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  1. Elvis9

    Seriously saw this sign at a burger joint in Memphis and had to take a pic
  2. Elvis9

    I didn't know that Angus talks.....😁😁😁
  3. Elvis9

    scarlett, my advice to you, would be to just take it to a place that fixes pc
  4. Elvis9

    I myself was in the United States Army from 1987-1994. Went to Boot Camp at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. Training for my mos (military occupational specialty) at Aberdeen Proving Grounds ,Maryland as a diesel mechanic. I spent one year in the reserves before I decided to go full time. My first duty station was in Giessen, Germany. after serving 2 years there, my next duty station was Fort Irwin, California. While there, I had gone to Fort Lewis, Washington for PLDC, (PRIMARY LEADERSHIP DEVELOPEMENT COURSE) to get promoted to sergeant. afterwards, I had gotten ought to pursue another career. Anyone else have military background? and if so when and where?
  5. Elvis9

    Maybe it is a scene for a new fast and furious!....🤨
  6. Elvis9

    I have been to Los Angeles several times and seen all kinds of shit like that....it is crazy there....Vegas is getting just as bad!
  7. I will make sure you are frozen tonight as much, dman!......🤣☠️
  8. White Dragon, You are always frozen......😁🤣
  9. good rotation except the brecourt storm, it is very dark map
  10. Elvis9

    I will be on vacation around that time in New York and Washington D.c.
  11. Elvis9

    By the way, Don't listen to weezer...lol Freezetag is awesome and great bunch of idiots to play with!
  12. Elvis9

    I was just in Lubbock last weekend, I live in Fort Worth
  13. Elvis9

    here are a few screenshots of some of the games I have
  14. Elvis9

    never heard of it