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  1. shad0wKiller

  2. shad0wKiller

    Ok thank you for the help
  3. i dont wont home work it is not fun

  4. shad0wKiller

    I LOVE your mighty mouse photo.

  6. shad0wKiller

    i shoud have spasafid that im gonig to get the parts befor i start sens it is like -10F out side and thank for the help
  7. shad0wKiller

    I under stand you point of safty but i know the frand that is going to fix them. thank you for the help im going to look at the dealer web site.
  8. shad0wKiller

    Happy Birthday Jay80_NL i hope you have a fun, safe night and party it up. :-)
  9. Hi was just wondering when the next time we are going to have a world batl? i would love to come and play one but i have always someting come up. got to love being a RA.
  10. shad0wKiller

    that is so cool i love shooting gun and the best are black powder.
  11. shad0wKiller

    thank you for the welcome it is an honer oooo and i will have fuck and contunen the same fun
  12. shad0wKiller

    thank you for the welcome it is an honer. i do love the severs thare geat
  13. shad0wKiller

    thank you for the welcome it is an honer
  14. shad0wKiller

    lol i know i wont to give my self a bday present and it that time so it is time to stare getting with the progam
  15. shad0wKiller

    hi and thank you i like your tattoo



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