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  1. I vote yes! @2_MANY_BEERS, spinpuppy must be a liberal!....Lmao
  2. @deerejon, keep up the good work, You are doing a fantastic job. The only complaint I have is , "How the hell do people (and I am not saying any names, as this person is "a pro-gamer", how do they jump 15 feet in the air and turn around to shoot you, even though they don't know you are there?"
  3. Elvis9

    welcome to XI!
  4. @White_Dragon, how about rat terriers and chihuahuas...….🤣
  5. Elvis9

    All I need now is the popcorn!
  6. Elvis9

    Well put rugger and beers.....now here is my statement......"Hold My Beer and watch this"...🤗
  7. Elvis9

    does anyone have pics of any simulators? I have a flight sim and train sim, plus a truck sim. Here I took a flight from Whitehorse, Yukon Canada to Juneau Alaska
  8. Elvis9

    did you try AVG?
  9. Would love to have that WW2 rifle
  10. Elvis9

  11. Elvis9

    Took me 3 hours to do
  12. Yes,it was a great game, of course I have a good time anytime I get to shoot you idiots...😎
  13. good rotation except brecourt storm, the map is so dark you can't see a thing, I even turned my brightness up and still dark, we had to kill ourselves to skip the map
  14. You're doing a good job as far as I'm concerned