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  1. Happy Birthday Bud!!!

    1. XxSNO0PxX


      Thank You Sir!

  2. ViPRZ

    Hoping for the best bud..take care
  3. ViPRZ

    Happy Mother's day everyone!
  4. ViPRZ

    It is now up to 23 and counting..16 crime scenes and some houses burned to the ground and they are not sure how many people were in them...sooo senseless
  5. ViPRZ

    Not far from home! Soo many innocent people lost...very very sad day for sure! Prayers go out to all the friends and families of all involved in this senseless act
  6. Wow..very shocking! My prayers are sent to his family..R.I.P. you will be missed!
  7. ViPRZ

    Thanks Jim..cool videos! Rust has changed quite a bit since I used to play it...cheers
  8. ViPRZ

    Hey there Jim..If you are not going to use the Assassin's Creed Origins? It would be a good one for my collection
  9. ViPRZ

    Happy Birthday!!!
  10. Happy Birthday Viprz! 🎂

    1. ViPRZ


      Thanks Buddy!

  11. ViPRZ

    Welcome back!



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