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  1. Sikon

    I have Netflix and hulu and no cable. I haven't tried prime. But I prefer hulu over Netflix. Mainly for the prime time tv shows. Then I have showtime and Starz thru hulu as well.
  2. Sikon

    Yeah, I was just thinking more along the lines or a public map voting thing in the forums or something. But I'm not sure that would be beneficial. There would still be maps some people would not like. That's just reality in any game. And now knowing the amount of maps each rotation set has.. that's a bit much to vote on.
  3. Ok on the patches. Thanks for mentioning it, I've haven't played it before. I plan on downloading it monday or Tuesday probably, assuming I have time.
  4. Sikon

    What about weekly or monthly map voting instead? How is that handled? Is it just a set rotation of groups maps, or does someone choose?
  5. Yeah, I figured as far as the amount of players will be similar to cod4. I just checked. Cod4 avgs around 130-170 players. Cod5 600-900 players.
  6. Oh, okay. I still like to run PB incase I join a server that runs it. That way I don't have to worry about it. But it sounds like its not even worth the time to mess with it?
  7. I think i'm going to download WaW. I seen it was on sell the other day for 9.99. It's back to to 19.99 now, but for 20 bucks.. why not right.. I'll probably download it sometime this week from steam. I noticed there is a sticky for PB in this forum.. I already have PB setup for COD4, will WaW recognize that one or will it be a separate installation?
  8. Sikon

    Thank you!
  9. Sikon

    Welcome back to the forums!
  10. Sikon

    This is on WiFI, I need to run some cat6 to where I have my computer now. Still decent though.
  11. Sikon

    Welcome !!
  12. Sikon

    Happy Birthday!!
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