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  1. @7Toes - isn't there a R410A sniffer that could be used to detect a leak. This business of hacking the system up into 4 parts and pressurizing them with nitrogen just seems so extreme! Is that really the only cost effective way?
  2. I own a rental property, a duplex built in 1976. Mirror image, tri-level, 1400sqft, side-by-side units. See picture. I live on one side, rent the other. Both furnaces are Lennox Elite Series 80+, 80% efficiency units (measured at around 87%). One (tenant's side) was installed in about 1996. The other was installed in 2000. They look identical, but their motherboards are way different. The older one has spark ignition, the newer one has glow stick ignition. The central air systems are 2 tonne Trane units installed in 2011 on both sides. Cost was right around $11k for the pair as I recall. A few weeks back, my tenant texted to say the AC was unable to push the temp in the building below 77ºF. An HVAC contractor came out to check the system over and found they needed to add 5 lbs of R410A which is close enough to the capacity of the system for them to say it was essentially dry. As they stated, these are sealed, closed-loop systems that theoretically do not lose pressure and never need to be "topped off", so when they do, there's a leak somewhere that needs to be found. They suggested proceeding through the summer and see what happens. If it stops cooling at some point this summer, then there must be a massive leak. Otherwise, the recommendation is to hack the system apart this fall, seal up the individual components, and pressurize them with nitrogen. Next spring, look to see which has lost pressure and replace that element of the system. Of course if it's the outside coils, forget it, the system is a complete loss and should be replaced. Another consideration: The furnace (being non-high efficiency unit) exhausts to a roof chimney through a 6"(?) galvanized steel flue. Up until 2006, the water heaters joined that same exhaust, but were replaced with units that exhaust through pvc out the side of the building. Over the subsequent years, moisture has been found to drip from the bottom of the furnace's exhaust. I'm told the reason for this is that, because the water heaters no longer exhaust that way, condensation that would otherwise be dried by the second unit operating up that pipe is now making its way down to the bottom and dripping out, not ot mention corroding the base cap of that pipe. Recommendation is to either get a chimney liner, or replace the furnace with high efficiency units that vent out the side of the building and abandon the old chimney altogether. Legal concerns: My tenants have two young boys. Naturally, when advised there may be a coolant leak somewhere in the AC system, they wanted to know if they are in any danger from the coolant chemicals. Looks like R410A is not classified as a hazardous material, but a tenant could still make one hell of a legal stink over something like this! So I'm faced with what to do? I've dumped $466usd into this already. There's another ~$500 coming at me in the fall to break the system down for nitrogen testing. Then there's the cost to actually replace the leaking component. Then there's around $300 - $500 to install chimney liners to correct the condensation issues in the furnace exhaust. Ot there's the cost to replace both furnaces with current high-efficiency units. In an effort to maintain symmetry and not make it look like there's considerable deferred maintenance in the building, I tend to keep major systems identical between the units, so replacing something on one side usually means replacing it on both. Two furnaces, two central air systems is what I'm possibly facing. My guess is somethere in the area north of $18k to do it all. Thoughts? It's always hard to know if the local contractors are just selling you ideas that are profitable for them or best for the customer. I'm not sure at what point I'm throwing good money after bad, or when I'm just being stupid and replacing too much. Thanks!
  3. Hello DM2 (and DM1) Fans! It's Memorial Day Weekend in the USA. Please remember freedom is never free. Honor all those who have fought and even made the ultimate sacrifice for your freedom. Here are your maps for this long weekend, and the coming week: Small Map Rotation mp_agx_shinu, mp_breakout, mp_crate_yard, mp_cw_abandoned, mp_dome, mp_hhk_yokora, mp_killhouse, mp_meatgrinder, mp_radiorelay, mp_snr_kassel, mp_yuko Medium Map Rotation mp_78hellcatraz, mp_agx_depot1, mp_agxstlo, mp_beuvron, mp_byalistok, mp_cassino5, mp_crossroads, mp_cw_trainwreck, mp_docks, mp_eindhoven2, mp_ict_stone, mp_kneeriver, mp_line_of_fire, mp_mohdv2, mp_nachtzug_2, mp_nightmare, mp_pds, mp_ravine_v1, mp_ship_n, mp_snr_carentan, mp_toujane, mp_wolftown Large Map Rotation mp_78junobeach, mp_aa_vosges_fr, mp_byalistok, mp_ballpark, mp_boulogne, mp_castle, mp_cw_brecourt, mp_downfall, mp_gits_tanks, mp_industrial, mp_lolv2, mp_newhurtgen, mp_panzerfact, mp_renan_bridge, mp_sfrance_nite, mp_southfrance5, mp_stanjel, mp_townville2, mp_vm_brecourt No matter where they happen to be, or when, we all choose our battlefield. Sometimes, sadly, Love Is A Battlefield. Here's Pat Benatar. Anyone else pick up on the Thriller vibe here?
  4. Hello DM2/DM1 Fans! Ready for a new set of maps? Here's this weeks maps: Small Map Rotation mp_agx_castle, mp_bridge, mp_hgy_c, mp_kauten, mp_little_town, mp_maquina_viet, mp_pmcod, mp_remagen, mp_xi_arena Medium Map Rotation mp_78druglord, mp_agx_burgundy, mp_anbinh, mp_argentan_xmas, mp_bergsnow, mp_byalistok, mp_canal2, mp_crash_day, mp_cw_ship, mp_doc78, mp_dundygrad, mp_frucanal, mp_hunt_xmas, mp_lapatrouille, mp_marsh, mp_mohdm3, mp_newvillers2, mp_pavlov_h, mp_ravine, mp_sabre, mp_tge, mp_wbridge Large Map Rotation mp_78gaperon, mp_1078carentan, mp_ambush, mp_bahnhof, mp_byalistok, mp_camp_merc, mp_ctrain, mp_dogville, mp_gb_karkand, mp_kilian, mp_hurtsum, mp_little_village, mp_nazaire, mp_overcong, mp_ramelle, mp_seelow, mp_southfrance, mp_snrtrondheim, mp_stalingrad, mp_townville, mp_verteidigen, mp_xi_shiro As you may have heard, there's six new Admins in town. Congratulate them when you see them! And now to commemorate the new kids, here's The Eagles, New Kid In Town
  5. Please discontinue using Norton. Who better to know how to protect Windows then Microsoft themselves. Use the included Windows Defender. It's all you need. If that does not stop the issues, I would suggest reinstalling your DX10 drivers. These can be found on the original game CD in a separate folder. DX10 version related corruption can have a significant impact on game stability. Sometimes a game installed after COD WAW will install its own DX10 driver that's newer/older and that may become an issue. Let us know it neither of these fixed the situation.
  6. About the Event: On May 14, 2019 Microsoft released security updates for a number of systems, including many which are typically unsupported. CVE-2019-0708 addresses a remote code execution vulnerability in Remote Desktop services. The vulnerability does not require user interaction and would allow attacks to spread from infected computer to computer similar to how the WannaCry ransomware attacks worked in 2017. A successful attack could allow programs to be installed, data to be viewed, changed or deleted or new accounts with full rights created. Security patches for the unsupported systems were released separately. Actions to Consider: The following versions are affected: Windows 7 for 32-bit Systems Windows 7 for x64-based Systems Windows Server 2008 for 32-bit Systems Windows Server 2008 for Itanium-Based Systems Windows Server 2008 for x64-based Systems Windows Server 2008 R2 for Itanium-Based Systems Windows Server 2008 R2 for x64-based Systems Windows XP SP3 x86 Windows XP Professional x64 Edition SP2 Windows XP Embedded SP3 x86 Windows Server 2003 SP2 x86 Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition SP2 If you are running any of the above versions, Microsoft and Cybersecurity recommend updating immediately. Event Impact: Microsoft has not reported and Cybersecurity is not currently aware of any exploits in the wild at this time. Microsoft determined the risk of this threat to be great enough, however, to patch typically unsupported services as exploitation of the vulnerability could be severe. CVE-2019-0708 does not affect Microsoft’s most recent operating systems including Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2, or Windows Server 2012. References: https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/msrc/2019/05/14/prevent-a-worm-by-updating-remote-desktop-services-cve-2019-0708/ https://support.microsoft.com/en-ae/help/4500705/customer-guidance-for-cve-2019-0708 https://portal.msrc.microsoft.com/en-US/security-guidance/advisory/CVE-2019-0708 https://krebsonsecurity.com/tag/cve-2019-0708/ Office of Cybersecurity University of Wisconsin-Madison
  7. We will absolutely take the appropriate action if we have hard evidence. Do you have any? Being a general pain in the ass in a server is not a bannable offense, though, at least not right off. It would be warn - kick - ban. Usually people who are being a pain in the ass will come around after a stern warning. It's usually alcohol-fueled. I don't always recommend this, and Admins really can't do this, but there is always the mute feature to turn off annoying players. Sorry there was no Admin available at the time this was going down. We are working on better coverage, but times of no coverage are unavoidable. To obtain actionable evidence, you can use the video recording capabilities of you graphics card (e.g., GeForce Experience) or the in-game recorder, although I'm not sure if the in-game recorder captures chat audio. I don't think it does. I generally find the GPU utilities to be the better option. Thanks for the report. Here's how to do in-game recording:
  8. Hello DM2 Fans (and DM1), Ready for a new set of maps? Here you go - this weeks maps are: Small Map Rotation mp_breakout, mp_fritzkrieg, mp_homeroom, mp_iceworld, mp_killhousev2, mp_kwanriver, mp_leningrad, mp_maquina, mp_republic_1, mp_pavlov, mp_villa Medium Map Rotation mp_78deadsville, mp_agx_ameland, mp_agx_market, mp_altered, mp_argentan_n, mp_bellicourt, mp_broadcast, mp_byalistok, mp_courtyard, mp_cw_rocket, mp_dinant, mp_dug_in78, mp_frenchvillagen, mp_hunt_winter, mp_lao_cai, mp_mohaa_dv, mp_newvillers, mp_ratskitchen, mp_rostov, mp_tankhuntwaw, mp_waw_burgundy Large Map Rotation mp_78compound, mp_1078brecourt, mp_amberville, mp_ax_trainwreck, mp_byalistok, mp_caen2, mp_corregidor, mp_desert_storm, mp_gb_atami, mp_hurtgen, mp_landing, mp_montargis, mp_outskirts, mp_railgun, mp_salerno, mp_snr_ridge, mp_stalemate_1, mp_supply_depot, mp_v2bunker, mp_warehouse_rnr, mp_xi_shima In real life, and in real war, you really can't say "I'll be Coming Back To Life", but in COD5, we just call that a respawn. Here's David Gilmour.
  9. Hello DM2 (and DM1) Fans! Ready for a fun new week of maps and mayhem? Well here you go. Your maps for the coming week are... Small Map Rotation mp_78bathroom, mp_asylum, mp_egn, mp_hospital, mp_killhouse, mp_koshiki, mp_little_town, mp_opera, mp_trainingcamp, mp_get_lost_3, mp_give_up Medium Map Rotation mp_5nav1, mp_agx_abusimbel, mp_agx_eindhoven, mp_argentan, mp_beertruck, mp_borisovka, mp_byalistok, mp_clum, mp_cw_neuville, mp_die_bruecke, mp_drum, mp_frenchvillage, mp_kokoda, mp_matmata, mp_owatatsumi, mp_railyrd_xmas, mp_ratsbedroom, mp_riverbank, mp_snrcarentanxm, mp_sweat_blood, mp_warsaw, mp_waw_chateau Large Map Rotation mp_13_townville, mp_agx_port, mp_ax_simmerath, mp_bgaden, mp_byalistok, mp_caen_night, mp_contrav2, mp_derailed, mp_foy_nite, mp_hunt, mp_mohaa_dasboot, mp_omcbrest_ffa, mp_ps7, mp_rtcwchateau, mp_snowypark, mp_snr_stmengs2, mp_stalemate, mp_suburban, mp_v2, mp_vodka, mp_xi_castillo You know the drill. You get killed, you respawn, and then you're like "Here I Come Again". It's the Damn Yankees!
  10. Another thought on starting over in DM1 with no classes --- If you're careful you can finesse the files and get your DM2 classes into your new DM1 mod. BE CAREFUL. That's a good way to completely F things up if you have no idea what you're doing.
  11. djMot

    I reported this to Duc. It's happening for me too. I have found I can click on the forum name below the banner graphic (between refreshes) and it will take me to the forum. pita, but Duc's busy.
  12. Uneditable Typo. This is a COD5 question.
  13. It didn't actually erase them, it downloaded the copy of the DM1 mod because you didn't have one with the same name on your computer. Hence, it's a fresh start. As you've already seen, your DM2 classes are all a-okay, and you can go back to them at any time. Actually, with the possible exception of ranking up a shotgun, going through all the challenges again is kinda fun.
  14. Hello DM2 Fans. [Sidenote] I am continuing work on a custom application known as the COD5 Rotation Manager (C5RM for short) which I have been using for a few months now. It's a spare time project, and I've had very little spare time. Yesterday, and because of a request by Rugger to keep DM2 and DM1 in sync, I have been working to expand the capabilities of C5RM to handle rotation changes on all COD5 servers, including Sniper and FreezeTag servers. For the immediate future, it will be upgraded to handle DM1, but the changes I've already put in place make handling all COD5 servers a short step rather than a long leap. By next week, I should be announcing DM1 and DM2 rotation changes as one post. Possibly by the end of today, DM1 will get the same rotation set listed in this post via C5RM, but there won't be any announcement. It will just happen. Here are the maps for the coming week. Small Map Rotation mp_africorp_rmk, mp_algiers, mp_bridge, mp_dugin, mp_gardenofheat, mp_homeroom, mp_lichtung, mp_nachtfeuer, mp_republic_1, mp_ripac, mp_shipments Medium Map Rotation mp_506th, mp_82ab_richemont, mp_anzio_beach, mp_beach_redeaux, mp_boneville, mp_byalistok, mp_cityhall2, mp_cw_hill, mp_desolate, mp_dropzone, mp_fatherland, mp_freedom1, mp_hob_mohdv2, mp_kneedeep, mp_nachtzug, mp_overleaf, mp_railyard, mp_snr_freedom2, mp_subway, mp_the_cube, mp_warehouse, mp_waw_arnhem, mp_xi_nowhere Large Map Rotation mp_82ab_nomonha, mp_airfield, mp_ax_brecourt, mp_bessie, mp_byalistok, mp_cabu, mp_contra, mp_cw_strasbourg, mp_foy, mp_hill78, mp_kwalajein, mp_malta2, mp_oldbrecourt, mp_provence5, mp_roundhouse, mp_silesia, mp_snr_st_mengs, mp_sps_xian, mp_sub, mp_ugcarena, mp_vm_river, mp_wolfsquare Have fun, and remember, once the gun goes off, you Can't Take Back The Bullet, so join Hey Violet on a road trip over to The Vegas for a little car Karaoke of one of their own songs.
  15. djMot

    If you can get to Task Manager (i.e., ctrl+alt+del works on the black screen), you can go to the File menu and Run new task... and tell it to run explorer.exe. This will give you your desktop back. I realize a Windows "reset" probably fixed the problem, but if it comes back... My work laptop gives me a black screen on every boot, so I'm no stranger to this procedure at all. There are no other side effects, and I have no clue what's causing it in the first place.
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