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  2. Happy Independence Day! Fireworks__1346.mp4
  3. Sikon

  4. Sikon

    Nice! Thank you for your service and enjoy your retirement!
  5. Sikon

  6. Sikon

    I actually like the new heist perk, I have it on my main load out. But its a love hate relationship. lol. Kind of like the cars. I normally '!fu car' when I get blown up. But I still use it as a kill streak.
  7. When someone jacks your kill streaks!
  8. Sikon

    Just game play. Basically just saving game play to chop and edit for later to make a video. Should I just use Nvidia recorder if I can not view them? I ended up deleting the mod to reinstall it. Aaaaand forgot to remove the Demo folder.. so ended up losing the footage anyways.. lmao I will record more though.
  9. Sikon

    Okay. Ill check out the error and also try and reinstall the mod later tonight. *Fingers crossed*
  10. Sikon

    I clicked setup on the cod4 player. Entered in the Mod name into the setup, but just ended up with a script compile error. Edit: Also tried opening cod4 and then launching the Mod first. But then nothing loads at all sense the game is already open.
  11. Sikon

    I've been recording demos lately with the intent to eventually chop and edit them into a video. I finally realized that Mod recorded demos are within their Mod folders.. Who would have thought. However, I've never heard of this.. weapon mismatch error? I assume it's a Mod thing sense the weapons are different from the original verson. I've just never heard of it. Is there a way to fix this? Or is the demo a lost cause??



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