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  1. What the heck are you doing Krunch?..Love ya brother but do your research buddy!!
  2. I hate to say this Krunch..you are soo wrong. I would have lost everything including my house without this money. It is not rocket science. We were told we would be taxed on the earnings from the very beginning. If people listened and put some aside then there should be no problems at all. Shouldn't have to worry about the interest rates. Everybody is always ragging on the government that they didn't give us enough. Some countries got nothing, at all ,at the beginning of this. People did lose everything I have two friends who couldn't handle it and committed suicide. I am not a fan of politi
  3. Yup..that $2000 per month came in handy. We were told at the very beginning to save some to pay taxes. It saved a lot of people and families. But anyone not stupid enough to put some aside must not have been paying attention. There is no such thing as free money. But they really didn't HAVE to give us anything at all. So I really appreciated it
  4. ViPRZ

    Nice...looks like a great machine. The auto leveling would be awesome. Very easy to get frustrated but there are a lot of how to videos out there.
  5. ViPRZ

    I have the Ender 3 V2..had it for about 4 months. Nice thing is you can print out most of the updates for the machine. Works great for me. Plus it was fairly cheap. Damn thing has been running since i got it..lol. If you go on https://www.thingiverse.com/ you can get an idea of some of the things you can print. Definitely a fun hobby with a bit of a learning curve. The 3d community is very helpful.
  6. Haven't seen or heard from Cajon in years. I do not believe that he was an XI member. I think he was with OFG. But I could be wrong
  7. ViPRZ

    I remember when I was young. We lived in a low income housing project. Bilingual proving in Eastern Canada. We had moved from one unit to the one behind. The older gentleman there had just passed away in his bed about 2 months before. We knew he was still there. Heard him open doors, walk up the stairs, open windows etc. We were never taught to fear what we cannot see. Back then we had the old rotary dial tv set where you had to physically get up and turn the nob. The man who had passed in that house was very French. We would actually watch as the nob would turn ,with no one around it, and it
  8. ViPRZ

    Been dealing with spirits all my life. I grew up in a house that was very active. Most of my family are either sensitives, empaths or like myself who sees and can communicate with spirits. I don't mind it. I have only run into a few bad ones. Most have been just as surprised that i could see them as i was seeing them. I keep my house grounded with salt and sage all the time. The best thing to use ,for myself anyways, while i am out i always have black tourmaline stones with me. If your child is seeing spirits at night just tape a piece of tourmaline to their beds, works great. If you have acti
  9. You also have to take in to consideration that some of us have played these same maps for over 10 years or so....it gets pretty easy to predict where some players like to sit.
  10. ViPRZ

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