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  1. Sikon

    First day off in a month.. Started drinking and singed up for Adobe CC annually being selfish?.. idk May wake up tomorrow and remember i'm not that good and cancel.. 🙄🤨
  2. Sikon

    You may have seen this already, but I found this from Microsoft. They also have the samsung evo storage. I'm not sure if that's quintessential or not. Their issues sound exactly like yours. Hope it helps. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/persistent-pc-freeze-and-crash-with-dcom-10016/2ce32a8f-d94e-45ce-88a5-a139f85ca75e
  3. Sikon

    I'm not a fan of Apple products, never will be. But was still interesting to read this. Apple could be making a $5,000 gaming PC — https://www.tomsguide.com/news/apple-could-be-making-a-dollar5000-gaming-pc-heres-why-that-makes-sense
  4. Sikon

    Happy new year!
  5. Sikon

    RIP Hue Hefna/Dino.. I don't think I knew him, but sorry for his family's loss. 😥
  6. Sikon

    I haven't used a 144hz monitor yet, but I just seen the have 240hz now.. Assuming you have 500 to spend on a screen. lol Normally I play with Samsung 27in curved.
  7. Sikon

    Ok, so after reading everything. I think I will just save up for it, then buy it all at once. Maybe get lucky and 'some' prices will drop a few bucks. Prior to actually looking at prices, I was thinking 2500-3500.. Not including monitor, keyboard, speakers, ect.. But I think I should saving up a bit more then that. With all the options out there I know I can get carried away with it quick. lol I intend to read more in to amd products. I used them years ago and they was great for gaming (amd cpu), but haven't for a long time. Not out of preference.. I just stopped being picky and bought whatever pre builds I got a decent deal on that was sufficient for what I was using it for. I've almost always used GForce cards though. I was looking into the cpu cooler before I posted this, Didn't consider a full liquid cooled system. Will have to read more about the installation process before I make any decisions on that.
  8. Sikon

    I am thinking and starting to a new build. If anyone has the time or is board, I would like to see recommendations on what you have or would build money aside. I do not have the money for it now. But can save for it over the next month or two to order stuff every paycheck or two.
  9. Try this. Should with what your looking for. Game Tracker. https://www.gametracker.com/search/cod4/?
  10. I heard these ones are pretty awesome!
  11. Sorry to hear this.. my condolences to his family.. 😥
  12. Sikon

    Welcome! Played with yesterday, good game man.
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