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  1. Thanks Beers., I figured I was going to have to scramble to get this done today, It's why I came to the site on my lunch hour looking for the login credentials Merlin sent me. @Merlin007 - we gotta connect sometime soon. I don't want Beers to have to miss any of those great destinations he and Ms. Beers want to go traveling to..
  2. The obvious thing to do would be to post a screenshot, but that's blocked due to a "security policy". I am able to take screenshots elsewhere, so idk... Anyway the error I'm getting at on Chrome for Android on a Galaxy Note8 says: duc?
  3. This generally occurs when you don't have the map and the game has to download it. Not that it's the only reason, but that's the most common reason. You can use the XI Downloader to get all the maps at once if you like. You can find the downloader here:
  4. yinn, Thank you for your appeal. The banning Admin will be with you when able. Please be patient. Additional commentary is not particularly constructive on either side of the fence. Let's let the banning Admin weigh in without escalating the matter in the meantime. Thank you.
  5. Agree Beers. No hack present at all.
  6. Just please, for the love of God, make my Google assistant sound like the one making the hair appointment.
  7. Nice! Mr Wick really knows how to dip that thing.
  8. Come back when you are a "perfect person" maybe? The word is vile and inappropriate in any context. I can't for the life of me understand why black people use the word when they are fully aware it is more than just a term of endearment among black people. Namely, it's a wedge between races.
  9. Apology accepted. lifting the server ban. Changing vote to yes on the tags. I appreciate the sincerity of you post. Looking forward to kicking your ass for this in the server, however, lol
  10. I'm going to have to keep watching out for this to verify, but last night I turned and saw a guy over there shooting, so I shot at him. I immediately got the spawn protection message. I think you also lose/drop your gun or something, is that right? It's only happened 2 times for me since it was put into effect so I'm still figuring out how this works... But, if someone has spawned and is shooting, they are no longer protected is how I believe this should work. If you open fire, it should be open season on your ass, too, lol.
  11. Effective immediately, any use of the word "boner" (other than in this sentence) shall result in Sweeperman repaying everyone 10x their accumulated swear-jar total.