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    Will do
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    Ok people, I don't mean to step on anyone's blue suede shoes or toes, but I couldn't concentrate on the game because it was all about trump administration or gun control. I for one am not into spilling my beans on what I believe ,because I am a private person about those things. It would be nice to just cut up and have fun, I noticed some people were raising their voices about that crap if someone didn't agree or agree. Just saying, just wanting to have fun and not listen to that 💩
  4. I would, but we are going on vacation about the same time
  5. Elvis9

    Wow, ok, I will shut the fuck up then, yep mind my own business from now on!
  6. Elvis9

    hmmmm…….no one answered my question!
  7. Elvis9

    pumps? what is that? I have no idea....lol
  8. That is an amazing rotation, great maps
  9. Elvis9

    @2_MANY_BEERS, Had a good time, you and your wife enjoy the rest of your trip, looking forward to a visit to South Carolina!
  10. Elvis9

    Lol, The name fits!
  11. Elvis9

    Had a nice visit with 2manybeers and his wife when they came to visit Fort Worth
  12. Elvis9

    ?.....made you look!
  13. Elvis9

    Happy Birthday,Crazygirl! by the way, Dallas needs to get you a new knife, yours is getting a little rusty! ?