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  1. Elvis9

    Happy Birthday!
  2. Elvis9

    I was watching previews for this game, does anyone think it will be worth buying?
  3. Elvis9

    Welcome to the clan!
  4. Elvis9

    Can't we all just get along?...…👀
  5. Elvis9

    @spinpuppy, like you said, nothing personal, I wanted to vent about the glitches, I wish the maps didn't have them, you told me that you said something to me about being in the glitch, but how can I hear you when you were in spectate, so that couldn't have been possible for me to hear you. now, @AthenA, about the mic situation, until I find another solution or shortcut key, I will keep using as I see fit, but the push to talk, I keep hitting the wrong buttons for that and I cannot drop my screen during the game because it will freeze up. So for now that is all I have to say as I will be out of town for a few days on vacation!
  6. Elvis9

    No problem , just didn't realize it was a glitch
  7. Elvis9

    I didn't know it was a glitch because I wasn't hiding in anything and striker shot me twice there, there are so many glitches in these maps, sometimes, like you said ,viper, you don't know whether you are in one or not!
  8. Elvis9

    Thank you,Merlin
  9. Elvis9

    I was recorded for being in a glitch that I didn't know was a glitch, this is my opinion, but I think that an admin should warn that person first and if they don't comply , then record them! I know I was banned once for that shit , and I don't want to be banned again. I thought I was being a good player and now I am feeling like I am being watched closely on every game I play. One more thing I want to point out is, most of you know I play cod5 freezetag most of the time. I was told by a moderator to mute my mic in teamspeak, I have it voice activated instead of push to talk, I feel like I kept getting singled out for that mic bs when nothing is said to other people that do it, even admins. I am a grown man that doesn't need to be told how to play the game, but if I am in a glitch, all I am saying is, please admins, warn me before you record me! I want to enjoy the game and I try to get along with everyone.
  10. Elvis9

    prayers to the families of the train crews that lost their lives when they slammed into the back of a parked train near Cheyenne,Wyoming on October 4th
  11. Merlin is correct, it has happened to me when I hit the tab key during map change!
  12. Elvis9

    I don't know, those guys from California are a little shady, lol, just kidding, but damn it, stop kicking my ass!
  13. Elvis9

    good pics, keep em coming!