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  1. Elvis9

    ty major...it is the dm server and not freezetag....different rules apply
  2. Elvis9

    You are one of them!
  3. There are a few people that sit and watch the spawn areas and get massive high scores because of it, takes the fun out of playing and I just fucking rage quit, some are members and some are not, I know this because I spectated the ones doing it! How the fuck does that make it any fun for you! What it does is make people leave the game!
  4. Elvis9

    What was even funnier , was after he took the picture, I shot him with an exploding arrowtip!
  5. Elvis9

    good times!
  6. Elvis9

    Well said, street!
  7. Elvis9

    Too many donuts and they were coming out your ears!!!
  8. Elvis9

    Oh No! Hard to believe toes is gone, R.IP. my friend!
  9. Elvis9

    Exactly, it is always somewhere in the east, there are members west of the Mississippi
  10. Elvis9

    too far for me
  11. Elvis9

    uhhhh.....spectate mode possibly....uh?
  12. Elvis9

    Lol, pretty bad when cisco kicks your ass...lol
  13. Elvis9

    I would do it maybe next year and hopefully it will be west of the Mississippi
  14. Elvis9

  15. Elvis9

    Anyone live near Boston or Maine? Thinking about taking a trip up that way next year to check out the historical sites, from Boston, Salem and Portland, Maine!
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