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  1. Sikon

    I used to live in Dallas, Tx. ... Cocaine is a hell of a drug!
  2. Sikon

    No Christmas tree this year.. This year my family and I will be on a Christmas cruise!
  3. Sikon

    Ouch! Hope for a speedy recovery!
  4. Sikon

    Short review of Hell Let Loose.
  5. Hell Let Loose https://store.steampowered.com/app/686810/Hell_Let_Loose/ CROWS: Squad Operation (*Not yet released, but there is game play on you tube I think‽) https://store.steampowered.com/app/1692070/CROWZ/
  6. Sikon

    Agreed. Hoppers are sometimes harder to hit, but not that much. Aim higher and lead your target, they will run/jump right into your line of fire. It isn't that complicated. I like playing on ESC server too sometimes. The not being able to shoot if your jumping is annoying though. Sometime you won't even be hopping, jump over something then see someone and end up dying because you could not fire. Where as I do not like warzones game play. I do play Cold War from time to time. And just like our freeze tag server, I like it for the fast game play. I only wish they would ad more in to be able to camp a little easier in Cold War if you wanted. Sometimes I just like to camp and snipe, which can be difficult in the fast play format they have created with not much to protect yourself. I also wish they would bring back being able to set up your own servers to CoD. That way you can find a real group to play with verses always random players.
  7. Sikon

    I played medal of honor briefly.. was pretty fun.. I understand what you just said, but is that available to play anymore?
  8. Sikon

    Well... that's lame.. Thanks Jester! Edit: I just wanted to free up memory. Makes no sense to open a program in order to open a program. Just to have to first program sit idle while running the second program.
  9. Can you open MW19 and Cold War without opening the Blizzard portal app? I know you used to be able to with World of Warcraft by going into the main install folder and clicking the WoW exe. If so, will the game still update? Or will it at least tell me it needs to update, then I can open the Blizzard app? Thanks, Sikon
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