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  1. djMot

    As a Game Pass PC subscriber, I welcome this news. It could all go south, because, well, Microsoft, but consider what an absolutely spectacular thing they did resurrecting MS Flight Simulator. FS2020 is a quantum leap in flight simulator realism. Everyone thought MS had totally exited the market, and X-Plane became the defacto standard. X-Plane was good, too, and I even switched to it before MS ditched the FS team. But when FS2020 hit the market, I think it must have all but killed X-Plane in one massive sucker punch.
  2. Ha! I never looked at the bookmark. Makes sense, though. Got it changed. Thanks, Crunch!
  3. @BlackRose - Remove it where? Every time I go into TS, I have to change my display name because it has my old admin tags on it. I do that by editing the name right in the left pane where all the channels and everyone in the channel is listed. But when you change it that way, it only lasts for that session. Next session you're back to what it was before. Obviously at some point, I set my display name to what was appropriate at that time, but for the life of me now, I have no idea where I set it, or where to set it now so that it becomes permanent. I've looked all through the setting and have yet to find it. Frustrating. [ed] Guess I should change my sig graphic too. *sheesh* [ed, ed] Changed.
  4. djMot

    Yeah, I miss playing with you guys too, so thanks, Hammer, I appreciate that. Merry Christmas!
  5. djMot

    Utter sadness here. Canada has lost one of its finest human beings, and I am sad to have lost a wonderful friend. Enjoy that big vape in the sky, Johnny!
  6. djMot

    Everyone asks that. For me, it was never about the presents, but as I got older and wanted to spend time with friends, like they all could on their birthdays, that just wasn't possible. Christmas Eve is more about spending time with your family, and not so much about going out partying with your friends. And although times have changed, back when I was a kid, nothing was open on Christmas Eve anyway. It's more about being lonely than about presents. Merry Christmas everyone!
  7. @KnightWolf - stating "it doesn't seem to want to take" is not much of a description of a problem. Specifically state what your issue is. Include error messages, maybe even some screenshots. No one can help you with such a vague description of a problem.
  8. Failure rate is not high. Stop spreading misinformation. If you know what your doing, it works every time. Install, patch, run DX10 setup, restore profiles.
  9. Download all the maps and it will 98% be resolved.
  10. djMot

    Wow - nice bit of history there, guys. Thanks for sharing your travels with us. Imagine if you could superimpose pictures from D-Day onto your own. What would you see?
  11. Hello DM2 and Vietnam Freezetag Fans! First up, let's again welcome the Vietnam Freezetag crew to the rotation change announcement and featured video post. Thanks for your patience while I realigned your rotation change day to coincide with DM2's day. Assuming things continue like this for the foreseeable future, you can expect this day of the week and this format for your rotation change announcements. Rotation changes take effect on the next server restart which, if not performed manually for some reason, happens automatically overnight. So... for Vietnam Freezetag, this week's maps will be: mp_1078carentan, mp_wbridge, mp_agx_depot1, mp_algiers, mp_bf1942_berlin, mp_xi_shima, mp_caen_night, mp_cav_slated, mp_yomi, mp_crash_day, mp_cw_hurtgen, mp_eindhoven2, mp_gb_atami, mp_mohaa_dv, mp_silesia, mp_tunnels, mp_agx_abusimbel, mp_breakout, mp_contrav2 And for DM2, your maps will be: Small Map Rotation mp_agx_castle, mp_bridge, mp_hgy_c, mp_kauten, mp_little_town, mp_maquina_viet, mp_pmcod, mp_remagen, mp_xi_arena Medium Map Rotation mp_78kitchen, mp_agx_depot1_night, mp_akushima, mp_ax_dawnville, mp_bf1942_berlin, mp_byalistok, mp_cav_slated, mp_cw_breakout, mp_dawnville, mp_dock_assault, mp_enigmaoff, mp_gits_harbor, mp_jsvacant, mp_louret, mp_montelimar, mp_nijmegen, mp_powcamp_n, mp_rb, mp_snr_matmata, mp_snrwcarentan, mp_toujane_rmk, mp_xfire_bay Large Map Rotation mp_78junobeach, mp_aa_vosges_fr, mp_byalistok, mp_ballpark, mp_boulogne, mp_castle, mp_cw_brecourt, mp_downfall, mp_gits_tanks, mp_industrial, mp_lolv2, mp_newhurtgen, mp_panzerfact, mp_renan_bridge, mp_sfrance_nite, mp_southfrance5, mp_stanjel, mp_townville2, mp_vm_brecourt As for this week's featured video, well, forgive me. It's a little gratuitous, but after all, it's just Girls. Here's The 1975.
  12. djMot

    These two YouTube Channels have pretty good Android Box reviews. I think the landscape is changing frequently enough to where you just have to keep your ear to the ground and buy what's good at whatever point in time you're ready. Oh, and perhaps this is unwanted advice, but please do not engage in theft of copyrighted work. These boxes seem to have a subculture of using apps to get "free" TV and movies, but they are not free.
  13. Hey there DM2 Fans! Here we go. Another week, another bunch of maps. Y'all keeping cool? Shit's gettin' hot this summer out there now, am I right? Triple-digit heat index where I am. This weeks maps are: Small Map Rotation mp_breakout, mp_fritzkrieg, mp_homeroom, mp_iceworld, mp_killhousev2, mp_kwanriver, mp_leningrad, mp_maquina, mp_republic_1, mp_pavlov, mp_villa Medium Map Rotation mp_78hellcatraz, mp_agx_depot1, mp_agxstlo, mp_beuvron, mp_byalistok, mp_cassino5, mp_crossroads, mp_cw_trainwreck, mp_docks, mp_eindhoven2, mp_ict_stone, mp_kneeriver, mp_line_of_fire, mp_mohdv2, mp_nachtzug_2, mp_nightmare, mp_pds, mp_ravine_v1, mp_ship_n, mp_snr_carentan, mp_toujane, mp_wolftown Large Map Rotation mp_78gaperon, mp_1078carentan, mp_ambush, mp_bahnhof, mp_byalistok, mp_camp_merc, mp_ctrain, mp_dogville, mp_gb_karkand, mp_kilian, mp_hurtsum, mp_little_village, mp_nazaire, mp_overcong, mp_ramelle, mp_seelow, mp_southfrance, mp_snrtrondheim, mp_stalingrad, mp_townville, mp_verteidigen, mp_xi_shiro Okay now get on in the game where we'll spend our Last Day Under The Sun together. Here's Volbeat.
  14. What he said. Apply them in order. https://www.xtremeidiots.com/files/category/22-patches/
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