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  1. ViPRZ

    Cherokee purples are my favorite, incredible on BLTs..we grow them every year. Sun gold are still growing like crazy for us right now and so are the black cherry. We tried some old germans this year but didn't get much of a yield.
  2. ViPRZ

    I have not played it yet. I do believe we have a couple of servers. We are going to have to give it a try Joints
  3. ViPRZ

    Hey folks...I just noticed that "Killing Floor 2" is free on Epic Games until July14,2022 in case anyone is interested
  4. ViPRZ

    Thoughts and prayers are with the family... R.I.P.
  5. Happy Birthday!

    1. jointz


      Thanks man! Hope all is well..

  6. Happy Birthday old man..hope you have an Awesome day!😄

  7. ViPRZ

    Welcome to the Shit Show...
  8. ViPRZ

    Welcome to the family!
  9. ViPRZ

    Thoughts are with you and your loved ones .. take care
  10. Happy Birthday Buddy..Hope you have an Awesome day!

  11. ViPRZ

    lol..it is a 30" tracked Troy Bilt...just bought it this year. Works well so far
  12. ViPRZ

    Lots of snow over here..lol
  13. ViPRZ

    They are calling for another 30 to 50 cms for today and Friday. We have no place to put all the snow as it is now...lol
  14. ViPRZ

    So sorry for your loss Elvis. Take care
  15. ViPRZ

    -25 here..-34 with wind chill...welcome to Canada..lol
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