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  1. It was a lot of fun for sure..thanks to everyone who showed and to everyone who helped set it up!!!
  2. I agree Merlin!! It was a lot of fun..teams were pretty even. Thanks to everyone who showed up! And a HUGE THANK YOU! to @deerejon for taking the time to set it all up for us!!
  3. ViPRZ

    Happy Birthday!!!
  4. ViPRZ

    I keep getting it as well Hunter
  5. ViPRZ

    Hey there..welcome to the forums
  6. ViPRZ

    As far as I know Elvis..A warning is always suppose to be given for anyone glitching. Most people probably would not even know they are in a glitch
  7. ViPRZ

    I was going to message you Weed! Glad you are ok buddy!! Take Care
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    Happy Birthday!!!
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    Happy Birthday!!!
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    I think she just needs more windshield washer fluid..should fix it up nicely!
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    Happy Birthday!!!