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  1. Amend DJ, these two guys cleared the server..... I would like to make a point that both are hackers even if one was only suspect..... Egos on whos best or best hacks forced these two to play against each other. If MLG wasn't he would have been upset t and left like everyone else as we couldn't complete..... He clearly could as seen by his map toggle then kill....... Thanks for the ban on CODWAW and hopefully MLG is next....... Cheers gents......................
  2. Hello folks, Please see the attached demo of two hackers having a nice battle....... One already posted hack CODWAWPRO and MLGGOD666..... CODWAWPRO no doubt about it and watch MLGGGOD666 use his map toggle then goes straight to the kill..... Check out about 2:40 into the video..... Two hackers having a personal war deemed the video called TheDuo.......... Regards DogYears TheDuo.dm_6
  3. Absolutely............. By the way, excellent website revamp.... Some very cool features............
  4. Harry, I totally agree but what I saw before that was not mouse movements. No one can spin constant 360's and keep the line of site in the same plain over and over. It looked like something turned on and off becuase if he stopped the mouse actions it would have gone back to his veiwing image but it didn't. It went to a totally different motion or action.... The last two images I agree, he was looking down at ground and sky and just spinning with mouse. No big deal, hope this guy doesnt return or gets caught. There was at least 9 XI folks that might comment about his gliching through objects.....
  5. Beers, It did not record or I should say was not allowed to record but I could see what was going on my screen... He must have stopped to type then I was able to toggle it on, then it started back up... What wasnt recorded was the screen full of garbage. Text, etc... I was looking at running horizontal lines to block my vision, spinning..... I wish I could have recorded him walking through solid objects in game as this is what spark the attempt to record....... Someone else please chime in that saw him doing this.
  6. Hello Folks, Since 2008 I have never come across a hacker like this..... Before I go into the hacker details, I want to comment. We have a problem in the server. XI has the spectator player delay time set to be kick like a few minutes... I assumed this is now set this way due to the reduction in player count on server. To make room for others. Well this kills guys like me that volunteer to record hackers for you in the event an MP is not around.... I guess I'm done as its not worth the hassle of relogging back in multiple times to video someone....... Anyway, this guy controlled what I viewed and your mod.... He walked right through solid objects and as I went to spectator tried to record, he controlled what I saw. He spun my image around, made the screen shake back and forth and tied up the control function somehow.......... No dont call me crazy, it happened and then he typed twice did you like that DOG?....... I couldnt get the text in control mode off the screen either. He controlled it....... So..... it was one of the XI guys screwing with me and everyone or the best hacker I have come across since 2008..... This guy would not let me run video nor control my screen..... To answer his question, if he happens to be reading this, NO I didn't care for it.... Regards, DogYears PS..... No vid's to share and hopefully someone else saw what I saw, specifically walking through solid objects.......... I stand corrected....... The video did record..... Please take the time and watch the whole video.... His comments even shows up... Please keep in mind, I was not in control of what I was viewing, he was...... Grinch411-1.dm_6
  7. Kapt, Respectfully, it is not an unknown dm_6 format for my player type. It is a standard demo dependant on the server mod. You have to go into the server loading the mod then back out into the main mod screen. Use the ~ key to bring up the command line. Type /demo SilvaGunner. You need the space and once typing it the file name will appear. This demo was taken in the XI COD WAW Sniper server. You have to view it from that server. I tested this by taking a video in the DM2 server this morning and playing it in the Sniper server. It would not run nor would the opposite as you have discribed..... Please go into the sniper server to review. The player identifys targets with little searching. Towards the end, its very evident.... Please watch the entire vid...... Regards, Dog
  8. Hang on? dam, my grandma was slow but she was old.......
  9. Hello Mr. MP's Please review this player from this evening. Looks like a carefully used wall hack. The meile action appears to be the toggle. Review on the first map at 9:32 8:24 8:12 then on second map he got more bold with the use.... 5:38 3:56 3:30 then you gotta see 2:20 Finished like 24-12 . Regards, Dog SilvaGunner.dm_6
  10. Hello Folks, Please review this player from this AM.... Review at 1:25 1:08 after he got called out, he really started letting loose. No sight across the map kill at :33 Regards, Dog ITMARKER-2.dm_6
  11. Someone mentioned last night DSwizzle got the boot.... True?
  12. Beers, 17:23 - Secures target behind wall, jumps still no target seen but shoots wall 16:32 - Sited on corner knowing target would appear 15:33 - Wall shot no target seen He starts tracking 14:36 - Wall shot no target seen 14:31 - Wall shot no target seen 14:18 - Tracking target behind bushes, has gun finally aimed at point of where target exits bushes 13:56 - Knows target is coming to gate Just observations, as you can tell, I have zero tolerance for hacks.......... Dog
  13. Mr. Merlin, Agreed........... Vid from last night......... I think this vid pretty much puts the aimbot call to bed unless he just turned something off. BUT, clearly some evidence of a wall hack. About 3/4 through the vid...... DSwizzle-2.dm_6 Regards Dog
  14. Hello Folks, You had a player in this evening with a 5:1 KD ratio using a Sniper rifle and pistol only. I jumped in on apparently his 3rd map and heard all of the complaints. Speced and turned the vid on..... He left on the next map and I asked the group if worth posting. I said you ADM gents can decide... I have reviewed tons of vids on hackers since 2008 and this one just not 100%... Ambot is very questionable because there are allot of first, even second shot misses. He snap shoots very quick with the sniper rifle. Hip shoots on the pistol, get kills but multiple shots to do so..... The one that gets me is the jump shot sniper shots with kills... Just lucky or good or very good.... IMO, I think he is a clean but very good player... I ruled the aimbot out because during game play he tried to shoot someone through the floor many times and didn't connect. Most ambots, all you have to do is be close and they will connect...... He didn't. In short, I think what upset most folks was getting killed and not seeing him as his shots were long.... Worth watching.... First part has very little vid of him because he kept dying.... Watch the whole thing to see the total picture DSwizzle.dm_6 Cheers! Dog
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