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  1. No one is curious about these things? I guess I’m just a weirdo. Lol after playing WoW for a long time my mind is like well what’s the stat increase.
  2. So, we all use varies perks that work best for our play styles. I'm curious of how well some of them work. Not saying that they don't. Only wondering how much someone gains from one to the other. For instance; Stomping Power - Damage increase % ? Venom - I felt like it only worked sometimes but noticed Combat Medics are immune. For people without Combat medic automatically get infected? Light weight - Speed increase % ? Personally I 'don't' feel like sonic when I use it. lol Feels the same as Combat medic and Dead silence. Commando - Knifing distance increase? Hardwire - Eavesdrop distance? 'This can generally tell you how close someone is to you, assuming they speak. Sort of like footsteps without dead silence.' Ballistic Armor - Damage protection % ? Hunter Killer - I've never used it, does thermal work? Flak Jacket - Explosion protection damage % ? There maybe a few I missed. These are just the ones I was curious about. Obviously, some guns are heavier and as a result your movement speed is reduced or increased. Is this a gun-by-gun basis or class? Everyone uses perks. For the longest time I really one stuck to probably two three variations of classes and changed them accordingly to how the match is going. The first few being; Combat Medic and dead silence, with emps or explosives... armor piercing... sometimes double tap. Hardline and hardwire, with explosives... armor piercing... sometimes double tap. All with or without three emps depending on how the match is going. Probably the main ar that everyone uses. Lately I've tried to branch out and use different things like venom, stomping power, flak jacket, the auto Glock, p90, and a few other things. This is probably a little over barring, but I've never looked it up on the original verson of the game and I don't feel I've seen posts about it. That aside, what is your preferred spec's? What are other game mechanics you're curious about that isn't generally talked about? (And I dont mean trash things you don't like.. legit things you've wondered that isn't normally brought up.)
  3. Sikon

    Welcome to the forums!
  4. Sikon

    Welcome back
  5. Sikon

    I prefer Hellmann’s, then Kraft. I’ve never tried Duke’s. Fk Miracle Whip.. lol
  6. Sikon

    Right on, thank you!
  7. Sikon

    For you pc builders.. What website are y’all pricing parts for a full build? I am thinking about 2 new builds.. I used to browse New Egg.. are they still reasonable across the board?
  8. Sikon

    Ended up making sliders. Not bad! Ended up only wrapping in a covered pan for the last hour with 1/2 cup of apple juice. then deboned.. Which just fell right out! chopped and mixed it with its own juices and a little Treager honey bbq. Sprayed a few times during the cook.. it stayed pretty moist the whole time. I didn’t get to let it rest long enough though.. The family was on it! Lol
  9. The other post was locked, so I started another one. Doing a 5lb bone in Pork butt today for some pulled pork tonight. I got a later start then I wanted to, so turning up the heat a bit for a hot and fast method. Question..Wrap or no warp?? What is your preferred method? If you do wrap do you use a covered aluminum pan? If not, in a pan wrapped in foil or butch paper? Secondly, are you spraying it very few hours?
  10. Sikon

    I might have fixed my mic issue? I'm not sure though, all you grandmas log out at 8pm pacific time..
  11. Sikon

  12. Sikon

    It's comeback season bitches!! lol Welcome back!
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