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  1. Welcome to XI
  2. southern Cali has the best Mexican food by far, besides New Mexico, than anywhere in the U.S.
  3. I work on locomotives, you have to wear clothes that have no holes, steel toe boots, hard hat ,safety glasses and earplugs. I wear short sleeve shirts because it is too fucking hot in Texas!
  4. I played pubg with someone from England recently, he added me to the group and during gameplay I experienced so much lag, anyone else from North America have that problem playing in European servers?
  5. Congrats, stay away from the snoop button
  6. We sure did,Crazygirl and Dallas are hilarious couple, good people!
  7. Met up and had Dinner with XI member Crazygirl and Also Dallas
  8. lol, I just noticed it too
  9. I just want to say thanks to Merlin for this new map, great job!
  10. never had problems with 10
  11. wtf, I was in a room, heard someone in the building, so I waited behind a door, but they came in and knew where I was, I am beginning to wonder if there are cheaters in that game!!!!!!!
  12. Tough game, I keep landing out of the battlefield, how do you know where to land, are there markers?
  13. nope it is back....lol
  14. I lost mine