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  1. shad0wKiller

  2. shad0wKiller

    Ok thank you for the help
  3. i dont wont home work it is not fun

  4. shad0wKiller

    I LOVE your mighty mouse photo.

  6. shad0wKiller

    i shoud have spasafid that im gonig to get the parts befor i start sens it is like -10F out side and thank for the help
  7. shad0wKiller

    I under stand you point of safty but i know the frand that is going to fix them. thank you for the help im going to look at the dealer web site.
  8. shad0wKiller

    Happy Birthday Jay80_NL i hope you have a fun, safe night and party it up. :-)
  9. Hi was just wondering when the next time we are going to have a world batl? i would love to come and play one but i have always someting come up. got to love being a RA.
  10. shad0wKiller

    that is so cool i love shooting gun and the best are black powder.
  11. shad0wKiller

    thank you for the welcome it is an honer oooo and i will have fuck and contunen the same fun
  12. shad0wKiller

    thank you for the welcome it is an honer. i do love the severs thare geat
  13. shad0wKiller

    thank you for the welcome it is an honer
  14. shad0wKiller

    lol i know i wont to give my self a bday present and it that time so it is time to stare getting with the progam
  15. shad0wKiller

    hi and thank you i like your tattoo
  16. shad0wKiller

    thank you for the welcome it is an honer
  17. shad0wKiller

    thank you for the welcome it is an honer
  18. shad0wKiller

    hi i'm new here and i'm going to need to get a sig i'm in the teemseak3 in bf4 sec and i would like to get someing cool.
  19. 2004 Chevrolet Truck Blazer 4WD 4.3L SFI OHV 6cyle Hi this is ShaowKiller and i need to know how to tell if brack pads fit in my disk brake/caliper and a Wheel Bearing/Hub Assembly-Front. Im at college and need to by the parts so i can have a student from the tech college near me to get the experiments. i any help would be greatly aprashed. Thank You the attach files are what i have found. http://www.autozone.com/drivetrain/wheel-bearing-hub-assembly-front?filterByKeyWord=wheel+bearing+front&fromString=search&newYmme=true http://www.autozone.com/brakes-and-traction-control/brake-pads-front/valucraft-brake-pads-front/chevrolet/blazer-4wd/2004/6-cylinders-x-4-3l-sfi-ohv/575880_0_2576/ http://www.autozone.com/brakes-and-traction-control/brake-pads-rear/valucraft-brake-pads-rear/chevrolet/blazer-4wd/2004/6-cylinders-x-4-3l-sfi-ohv/575883_0_1610/ http://www.autozone.com/brakes-and-traction-control/brake-caliper-rear/chevrolet/blazer-4wd/2004/6-cylinders-x-4-3l-sfi-ohv
  20. shad0wKiller

    THAY WOR NOT FUN at all
  21. shad0wKiller

    I GOT A large hemorrhoids. AS WELL
  22. shad0wKiller

    Hi im Gary and i live in MN and goo to college at bsu Im going to be 20 IN THE 24 of Jan. i play bf4 ans bf3 . i play tennis and shoot trap for fun .
  23. Chiefbsr_XI my dick has her on it



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