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  1. Gun cleaning kit ? they not let me own a gun lol not even a water pistol.
  2. i have it on low when am loking at screen's i can see the light's.
  3. Fans only spin at 600 rpm. And only spin up after temp goes over 35c and temps are around 40c ish
  4. Hi I use corsair cue to control fans and a commander pro. Sorry for delay.
  5. Here more pics.
  6. Sorry I think it was a g15 the pad is a g13
  7. Lol it's not that bad to be honest. But into have the option to turn off or dim them down. Corsair LL120 with commander pro
  8. 20180624_170710.mp4 20180624_170710.mp4
  9. Lol g13 keyboard I loved mine upgraded to g19 but it's up for sale.
  10. Lol it's at my work need to take it home and fit it to wall.
  11. Hi guys been building this for last couple months all custom made. Going to take it home and mount to the wall this week. 20180624_170710.mp4
  12. maybe.
  13. Just plenty beer fuck the history shit.
  14. Happy Birthday buddy have a good one.
  15. Did you not try to boot to win10 cd or usb and repair boot the can do it auto or manual with command prompt. I have never had any issues with my UK version so it could just be the Irish copy as they are a little backwords.