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  1. To my knowledge so far, this is the only map I'm having a problem with. I played this map on my old computer, which I just copied everything over from. But after not playing for a few years, this is a new map since then for me. I will check this map on my old computer, maybe try copying it over again, otherwise I guess I'll just have to sit this map out whenever it comes around. Once I get on the road, I'm not sure how much I will be able to play anyway. Don't think this game requires much bandwidth, and I don't think my ping will be off-scale high, but in all likelihood I'd be playing over a mobile connection. Maybe Starlink. Still thinking that one through...
  2. I cannot play this map. When it loads, I get the map's intro screen, but then I get an unhandled exception. This happens EVERY time. I have deleted and let the server re-download the map for me. No joy. I have rebooted and rejoined the server while the map is still running. No joy. There's something wrong with that map. Suggest an admin back up their current version and download the version on the redirect to test. Or if you have a copy you are able to play with, check files on yours vs the redirect, and/or just copy yours up. Thanks!
  3. Yes, the server list shows up. All XI servers are listed. Someone told me recently in-game when I asked if anyone was on the Steam edition and if they had any problems, I was told, no problems, it installed and worked fine and was already patched. Not sure if that's really true or not, and I have not installed any patches myself. One person said to only install patches up to 7 and not do 8 otherwise the XI servers would not work. Odd since the other person said it was pre-patched (presumably including 8 ) and worked on our servers. I have run an integrity check and it says, "All 333 files successfully validated".
  4. I did find the place to enter a CD Key in the multiplayer settings. It accepted my key as valid, but still no luck creating any profile. Good point on the firewall, but I can see the XI servers (and everyone else's) on the server list, so I think it's getting through okay. I think I did try to run the exe as admin at one point thinking it might need elevated privileges to get everything established.
  5. Hi Rob, Yeah, I know all about transferring profiles. In fact, I installed the game from Steam, then before even starting it and before the game had even created the Activision folder in AppData, I copied that entire folder structure over from the old machine. Other than noticing that the hardware had changed (and just say no to the reset it suggests on launch), I expected it to come up fully intact and right where I left off. Instead the game came up in 720 resolution and wanted me to create an online profile. At first, I thought maybe the Steam version did things differently, so I renamed the Activision folder I copied over and restarted the game to let it create its own. It did, so I know it's still the same old game, but absolutely nothing I've tried has worked to allow me to create even a scratch profile name. I even found the place to enter a CD Key, which I still have, and it accepted it as valid, but just refuses to let me create ANY profile.
  6. So I just got a new PC. Can't find my old COD5 CD, but I do have the CD Key, but that seemed rather useless without a disc. So I just pulled the trigger on Steam to repurchase the game for $15. It refuses to allow me to create any online profile. wtf? Anyone have any suggestions? I just seem to be chasing a ghosts with this one. No working solution has been found in hours of searching.
  7. djMot

    Welcome Doc!
  8. djMot

    As a Game Pass PC subscriber, I welcome this news. It could all go south, because, well, Microsoft, but consider what an absolutely spectacular thing they did resurrecting MS Flight Simulator. FS2020 is a quantum leap in flight simulator realism. Everyone thought MS had totally exited the market, and X-Plane became the defacto standard. X-Plane was good, too, and I even switched to it before MS ditched the FS team. But when FS2020 hit the market, I think it must have all but killed X-Plane in one massive sucker punch.
  9. Ha! I never looked at the bookmark. Makes sense, though. Got it changed. Thanks, Crunch!
  10. @BlackRose - Remove it where? Every time I go into TS, I have to change my display name because it has my old admin tags on it. I do that by editing the name right in the left pane where all the channels and everyone in the channel is listed. But when you change it that way, it only lasts for that session. Next session you're back to what it was before. Obviously at some point, I set my display name to what was appropriate at that time, but for the life of me now, I have no idea where I set it, or where to set it now so that it becomes permanent. I've looked all through the setting and have yet to find it. Frustrating. [ed] Guess I should change my sig graphic too. *sheesh* [ed, ed] Changed.
  11. djMot

    Yeah, I miss playing with you guys too, so thanks, Hammer, I appreciate that. Merry Christmas!
  12. djMot

    Utter sadness here. Canada has lost one of its finest human beings, and I am sad to have lost a wonderful friend. Enjoy that big vape in the sky, Johnny!
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