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  1. I became interested in Italian reproduction Civil War-era black powder "Percussion/Cap & Ball" revolvers back in the late 1970's. You can buy them in most US states mail-order because there are no federal restrictions on them. They are considered antique firearms so no background check is needed. They are a lot of fun but totally impractical for defense by today's standards. It takes several minutes to load them and they are not reliable. Misfires & jams (due to pieces of spent caps falling into the action) are an issue. When they came out in the mid 1840s they were state-of-the-
  2. Steak

    Yup. Not there.
  3. Steak

    Happy Birthday Beers!
  4. Steak

    My first job was at a car wash at age 16 in 1973. It paid about $1.60/hour which was minimum wage in Maryland at the time. The job wasn't worth more than that as a starting wage. It was a very low skilled job for young people to make a couple of bucks after school & on weekends. Period. The car wash could never have sustained paying employees enough money to live on. it would have gone out of business.
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    Happy Birthday Beers!
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    Happy Birthday Chile!
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    Welcome to the clan.
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    Happy 18th Panzergirl!
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    Happy Birthday Laszlo!
  10. It is a submachinegun slaughter fest now! I used to run around trying to draw fire to find people. Needless to say that doesn't work anymore. You go down very quickly.
  11. Steak

    Happy Birthday Pops!
  12. Steak

    Happy Birthday!
  13. I have a ten year old IBM keyboard, a Logitech G5 mouse, and a Creative Fatality headsrt I've been using for the past 7 years. The paint on the A, W & D keys is almost worn off!
  14. I saw them in 1974 in Baltimore, Maryland. They opened for Ten Years After. Incredible concert.



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