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  1. ChiefBSr

  2. ChiefBSr

    here is my mother board... z87-d3hp by GIGABYTE
  3. ChiefBSr

    looking for more ram...
  4. ChiefBSr

    i have an SSD the issue i have is i dont have enough ram to load te mod on the game... its heavily modded... just wondering if anyone had some laying around...
  5. ChiefBSr

    im looking if someone can help me i have ddr 3 ram only 16 gig if any one can help me i would greatly appreciate and i cant drive...
  6. HELLO Damit...i miss you very much!! how you doing these days?:yahoo::yahoo:

  7. ChiefBSr

  8. ChiefBSr

    Wishing you a Happy Birthday !!!
  9. ChiefBSr

    yahoo welcome to our XI family Purr
  10. ChiefBSr

    welcome Toby....congrats!!!
  11. ChiefBSr

    welcome m8
  12. ChiefBSr

    GREAT Pictures
  13. ChiefBSr

    THANKS EVERYONE for the birthday wishes!!!!
  14. ChiefBSr

    Welcome to XI Corbellus!
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