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  1. @Crusher I believe I kicked your ass on that contra map and will do it again....lol
  2. Thanks skuz, good rotation...all good maps except that wet one lol
  3. Elvis9

    One particular game on wheel of fortune, song and artist , I don't like Mondays by boomtown rat , will not let you go to the next round, have to reset, I think it is trying to look for the apostrophe in the word Don't!
  4. Elvis9

    Where in Kansas? My brother lives in southeast Kansas
  5. Elvis9

    He is special
  6. @skuzapo Canal2 needs to be removed, it does not redirect and freezes up the server!
  7. Elvis9

    Welcome Doc!
  8. I thought you were a computer wizard?
  9. Happy 70th Birthday!

  10. Thanks Skuz, great maps on this rotation!
  11. Elvis9

    lol...yeah, rugger got her fixed up
  12. Elvis9

    The OW freezetag server is showing as unknown
  13. Elvis9

    Ty, Rugger
  14. Elvis9

    Ty Merlin and Athena
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