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  1. Elvis9

    I am originally from Puyallup, Washington, going to be traveling up that way in September to Port Angeles
  2. I just won't have enough vacation left to go to that, used a lot when my dad passed away and my other weeks I have left are already scheduled for the rest of the year, so before anyone wonders why I said no, there you go!!!
  3. Elvis9

    Wow dude, they are very lucky, good thing they weren't hurt!
  4. Elvis9

    I just bought the Logitech G635, it is great!
  5. Elvis9

    Welcome to XI, one shot , X-Ray vision Oxen....lol
  6. Elvis9

    I am, Seahawks fan all the way!!!
  7. Elvis9

    Sorry for your loss
  8. Elvis9

    Cool, Welcome and good luck at being an idiot!
  9. Elvis9

    He wasn't being accused of cheating, but accused of hiding in the glitches and that is what we were referring to, not cheating. He kept hiding in the glitches, wait for someone to run by and kill them!
  10. Elvis9

  11. Elvis9

    I also want to point out that I don't have a problem with anyone that speaks a different language, but it is hard to make that person understand what you are trying to say, ie.... repeatedly telling someone to quit hiding in the glitches and there again is the language barrier, but as an adult and a player, they should know better to stay out of those places if they want to keep playing in the server or wanting to become a member! Anyways, just trying to make a point!
  12. Elvis9

    Thank you
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