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  1. Welcome, Mcgrim!
  2. Elvis9

    Welcome to XI
  3. Elvis9

    He might fall asleep while you are talking to him, he has done that to me on the phone, he was snoring, also on teamspeak...lol
  4. Elvis9

    I have no idea what chile is talking about!
  5. Elvis9

    what do you mean?
  6. Elvis9

    Happy birthday
  7. If I can find them, my video tape of it was in 1994
  8. Elvis9

    Has anyone seen KaptCrunch? Last time I heard, he was having pc issues!
  9. Well, I won't know until I see one, I didn't believe in ghosts until I saw one! I have video of things moving on their own.
  10. Elvis9

    Congrats to All!
  11. Congrats to you, Gatorgirl
  12. Elvis9

    Congrats gatorgirl!
  13. Elvis9

    By the way, did you have anymore problems with that vibrating machine at work? Lol
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