to do for the family.
  13. I had the Logitech G502 (black and white) gaming mouse about a year ago. It seemingly worked great, but it glitched a lot when I played games. So, it’s main focus it failed at, which was gaming. When playing FPS or rpg games it would either not click or double click while shooting or trying to click on objects in game. From what I read it was a common issue with the contacts in the clicker. Idk if this helps or not. Good luck.
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