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  1. Sikon

    I don’t, my father in law likes it a lot.
  2. I don’t know who needs to know this.. But yes! There is a poop map for San Francisco, California! A gps map of poop found on the streets of San Francisco.. There is literally people to go out and find this ‘shit’! https://www.arcgis.com/apps/View/index.html?appid=b6fab720912642b6aedafdb02a76d2a4
  3. Sikon

    Happy thanksgiving! my internet provider decided I shouldn’t be playing. Lol
  4. Sikon

    Loco is right, steam installs v1.8 .. Make sure and install the v1.7 patch from XI downloads. If that still doesn't work... uninstall and delete the remaining folders. Then reinstall and patch.
  5. Sikon

    Stand up? Mitch Hedberg
  6. Sikon

    Stand up? Bill Burr
  7. Sikon

    Sacramento death metal..
  8. This is a video I made to show one of hundreds of homeless camps throughout Sacramento, Ca. One of thousands throughout California. This is about 1 mile on Roseville Road in Sacramento. Every few months they will go and clear them out. Not necessarily the people, but the stripped stolen cars and abandoned RVs. A few weeks later the area will look exactly the same with new stolen vehicles, an abundance of trash and multiple forms drug use disposed items. I have not only heard of but have seen multiple people OD from heroin and fentanyl. Meth users will walk down the street talking to themselves or laid out on n some random public grass area passed out. This shit is wild to me.
  9. Sikon

    I’m down for some s&d.
  10. Sikon

    I think I’ve only every gotten two of them. And I think it was on the other mod with the trophy systems. Everything was easier to get on that mod. And I think I’ve only ever gotten a few mini nukes, but they only killed like 1-2 people if anyone at all.
  11. Sikon

    Mmm, yeah. I’m going to stop there. Lol it was really good, but I should have stopped at the 5th hour Maybe 20 minutes after.
  12. Sikon

    Meant to go 2-2-1… Pushing the 3-2-1 method. Bone fell out hour 5 switching to the last hour.
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